Oshi no Ko Chapter 150: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Here we are gladly inviting you into the world of Oshi no Ko Chapter 150! In this article, we will give you details about the release date of the forthcoming chapter, will talk about some plot twist and will enumerate where you can read this Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 online. Together we will go into the “Oshi no Ko” sphere and find out how our favorite characters with the passing of the time.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 149 Recap?

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Hikaru confesses that he was the one who put the plan to murder Ai in action and shows that he loved her ever since the days of their high school. As for her, Ai opted out for Gorou over him. Jealousy and fury ate him up and he conspired to make Ai work as a single mom which will be definitely a career-ending situation for her. Ai was not willing to go through with an abortion. The next day, Hikaru employed a spray man to do the job. Moreover, in the second narration Gorou, too, was dispatched by him to ensure not being caught. Ruby deeply feels the pain and dismay of Hikaru who behave his strange way and has no repentance. She blames him for being a beast whose motive was only greed to satisfy his base desires at the cost of her family. The scene becomes chillier, and Ruby starts doubting between Hikaru physically and emotionally. The truth about what led to her parents’ death and her own birth is so devastating that she’s unable to cope with it. Meanwhile, Hikaru appears indifferent, telling Ruby that he did it all for love, for her own good, and that she will never forget him because of what he has done. At this critical moment, Aqua swings in and assaults Ruby; he had followed her to the shrine all along. He is outraged actually to figure out this exchange between Ruby and Hikaru. The final scene sees Aqua coming to Ruby’s rescue when Hikaru tries to attack her, showing that the tussle to the top will be more intense in the next episode.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 Release Date?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150
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Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 is estimated to hit the screens on May 23, 2024, during Weekly Young Jump. This grand finale sequel will keep the audience exhilarated as they watch flesh vs. flesh battle between Ruby and Hikaru who left the previous chapter with a cliffhanger. The official wiki of Oshi no Ko corrects that the Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 will be out on Monday, 23rd of May, just two days after the worldwide release of volume five in English on 21st May. The fact that the series‘ chapters keep appearing on a weekly basis in the Weekly Young Jump magazine conveys that the release is consistent.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 Expected Plot?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150
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With Aqua’s entrance towards the end of chapter 149, this is hinted at as The Man placed right there to defend Ruby from Hikaru. As for Oshi no Ko Chapter 150, I believe it would be about the conflict between those two men as Aqua is after getting Hikaru to tell him the truth about all the crimes he committed. (Exemplification: As Hikaru is different from other people, he will still try to convince Aqua of his wrongness.) The reader will definitely learn new, horrific details on how Hikaru made Ai enabled him to get killed with jealousy and psychological addiction. His unremorseful attitude will make an already concerning and heartbreaking situation even more so. The truth will be revealed gradually, and Ruby will have to face the starkness of her own origin story. This section may highlight her emotional dilemma of trying to crunch the image of the father she has always revered and the ugly reality she came across. Kana’s appearance in the previous chapter, it’s possible that she play a part in protecting Ruby from her stepbrother. Their connection could end with Aqua and her team being the one who eventually stop Hikaru and get her the justice she and Gorou deserve. Hopefully this chapter will close on yet another punchline and we will still not know where Hikaru is headed.

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 where to read?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 150
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To read Oshi no Ko chapter 150, you can visit the official Japanese Magazine and soon it will be released in Weekly Young Jump on May 23, 2024. Furthermore, Oshi no ko manga also offers good-quality English chapter scans for people who prefer to read manga online. Accordingly, they can enjoy all the aspects of the series. com. Website tutorials are offered for free and feature the recent chapters of Oshi no Ko giving fans an option to keep abreast with the exciting story lines and the character evolvements. The options can vary from the release of an official statement or through online platforms, thus, letting the fans immerse themselves completely in Oshi no Ko and allow them to follow the gripping storyline of Oshi no Ko Chapter 150.


Eventually, the Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 is going to emerge as an intense and touching episode that will still be used to expound the titling mysteries regarding Ai’s death. It is May 23, 2024, when the movie is expected to come out, unless some changes occur before then, giving the fans something to look forward to in the next story part. Following the revenge web development, the plot will probably be concentrated on the confrontation between Ruby and her biological father Hikaru, with the entering of Aqua to save Ruby from Hikaru’s twisted action. However, all of those wondering about this anime can watch the Weekly Young Jump publications or can search oshi no ko on various websites such as oshi no ko manga to be informed immediately. This way will give you, the ultimate fans boy band, to remain always up to date and get the freshest tracks. Oshi no Ko Chapter 150 beckons whether or not you are a veteran Bandai Aki fan or a novice of the series. In Oshi no Ko Chapter 150, you are at the edge of your seat and are restlessly waiting for the next one.

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