The Acolyte Episode 4: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

The latest of the Star Wars series, “The Acolyte” tells a very engaging story and comes with very interesting characters. Thus, viewers watch the show expecting to gain more insight into the setting of Brendok and the destinies of the main characters. In this blog post, we will give the coverage of The Acolyte Episode 4, the episode’s air date, possible episode’s storyline, and the episode’s streaming channel. Thank you, go ahead and continue with your request.

The Acolyte Episode 3 Recap?

The Acolyte Episode 4

The first scene familiarizes the viewer with Mae, an eight-year-old, and Osha, both of whom are witches in Brendok coven. The twins reveal some skills using Force and Mae starts even to be cruel to a small, winged creature while Osha tends to be gentler. This early demonstration of difference in the twins regarding their Force orientation predicts the roles they will play later. The coven wants to perform an ascension on Mae and Osha, which the latter does not agree to as she wishes to become like the Jedi. This decision brings conflict among the members of coven especially between Mae and Osha. The Jedi, joined by Sol, arrive at the scene and question thegirls’ status during the ascension ceremony and wish to test them. These ignorant girls are ordered to trip on purpose and both Mae and Osha do it. However, Osha’s true talents are in black and white for sol to see and he comprehends she is a strong Force user. Mae, who cannot allow Osha to leave the coven for becoming a Jedi, lures her inside their bedroom, locks the door and covers it with flames. Osha gets away and the fire continues to burn, it then explodes several times, which kills the witches in the coven. Osha dies as she apparently strangles to death with a rope and Sol saves her from falling to her death like Mae. The final shootout of the episode involves cleaning up Osha who is then taken in by the Jedi and the story with her picked right back up in a future episode.

The Acolyte Episode 4 Release Date?

The Acolyte Episode 4
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The Acolyte Episode 4 of a Star Wars series that is located in the High Republic period is slated to be available on Tuesday, 18 June 2024, on Disney+. The episode will be available at 9:00 PM Eastern Time (ET). For viewers in the United Kingdom, the episode will be available on Wednesday, June 19, Preliminary estimates also exclude intraday trades that are executed at or before 4:00 AM British Summer Time (BST).

The Acolyte Episode 4 Expected Plot?

The Acolyte Episode 4
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The Acolyte Episode 4 will show the audience growing up of Mae and Osha and all that happened to the girls before they became different people. This will tell more about their personality and things that would have influenced them in doing what they are doing being that they are products of their past. The Jedi Master Sol has decided to follow the murders of Aayla Secura and Eeth Koth and will investigate the scum Mae and Osha. In the following scenes, the audience will be introduced to other characters with Yord, Jeckie, and Sol playing a major role of investigating the rest of the murders that have taken place. Rate this episode high as The Acolyte Episode 4 promises to bring a twist, more specific a major character death and that will change the story and the characters in it. This event will most positively contain the seeds of the subsequent future developments and remaining arcs in this series of shows. Angry as hell, the girls are out on a rampage and anyone in their way is in for a rough ride. The episode will depict their growing mercilessness and the outcomes of choice, which will provoke viewers’ concerns about the heroes’ motives and the personal ethic code. The part of the Jedi in the series will remain an important ingredient of the episode. What Sol will uncover during his investigation is how much more the Jedi were involved in unraveling the events and it will further put into effect the impacts for the characters and the universe. The Acolyte has been applauded for being the action-mystery Star Wars series the universe needed. This series has been established to have a good flow with each episode having been elaborated based on what the previous episodes highlighted. The fourth episode promises to be in a similar vein; therefore, the episode is expected to be filled with more action-packed sequences and dramatic twists and turns.

The Acolyte Episode 4 where to watch?

The Acolyte Episode 4
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The Acolyte is streaming only on Disney+ which makes the viewership limited to only this platform only. Thus, the show cannot be streamed anywhere else as there are no other platforms considered to be like Netflix. The episodic format of The Acolyte is roughly contained at around 30 minutes per episode, which matches the general duration of the show. The first three episodes of The Acolyte are available, and episode 4 will be out on June 18, 2024, on Disney+; interested viewers can watch it at the stated times. It is only produced for Disney+; thus, anyone who streams it can benefit from the subtitles offered from the platform’s beginning.


The Acolyte Episode 4 is set to release on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, on Disney+, and viewers can catch. It is effective at 12:00 AM Eastern Time (ET) and 6:00 PM Pacific Time (PT) of the United States of America. For viewers in the United Kingdom, the episode will be available on Wednesday, June 19, at 2:00 British Summer Time (BST) The exception for this was on the 10th of June, when company’s operations started at 01 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The Acolyte Episode 4 will pick up the story of the twin sisters Mae and Osha and show what awaits them next on their evil path and with whom they will have to come face to face. The episode will unveil more developments about their past and the details of the decisions that made them who they are at the current time. It is also anticipated that The Acolyte Episode 4 will depict a major character’s demise, which will shift the course of this story and its characters in a major way. Mae and Osha will definitely proceed on a rampage, and nothing can bar their path. Jedi’s participation will also remain as one of the major components of the episode, as they try to solve the episodes crimes. The Acolyte is located on Disney+ This means that to watch this series viewers can only do it on Disney+ platform. Closed captioning, which refer to subtitles, will be available from the time the episode is released and hence viewers will be in a position to follow the story line and characters. The Acolyte Episode 4 is expected to be very classic and gripping among all the episodes. Being the portrayal of the twins’ past, the search for the criminals, and the rampage of Mae and Osha, The Acolyte Episode 4 will remain the viewers’ favorite and make them think about the shades of the characters’ grey.

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