Maestro in Blue Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, where to watch?

Maestro in Blue season 2 is Upcoming Greek series on the TV and the main character is Orestes, who has already got hepatitis and desperately runs away from a big city to a small Greek island to build a music festival during the pandemic. The series has received both a positive critical and popular acclaim, due to the representation of many themes which are thought-provoking, well-written, sparkling dialogue and the use of the setting of the Greek islands including Paxos and Corfu which are presented in such a visually beautiful way. The show has earned decent feedback both from the audiences and the experts who rated it 9/10 on IMDb and launched it as the first Greek production ever to stream on Netflix. The Maestro in Blue Season 2 has already been opened for the next season, having introduced new actors with the official release to be set for May 16, 2024, on Netflix only. The setting for season off would completely portray what happened to Orestes on this small island and the other characters alike with new hindrances and bonds to be solidified. The Maestro in Blue Season 2 that have thrilled their audience with high standards of production is back in a story engagement that was remarkable last season.

Maestro in Blue Season 2 Release Date?

Maestro in Blue Season 2
CC: Greek Gateway

The Greek show said Maestro in Blue will return its second season on May 16, 2024 which is going to be streaming on Netflix and Mega TV. The series, which was developed by Christopher Papakaliatis, premiered in Greece in late 2022, and Netflix picked up the first nine episodes from Season 1. They released the episodes of the Turkish television show on March 17. The Maestro in Blue Season 2 is airing in its original Greek subtitle/dub in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French & more. Maestro in Blue received record 41.10 million views and was broadcast in 53 countries TV Charts with only top 10 titles. Despite that, it is still original Netflix title to collect the most views in Greece. During the second season, the show will comprise six episodes, the whole series will end with the release of four episodes in the Fall of 2024.

Maestro in Blue Season 2 Cast?

Maestro in Blue Season 2
CC; Greek Reporter

This May 16, 2024, is the date when Mega TV and Netflix will simultaneously hold the premiere of the 2nd season of Maestro in Blue, a Greek drama series. The series is about Arelis Henayo, the young Colombia lady dreaming of becoming a star. The first season of the series was released in 2022 and it was warmly embraced by audience as well as by the media professionals. The cast of Maestro in Blue Season 2 includes Mariana Gómez as Arelys Henao, José Ramón Barreto as Wilfredo Hurtado, Yuri Vargas as Yazmín Solano, Juan Sebastián Calero as Alonso Henao, Ana María Pérez as María Ruiz, Sebastián Giraldo as Fernando “Nando” Henao Ruiz, Daniel Mira as Martín Henao Ruiz, Jim Muñoz as Fabián, Carmenza Cossio, Anderson Ballesteros as Óscar Vargas “Patoco,” Verónica Orozco as Luz Arelys o Henao Ruiz, and Santiago Alarcón as Wilfredo Hurtad. The second season of Maestro in Blue guarantees to be equally thrilling like the first one where the protagonists will have to face the uncertainties of life as they navigate through the hills and falls of love. Viewers of the series may look forward to seeing the tender conclusion of Arelys’ odyssey and her quest to achieve the things she wants in life, and to be able to overcome the troubles that come her way. The Maestro in Blue Season 2 will be premiering on Netflix, this brings it closer to viewers from different countries. Thanks to the cast of skilled actors, captivating plot, and great sets the film is destined to find its audience amongst those who like dramas and musicals.

Maestro in Blue Season 2 Trailer?

Maestro in Blue Season 2
CC; Greek Reporter

The coming Maestro in Blue Season 2 has yet to have a trailer released. On the other hand, the season 2 of the Greek drama series will begin its broadcast on the 16th of May 2024, simultaneously seen Netflix and Mega TV. It shall tell the story about a musician named Orestis, translated by Christopher Papakaliatis, who came to the Greek island of Paxos during the COVID-19 pandemic to hold a music festival there. The series was praised for its gripping storyline, stunning settings, and remarkable performances by the main actors, among whom we mention Maria Kavoyianni, Haris Alexiou, Antinoos Albanis, Orestis Chalkias, Giannis Tsortekis, Marissa Triantafyllidou, Giorgos Benos, Dimitris Kitsos, and Tonia Maraki.

Maestro in Blue Season 2 Plot?

Maestro in Blue Season 2
CC: Netflix

Marking the end of his journey, Orestis (the Musician) arrives in Paxos, also known as the Greek Island of the Pandemic. From here, he plans on hosting a music festival. The Greek drama series Season 2 is scheduled to be released on Mega TV and Netflix starting from May 16, 2024. The series displays the creativity of Christopher Papakaliatis, who is also the main cast, next to other famous actors like Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavogianni, Fanis Mouratidis, Marissa Triantafyllidou, and grew a popular show. The second season is comprised of six episodes after the first season has the famous nine-episode format. The show has been acknowledged for its riveting plot, which holds the attention of the viewer. Its beauty of the scenes and performances from the cast clearly stands out.

Maestro in Blue Season 2 where to watch?

Maestro in Blue Season 2
CC: Netflix

The new season of the melodrama series Maestro in Blue, produced in Greece and due to be released on Netflix and Mega TV on May 16, has been renewed by the streaming service. The drama was developed by the same creator, Christopher Papakaliatus who also stars in the show alongside the legendary Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavogianni, Fanis Mouratidis, Marissa Triantafyllidou, Antinoos Albanis and Stefania Goulioti. The next season will consist of 6 parts, with the number of connectors from the first season same of 9. The show has won the appreciation of critics for its interesting storyline, visually very pleasing sets and powerful show from its actors. Orestis, the hero of the series, a musician is on a journey to the Greek island of Paxos during the SARS-COV-2 pandemic aimed at arranging music festival. The show aroused sympathy among both audience and professional critics, coming with 9/10 on IMDb and premiering as first Greek production series on Netflix.


The next Horizon of Maestro in Blue Season 2 is predicted to be released in May 2024 on the Netflix and Mega channels. The series is a TV series created by Chris Papakaliatis where he also plays in. The other stars in the show include Haris Alexiou, Maria Kavogianni, Fanis Mouratidis, Marissa Triantafyllidou, Antinoos Albanis and Stefania Goulioti. The second season will be composed of six episodes – the latter ones of the series, which will air in the autumn 2024 on both Mega TV and Netflix. The series traces the story of a musician, known as Orestises, skillfully portrayed by Papakaliatis, who travels to a tiny Greek island in the middle of a pandemic to hold a music festival. The show is said to have kept the audience awake for its captivating plot, beautiful scenery and top arrangements from it. That the show intends to enter exciting new characters and will be the last season of the series is going to be the second season.

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