Oshi No Ko Chapter 146: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to Read?

The Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 is the next release from the distinctive comic of Oshi No Ko. The book document chronicles two lead characters, Ai Hoshino and Aqua, who are tied to the entertainment industry professionally in different ways. The show became famous for its unusual combination of smiling, overdramatization and the criticism of the girl group (idol) group. The issue of spoilers and scanlations is the biggest challenge. These usually leak online in the two or three days prior to the release of the official version in a manga magazine. However, it ought to be mentioned that these drips are usually of low grade and do not fitly portray how that section is finally done. If you are one of those who cannot help but be interested in reading Oshi No Ko Chapter 146, there are a number of websites where you can read the series legally, and without any hassles regarding the quality of content. Providing this front, thus are major manga reading sites like Manga Plus and Viz Media. We should learn to patronize the writers of the series by dint of their being members of the official channels.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 Release Date?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146
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In the Oshi no Ko Chapter 146, it is scheduled to open on the Thursday that is on the 11th of the April month of 2024, at the twelve-midnight time of the Japanese Standard Time. Finally, the Manga has come over from its pause and is going to continue the series without any break next week. You can read the chapter on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platform as both the website and mobile app are provided. The interface of the website only enables users to read the interviews between the respective three latest and previous chapters of each given manga. Meanwhile, with regard to the mobile application, users can read the whole Oshi no Ko manga by clicking a button to access every chapter. Moreover, the chapter selection is limited to the first three and the last three chapters, which is fine for them if they want to read these particular chapters. But, if they would like to read any chapter besides these, it is necessary for them to purchase a premium membership.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 Spoilers?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146
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Chapter 145, the last one released on March 28, 2024, dealt with the events following Aqua’s, as you might have known, the idol reincarnated as Ruby, the daughter of Gorou and his former girlfriend, Sarina who, although turned out to be Aqua’s manager, also hold the same rank. The chapter had to deal with the confusing relationship between Aqua and Ruby who were not the same people but had been siblings reborn as Gorou and Sarina in their past life. Even so, they had something pushing them together. The chapter gave credit to the next release with a cliffhanger, causing the fans to wait in impatience for the release of chapter 146 to see what would happen next. Concerning Raw Scans manga files often come out online even before the official release and still many wants to read whatever released, but it is always a better decision to wait until the official one has come out to support authors and to enjoy the best reading experience. Readers can access Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 on manhwaplus.com as soon as it is released. This service is provided by Shueisha and includes both the website and the MANGA Plus mobile application.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 Raw Scans?

It is a bad luck that manga scan materials of the original work “Oshi No Ko Chapter 146” cannot be found now. Raw scans are mostly from leaking online sites before the official releases of manga chapters but now there are no leaking sites of this chapter on internet as of now. Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 will be officially released on April 11st, 2024, at 12 am JST specifically. After the break in the manga series, it will continue without an interruption in the week to come. Wrapping the previous episode, Tsukuyomi made her film bow as both young Rubay and Aqua melded as one. But some felt Tsukumo’s cuteness to be an example of rendition The latest chapters of the manga unveiled that Tsukuyomi was not only friendly with Aqua and Ruby from their days as Gorou and Sarina in their previous lives but also became her mentor.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146
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In Oshi No Ko Chapter 146, readers will once again find themselves visiting the MANGA Plus services offered by Shueisha, which contain both a website and a mobile app. A website of the platform displays options allowing readers to view only three latest and three earlier chapters of the manga series. Similarly, there is a mobile application on which readers can access all chapters of Oshi no ko manga. Nevertheless, after they have paid for a premium membership to get unlimited access to more than the three first chapters or the latest three chapters it will matter to them whether they prefer to read them several times. It is important to emphasize that scans are the raw and not recommend for reading. They are of poor quality, and they do not correctly show the final chapter. It is just a good idea to switch for the legitimate version as soon as it is possible. In this way, you help the authors to enjoy the fruits of their labor and also get a valuable product.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 where to read?

Oshi No Ko Chapter 146
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In Oshi No Ko’s latest chapter, the 146th, we can find a lot of materials on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus services which includes the website as well as a mobile app. Active User can access the first and even the recent and latest news of current manga series are available for free. In this way, benefits may be gained by adept in their knowledge of the franchise, but Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 can be available to just those who are premium membership as well. When using a mobile app, you will be able to view all parts of the manga Oshi No Ko once, however it is possible that after the first three chapters and the last three chapters, the premium subscription may be needed to renew the exposure. There should be added that the first three chapters of every new coming chapter are modified, since it will allow their audience to continue to follow each of the series. Hence, seeking fans that expect to shed Oshi No Ko Chapter 146 and explore the compelling storyline; Shueisha’s MANGA Plus platforms are online commonly for an unforgettable reading experience. On Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 12 am JST Oshi No Ko MANGA Plus platform provided by Shueisha will release a Chapter 146, we are told. The chapter is going to be able to read only on Manga Plus platform which is owned by Shueisha and can be accessed both on their website and via the app. The Oshi no Ko mobile application created access to all chapters of the manga. Nevertheless, besides granting access to the chapter section other than the first and last three without premium membership, the latter will be required for subsequent access. The 146th chapter of Oshi no Ko will be about the Ai’s death scene, as a continuance of the shooting story just this time there will be more focus on the film. Storyline explores the history, the complex intimacy of the relationships, and the delicate layers of their relational dynamics. It is likely that the viewers can again see Aqua be like his dad Kamiki Hikaru when the story continues to move forward.

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