Crooks Season 1: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know So Far?

Crooks Season 1 has already triggered a considerable interest among Germans, and the pre-release information is already at the disposal of many watchers. The Promised Train of science fiction on Netflix will have its screening on our channel beginning April 4, 2024. Since the Series will be on a dark and serious manner, spectators should ready themselves to experience an enjoyable ride full of various mysteries and a wonderful cast. This many-sided intellectual undertaking, the script emerges from the taps of the screenwriter Benjamin Hessler, Marvin Kren, and Georg Lietert, and is shelled in director´s mind, Cüneyt Kaya’s eyes, by the producer. Of whom is the boss of the story, scripts, and, characters. Crooks that is a new concept from crime and thriller movies which combined are condensed into the lengthy videos that give the clients the impression of the world they are about to encounter. A week before the series is slated to air, fans are more than captivated, intrigued, and don’t really have the luxury of waiting to find out how everybody’s story will evolve in the series everybody is dying to watch. Especially those whom waiting for Crooks Season 1 to hit the screens or immersive theater, Netflix with its TV Show lovers’ most recommended website was the most thrilling choice to make.

Crooks Season 1 Release Date?

Crooks Season 1
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The true air of Season 1 of “Crooks” Series is pegged for April 4, 2024, according to IMDb and other online release specialists. The genre of the Series the producers and the distributors take care that the viewers are entertained with a stimulated crime thriller. This is done by the screenplay written by Benjamin Hessler, Marvin Kren and Georg Lippert and by the directing of Cӧneyt Kaya. One of the most exciting and upcoming events is the very date of the first season of the Series “Crooks”. It’s just a couple of weeks away, on the 4th of April! There is no doubt that this Series will take the viewers’ planners and allow them to pencil in a certain day, hence, giving them a chance to enjoyably visit the incredible world movie has been designed for. Unsurprisingly, that nervousness is as deep as ever and so are the objections of the characters and the plot as they cannot wait to find out what really happened. We can also expect the Netflix release will create a buzz among the fans; they will thus be able to watch this German movie on the commitment server.

Crooks Season 1 Cast?

All that is stipulated for Charly (Frederick Lau) transformative life. The excusine gets to the robbery of his live but the actions immediately come to an end. The very next instant, he is at the cliff’s edge, holding all that he had created, but aware of the fact that he will have to auction it all to embrace his family, that he has to protest it. The coin in a safe, Charly discovers how the vigilant gang fears criminals — Berlin clan, Serbian burglar gang of masters, Vienna pimp, Marseille mafia, until appeared a mysterious thief professionally commits the crime. Charly has Joseph, the driver, who help him to escape from the enemies. Thus, Charly can stay in front of those who want to catch him.

Crooks Season 1
CC: Netflix

Crooks is a new Netflix series with Marvin Kren as a creator, showrunner, and director. As if having two shows does not mean enough for him, he co-wrote the screenplay for this series with co-creators Benjamin Hessler and Georg Lippert. Together with Cüneyt Kaya, directing the third one of the three episodes. The criminal role of Crooks revolves around the 4 Blockers, which belongs to both Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann, and even added the directional work of Marvin Krens. The fresh HBO series, produced by W&B Television, has Lau and Krutzler onboard. They will play leading roles alongside actors such as Svenja Jung, Karl Welunschek, Georg Friedrich, Jonathan Tittel, Kida Khodr Ramadan, Erdal Yıldız, Nima Yaghobi (a.k.a. Nimo), Lukas Watzl, May

Crooks Season 1 Trailer?

CC: Netflix

The trailer for the German crime comedy Crooks Season 1 reveals mysterious details of what this upcoming show is all about. The trailer that was jointly released on the platforms like YouTube and Netflix creates a gloomy yet heavy feel that allows the audience to prepare themselves for the things to come in the series. With a total duration of around 1:41 minutes trailer does the excellent job of creating the story’s atmosphere offering insight into drama, intrigue, and criminal factors to be presented in the Series. If the trailer has left the viewers with the landscapes, characters, and actors who will play the roles like Jonathan Tittel, Nicolas Wanczyk, Svenja Jung, Frederick Lau, and Kida Khodr Ramadan, then it will be sign of a good Series. The visuals are likely to delight and take an audience, by storm into the wheels of intricately layered storylines and relationships that will propel the plot forward. Overall then, the promises of a gripping and exciting watching as a result of the “Crooks” Season 1 trailer are the fact that it inherently has the ability to hold viewers’ attention as well as calling them to watch the series.

Crooks Season 1 Plot?

Crooks Season 1
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The Crooks Season 1 takes us into the complex realm of crime where we enjoy the spine-chilling story with dramatic and tense influence on the viewers. The Series follows the lives of the characters involved into a cycle of organized crime and gruesome activities, where everybody has their own secret, hidden or plain. Over the course of the Series we are given an exciting opportunity to be carried away by the twists and turns of society which towards us with treachery and sometimes even make us wonder about our loyalty to those we are the nearest to. In the street view where characters go through thick and thin when dodging between the intricate schemes and confronting rival gangs, they will at some point help them identify their lines of demarcation. The temperature increases and the series delves into problems of power, lust and morality, whereas it depicts a multi-layered and complex illustration of the salient properties of the humankind. The casting of the show ensures a vivid representation of the characters and thus Crooks Season 1 provides a compelling and engaging feel with several twists and turns that captivate the audience with its character dynamics.

Crooks Season 1 Filming?

At times, the Season Crooks Season 1 was filmed in European areas providing opportunities to recreate the elements of the Series in unique areas. The production members traveled to the greatest number of countries making key scenes, so the storytelling looks rea​l in the end. Here are the filming locations for “Crooks” Season 1: Here are the filming locations for “Crooks” Season 1:

Crooks Season 1
CC: FilmVandaag
  • Berlin, Germany: Due to scenic potential of Berlin, a lot of filming production was carried out in this city, where exterior sequences were shot. Capital city of Germany, which stands for its lively art life, disparate architecture, and cultural festivals became our main place of setting which allowed us to fully unfold the story.
  • Vienna, Austria: Besides Berlin, shots for the Series were also explored through Vienna in Austria that is not an exception. Scenes filmed outside in Vienna had added a third level visual aspect. It communicates the same beauty and splendour of the Austrian capital.
  • Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France: Marseille as the setting for “Crooks,” alongside the province of Bouches-du-Rhône in the southern part of France, was another among the locations widely used in the production of the Series. The team used the blossoming multicultural community, historical structures, and scintillating landscapes of Marseille to add more visual effect to the series.

Not only did the filming locations provide pretty backdrops and but they functioned as part of the big picture while adding to the mood and the authenticity about Crooks’ season 1.

Crooks Season 1 Where to watch?

Crooks Season 1
CC: seriesly AWESOME

The Crooks Season 1 will be available on Netflix to stream scenarizing the series of German crime drama. Visiting the official website of Netflix offers the convenience to all audience members to get access to all episodes of season 1 and so, they can have the pleasing experience of watching the story full of talent performances and mind-bending plots. Additionally, viewers will be able to see “Crooks” Season 1 on Netflix Basic with Ads which means that they have the option to feature the product in commercial breaks and viewers can choose when to watch the show by pausing or stopping the commercials. Whether someone only has a few minutes to spare by looking for a quick thrill, or others want to immerse himself into the specified world of crime depicted on “Crooks”, Netflix will be the place to go to by watching “Crooks” season 1 without the bothersome interruptions, but at their convenience.


To start, “Crooks Season 1 Series original which will be broadcast on April 4, 2024, boasts of an intense and intriguing narrative that will both entertain and thrill viewers. Losing a parent is a challenge by itself but coming to terms with such trauma within context of immigration in a different country, with language and cultural barriers creates much greater hardship. The Series has a solid cast, featuring actors like Jonathan Titter, Nicolas Wambczycki, Svenja Jung, Frederick Lau and Kida Khodr Ramadan who bring a wide range of emotions to the story and make it more real. The teaser trailer for “Crooks” draws in viewer attention by presenting many elements of crime and suspense synonymous with the genre and leaving them with a thrilling anticipation of the premiere to come. Provided by the series plot is a view at the multi-faceted crime world, with alliances and betrayals being a regular scene as well as moral dilemmas in play. This is a promise for a highly impressive story plot. There are no difficulties finding and streaming Crooks Season 1 on Netflix, which guarantees incredible atmosphere and the whole mix of emotions – from surprising to feeling sad.

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