One Piece Chapter 1116: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

The readers of the famous mangaone Piece are waiting for the new One Piece Chapter 1116 which will reveal more of the unknowns about the Void Century and the ancient world. In this article, we will briefly recall the events of the previous chapter, announce the estimated date and time of the release, try to predict what we will see in the next chapter, and tell where you can read the latest chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1115 Recap?

One Piece Chapter 1116

Vegapunk states that Joy Boy, a character from the known timeframe of Void Century, provoked what would later become the World Government – at the time the coalition of twenty kingdoms called The Alliance. He cannot decide whether Joy Boy was a hero or a villain but when Joy Boy finally died, this caused the end of Void Century. Then Vegapunk showcases by Joy Boy that the civilization belonged to had guns superior to what even Vegapunk can forge 800 years later. he further notes that The Alliance procured these weapons and changed the world, flooding everyone of the historical kingdoms and a vast portion of the world by raising the altitude of the sea by 200 meters. So, the places referred to that the islands people have been continually residing in and navigating through are, in fact, bare topographic rises- mountains that submerged some 800 years ago. It is a fact which Vegapunk is convinced that these biological weapons of mass destruction are still in possession of the World Government. And once again, the attitude and emotions of the different characters towards Vegapunk’s broadcast is portrayed and highlighted, such as Vivy and Morgans, the people of the Cherry Blossom Kingdom, and even the former BW agents who had a change of heart. At the same time, foes and friends of the Straw Hats on Egghead Island go on with their plans, Luffy fights Warcury.

One Piece Chapter 1116 Release Date?

One Piece Chapter 1116
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One Piece 1116 set to be released on Monday June 3, 2024, at midnight Japan standard time. Following that is the next installment in the story of Eiichiro Oda’s manga series, “action-fantasy”, with a highly developed yet engaging plot scheme embraced by readers globally. The recently released chapter can be found on trustworthy websites such as Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus, which provides a free way to read them. If Canadian residents prefer, they can read One Piece Chapter 1116 at Shueisha’s Shonen Jump Plus website, although this will require a subscription to access.

One Piece Chapter 1116 Expected Plot?

One Piece Chapter 1116

However, the presentation of these facts and the adrenaline that fans experience when waiting for the One Piece Chapter 1116 does not make them want to create a new world but adapt it to the existing one. In the sequel, the author plans to enrich more details about the concealed history related to the ancient kingdom, the man named Joy Boy, and the devastating tragedies that required the newly born world to submerge the old one. One might expect the chapter to commence with the Man with The Plan: turning to the World Government’s enigmatic figurehead, Imu, and whether they are still attuned to Vegapunk’s message. That’s why if Imu is still tuned in, they might start moving toward some Transponder Snail, perhaps to report the Gorosei about their intention to use the Mother Flame on Egghead Island. The focus will return to Egghead Island as the next portion of the message from Vegapunk is said to be fully unveiled there. This section will probably be devoted to the Ancient Weapons with essential information about them including how they were created, how the are used, or where they are currently found? Though the whereabouts of Uranus remain unrevealed, fans are looking forward to the possibility of seeing this information hinted or even willfully planted by Vegapunk, if he cannot confirm it as fac.

One Piece Chapter 1116 where to read?

One Piece Chapter 1116
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The latest chapter of One Piece Manga is going to be provided by Viz Media who is the official English manga publisher of this manga series. It is located under the Shonen Jump tab in the Viz Media website, which targets a younger audience known as shonen. Another website where you can read the latest chapters of One Piece is Manga Plus and it is also a publisher from Japan which Shueisha. To help the readers easily access some of the newest chapters from this platform, they do not charge any fee for the same and among them is One Piece Chapter 1116. It must be noted that apart from the internet one can read One Piece chapter 1116 through Shonen Jump Plus application. However, this platform charges for the latest chapters then offers the free content to update periodically.


From the words relayed by the author Eiichiro Oda, fans can expect the One Piece Chapter 1116 to be an intriguing addition to the story. The contents of the chapter may also expand on Vegapunk’s broadcast and talk more about the stroy of the Void Century and the ancient world. Viewers can expect to see a lot more about the unknown past of Joy Boy, the ancient kingdom and the extended detailed look at what led to the fall of the ancient world and the drowning. One Piece Chapter 1116 shall be out on Monday, June 3 at 12 JST, whereas fans outside Japan shall be able to read the chapter during their local daylight of Monday June 3, 2024. The One Piece Chapter 1116 is available on licensed sources including Viz Media, manga plus by shueisha and the shonen jump plus app where the app costs a subscription fee. Even though the Straw Hats have gone on the Egghead Island to plan their escape, readers are keenly waiting for the secrets to be disclosed in the next chapter. As the world stands on the edge of change, the enemies that have declared war on the Straw Hats and the rest of the world stand ever ready to enact their plans and bring mayhem throughout the seas. That is all for now but do not feel disheartened we have much more information for you about One Piece and its crazy world.

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