Them the Scare Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, where to watch?

Them the Scare Season 2 is the eagerly anticipated horror anthology television show from Amazon Prime video especially dedicated for Prime Scheduled to be launched on Thursday, April 25, 2024, this season will more than just leap forward in time, it is exactly that, a leap from 1986 to 1991, when this mostly takes place is Los Angeles. The plot is centered around LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, played by Deborah Ayorinde, who bravely navigates the devilish probe into the vicious slay of a fostered housekeeper. Over the course of the urban panorama in the verge of collapse, Dawn’s exploration of the truth presents and formulates a mischievous power that attaches her and her whole family to its cruel fabric. The cast of the Season 2 are actors of caliber with notable actors Deborah Ayorinde, Luke James, Pam Grier, Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Carlito Olivero, Charles Brice and last but not least, Iman Shumpert in the cast. The director expresses the same in his story, which revolves around a balanced horrifying and the rich history and age of Los Angeles during the ’90s. It promises viewers a thrilling and emotional ride, as supernatural elements are cleverly interwoven with the real-life challenges that Detective Dawn Reeve faces.

Them the Scare Season 2 Release Date?

Them the Scare Season 2
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The release date for “Them the Scare Season 2” picks Thursday, April 25, 2024, for its release. Amazon Prime Video has made an announcement that the whole eighth episode series with the spooky horror anthology series is set to be released on this particular date. This season let goes of the time. It transfers the place action to 1991 in the environment of Los-Angeles, giving viewers the view on a city on-the-brink-of-chaos. This series shows the story of famous LAPD Homicide detective Dawn Reeve, played by Deborah Ayorinde, and how she travels through the most bloodcurdling REAL case causing more shivering than the excited one to detectives like her. While Dawn tries to solve the mystery as she digs out further into the case, the evil force comes as a great burden that entangle her and her family into its malevolent clutches.

Them the Scare Season 2 Cast?

Them the Scare Season 2
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In Season 2, we feature a star-studded cast with Deborah Ayorinde, Luke James and Pam Grier leading the lineup alongside Joshua J. Williams, Jeremy Bobb, Wayne Knight, Carlito Olivero, Charles Brice, and Iman Shumpert. This narrative trailer represents the blend of horror with the actual historical and developmental Lòs Angeles throughout the 90s. In this regard, audience should be prepared for the gripping and fast-paced investigation that slowly involves a series of events involving supernatural elements and the encounters with daily life difficulties that Detective Dawn Reeve has to face. Them Scare Season 2, the sequel to the previous season, promises to keep everyone glued to their screens with its articulate storyline, the perfect cast, and a gripping narrative that revolves around an unjust world in the middle of darkness.

Them the Scare Season 2 Trailer?

Them the Scare Season 2
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There has Been no official announcement regarding Them the Scare Season 2 trailer. Fans can Expect it to be announced till the start of the month April 2024. Stay tuned for updates regarding Them the Scare Season 2 Trailer release and sneak peek.

Them the Scare Season 2 Plot?

Them the Scare Season 2

Having the Scare Season 2 of the horror anthology series is put to be introduced on the 25th of April next Month on Amazon Prime Video. With a 1991 Los Angeles setting, making up the core of the story is the character of Alcoholic Asphalt, played by Deborah Ayorinde, who is responsible for investigating the dreadful murder of a foster home foster, which has left even the most hardened detectives feeling jittery. Obsessed with the case that she is working on: she keeps digging deeper to uncover the evil practice that may be the reason for her disaster. In this season, the narrative will be transported to the 90’s decade when there were lots of movies, music and fashion of this time, especially in Hollywood. The concept here is to have an exponent of history filled with horror of Los Angeles and its rich history/evolution. The motif of the story portrays chilly and chattering of supernatural elements and battle of her with cats in real life as Detective Dawn Reeves. The casting involves Deborah Ayorinde as LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, Patrick Gilmore as Athena Reeve, Luke James as Edmund Gaines, Joshua J. Williams as Kelvin “Kel” Reeve, Jeremy Bobb as Detective Ronald McKinney, Andy Milder as Lt. Schiff, Carlito Olivero as Joaquin Diaz, Charles Brice.

Them the Scare Season 2 where to watch?

Them the Scare Season 2
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In the meantime, Greetings from Them the Scare Season 2 of the anthology horror series should air on April 25, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video. The show is jointly produced by Sony Pictures Television and Amazon’s MGM Distribution, and the location is North Los Angeles County, the series concerns the storyline of homicide detective Dawn Reeve, portrayed by Deborah Ayorinde. Black ensuring that the second season will include eight episodes and all of them will be out at once.


Them the Scare Season 2 — a horror anthology series from Amazon Prime Video. It is slated to launch on the 25th of April 2024. This movie is based apparently on 1991 Los Angeles reality, with lead character LAPD Homicide Detective Dawn Reeve, who is played by Deborah Ayorinde. Series’ a Sony Pictures Television/Amazon MGM Studios joint production with it taking place in Los Angeles and the story revolving on an investigator, Dawn Reeve. The second season will distribute eight episodes, and all episodes will be available at a time. The star cast includes actress Deborah Ayorinde as Rachel Hope, directed by her daughter Athena Reeve, with Luke James portraying Edmund Gaines, the lead singer of the group., Jeremy Bobb as Detective Ronald McKinney, Carlito Olivero as Joaquin Diaz, Charles Brice as Reggie Marks, with Iman Shumpert playing Corey. TV trailer is out now to subsequent viewers/fans of quick horror or suspense stories just like the last seasons was. Varied, far-sighted, and talented actors are what will certainly see the day with their performance mesmerizing the audience as they will be led in the world of both horror and history in Los Angeles in the year 1991.

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