Sakamoto Days Chapter 165: Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Here, we will look at the Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read of the much anticipated and widely read Shojo manga, Sakamoto Days which is coming out soon, predicting the exciting plot, and telling where the couple of pages can be found to captivate readers. Become a part of our journey of Sakamoto Days as we disclose what exciting things it will have in stock in its next chapters. Moreover, you will have a chance to join the action manga series itself.”

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 Recap?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165
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In the Sakamoto Days Chapter 164, Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki enter a dangerous reality receiving the order of the assassination by the Japanese Association of Assassins (JAA). Now that they sense Takane approaching danger, they are unsure if they will survive. Meanwhile, Nagumo’s allies, Shishiba and Osaragi, face a challenging decision: on what side they will come Switzerland currently faces a critical situation due to its aging population, heavy reliance on immigration for labor force growth, and the increased challenges of integrating new immigrants into society. The chapter starts with the situation where Takamura is the one that has arrived at the site with Uzuki, Sakamoto, and Nagumo. Not willing even for a moment to save his victims, he knifes into the three of them, who, however, display great skill in parrying his attack with their weapons. Amid a heated argument, Uzuki gets wounded by accident and Nagumo covers his body with his. Sequentially, Sakamoto tries to interpret what is the reason for Takamura’s opposition, but Nagumo replies that the lads are now in a war. His rapid and unexpected strikes distract Nagumo and his Zakumeric and they start spreading out to disperse the attack. In reaction, Nagumo perseverates to block, but he ends up by dropping his sword that is broken, and he goes through a terrible struggling feeling on the verge of losing conciseness or even life. Conversely, the swordsman, unable to capture the young lady, transforms into a bird that begins bombarding her from the air. No longer being able to take stuff calmly, they clash in a long lasting and extremely exhausting skirmish, which led them to the ruins of the world. Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 is quite certain to offer us the ultimate action, suspense, and growth as Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki hang by a thread from this JAA/Takamura terrible conundrum. As the chapter progresses the air is thickened with suspense as the mystery of Akao’s death and the observations about Asaki sets up an amazing fight to follow.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 Release Date?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165
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The Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 is scheduled to post on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at about 3 pm (GMT) / 7 am (PT) / 10 am (ET). This release date is locked down for Japan and worldwide fans can anticipate this chapter’s availability at approximately the same time frame as Japan or shortly afterwards. Viz Media will publish a chapter which will be accessible through their official website, the MANGA Plus service, as well as on the Shonen Jump+ app.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 Expected Plot?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165

The panic is going to be an in-depth issue of the fight involving Takaura, Nagumo, Slur, and Sakamoto; however, Takamura’s enhanced power will be a key factor, and Sakamoto will be the one who protects his loved ones and friends. The battle will also intensify with the slimmer Sakamoto transforming into his original form and battling with the Takamura disorderly. Besides, the part may cover the demanding nature of feelings towards the characters, especially Nagumo’s ideas on the life and death of Sell. Bear in mind the chapter is likely to be approximately 20-26 pages, however, at the same time being very exciting and a part of the countdown. The chapter could expand upon Takamura’s purpose and his position as a JAA member who is typically tasked to collect bounties. Other than the plot, the story may also delve into how the individual characters handled the weight of these battles, especially with Nagumo’s body injuries and Sakamoto’s resolve. Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 are undoubtedly armed with more action-filled and touching moments as our protagonists Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Uzuki will come across the strongest and bravest of JAA and Takamura. The chapter is planned as the climactic event of the Assassin Exhibition of the Century Arc, and it will be a pivotal branch of this storyline as the viewers will be invited to closely inspect the psychological profile of the characters.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 where to read?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 165
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In the US and Canada, Viz Media’s official site is the place to access the concluding segment of the Sakamoto rather than going off the air manga Sakamoto Days Chapter 165. Thanks to Viz Media, manga fans have the guarantee of release of the latest issues in a Manga-Silver platform. Among these activities, Manga plus would also have the authority to release the sequels of Sakamoto Days too. Audiences can pay a visit in MANGA Plus to start reading Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 and get up to speed with the information in the story. The next way to read this Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 could be through the use of “Shonen Jump +” app. The app is considered to be a handy way for fans who want to read and truly enjoy their Sakamoto Days manga series.


In this blog article we looked at the huge excitement around the coming out of the new Sakamoto Days chapter 165, including its already confirmed release date, expected plot revelations, and available streaming platforms where viewers can discover the latest installment in this engaging manga. May 13, 2024, 12:00 am JST is the scheduled day of the play’s release when the rivals Sakamoto, Nugemo, Uzuki and the strongest player from the opposing team, Takamura are all going to confront each other. The provided chapter is supposedly super action-packed, weighty, with highly emotional content and is presumed to bring out the strength and weakness of the characters which will decide the harmful or the benefiting nature of the situation to them against the Japanese Association of Assassins. Readers now can read Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 from online on Viz Media official website, on Shueisha’s Manga Plus service and Shonen Jump+ app just by using their computers, tablets or smartphones enabling them to continue enjoying the manga in the whole world. This served afoot for an adogo of the Assassin Exhibition of the Century Arc and the arrangement of Sakamoto Days Chapter 165 may be such a way that the readers may be apprehensive of what may occur next of this incredible showdown.

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