Horizon an American Saga: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story & Everything We Know?

Horizon an American Saga with the Costner Western is a brand-new feature-length Western from Kevin Costner, who was a co-writer alongside Jon Baird. The first film will be divided into two parts and the first part of the film titled: “Part One – First Chapter,” is meant to be released on June 28, 2024. The second part will follow on August 16, 2024, titled “Part Two – Second Chapter.” Costner has been there since 1988, and the film might indicate that it is going to be a rough Western showing the time of United States one of the most trying periods in the history of a country. The Horizon an American Saga plot revolves around the idea of survival faced in the unpredictable and rugged environment of the Wild West where the period from pre- to post-Civil War is the timeframe of the American Western expansion and settlement. Horizon: According to a report, an American Saga will be an R-rated motion picture, that is, with being full of visceral thematic issues, nudity, and sexual imageries, which children cannot view.

Horizon an American Saga Release Date?

Horizon an American Saga
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The film will be released in two parts. Opening officially on June 28, 2024, with Chapter 1, and closing with Chapter 2 on August 16, 2024. Filming of the movie started in August 2022 in Southern Utah and second installation was completed by May 2023 in the same season when the last one was also wrapped up concluding the shooting in the moor of this film. The film is the property of Costner’s Territory Pictures Company and is distributed to cinemas by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema.

Horizon an American Saga Cast?

Horizon an American Saga
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Horizon an American Saga, in cooperation with director Kevin Costner and co-writer Jon Baird, will be a western film launched next, in the spring. Slot machine is a war movie that takes place at American Civil War time and shows the occupancy of the American West. The cast includes Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Giovanni Ribisi, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee, Michael Rooker, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jeff Fahey, Will Patton, Tatanka Means, Owen Crow Shoe, Ella Hunt, Jamie Campbell Bower, Thomas Haden Church, Alejandro Edda, Tom Payne, Wase Chief, Tim Guinee, Michael Angarano, Colin Cunningham, Scott Haze, Angus Macfadyen, Douglas Smith, Jon Beavers, Michael Provost, Kathleen Quinlan, Larry Bagby, James Russo, Dale Dickey, Hayes Costner, James Landry Hébert, Dalton Baker, Georgia MacPhail, Naomi Winders, and Austin Archer. Horizon: An American Saga is a director’s cut, a long-held idea of Costner that came to his mind back in 1988, before he attempts it for the first time as a director. In an interview of the May 2023 held with Francis Ford Coppola, Costner talked about the challenges which emerged and how he fought to get the film to the big screen. Film is projected to be an all-time Western classic. It has attracted all the most talented actors and amazing director in the industry.

Horizon an American Saga Trailer?

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The trailer for Horizon an American Saga forthcoming two-part American epic Western film, American Saga, has some very exciting bits to his behold like a large proportion of the movie and the entire story. It starts with the narrator bringing back pleasant moments when he thought of the American West and was amazed by its beauty, but also realized it took a lot to make it habitable. The movie cast of Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Luke Wilson, and others is revealed with a sneak peek of what their character falls victim or rise victorious in the Old West. The dreamer displays the movie’s grand scenography depicting the wide-open reddish landscapes of the old west, moreover intense scenes, moments and other emotions. The movie’s themes such as endurance of the human race, colonization and the unmitigated natural forces of Wild West are not only articulated in the film, but also the obvious conflict between characters and both natural and human adversaries which are greatly depicted.

Horizon an American Saga Story?

Horizon an American Saga
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Horizon an American Saga is the newest Kevin Costner’s history Western. It is an extensively explored cinema works consisting of two episodes of the Civil War and the American West settlement. The film covers this particular point in multi-dimensional manners as it shows events before the start of war, during and after the war as a comprehensive chronicle of that epoch. The narrative of Horizon: American Saga uncovers the intricate layers of The Old West: it reveals how it was gained and vanished through ups and downs of the character. The movie follows the story that is a real cinematic occasion which means to express the inner fraying of the United States at a time of internal dissent and external expansion. From the perspective of the loved ones, enemies, and opponents, the footage tries to reveal the emotional story of a country that call comes war with itself, as they ask questions “what do we really stand for- America?” The plot of the movie is forecasted to be the literal story of Americans, Native Americans and the challenges they met while settling in the frontier in an unprecedented western life and chronological biographic film. With an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and many more, Horizon: American Saga, to be premiered as a thrilling and realistic movie, will highlight difficult moral choices and bring out prevailing tensions of the Civil War era and the ever-western expanding of Amercian travelers.

Horizon an American Saga Budget?

Horizon an American Saga
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The budget for Horizon an American Saga production of looking into the past is thought to be cost a hundred million dollars. The actual costs of the film, which include the director’s salary and its costs, total approximately $20 million for just the star, Kevin Costner, among others. This picture is one of the most significant undertakings in Costner’s carrier, that he has been working on since 1988. Horizon: Set on the American frontier, this is a delicate combination of cinematic heads into pre-and post-Civil War life and expansion. The movie should be an original and complete film, mimicking the complexity of a historical event in the Wild West and the challenges faced during this era of transformation.

Horizon an American Saga where to watch?

Horizon an American Saga
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The Horizon an American Saga is to be a major contribution to the Western genre’s universe, with the LED element being the ability to convey them on a huge scale and the time being the cast. It is come about by Costner’s Territory Pictures and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema. One appearance from the movie will hit the theaters on the 28th of June 2024, and another on the 16th of August 2024. Barring any additional marketing screenings down the line, the films will begin to make Max streaming.


Horizon an American Saga – is a dramatic and epic Western film series on miniseries form, directed by and starring Kevin Costner and who also co-wrote and co-produced the product. The series aim to explore the Fifteen years span before, during and after the American Civil War and during the settlement of the American West. The cast of the film is a galactic one, with a superlative team of actors led by blockbuster stars Kevin Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, and Jamie Campbell Bower, plus other top talents such as Thomas Haden Church, Isabelle Fuhrman, Michael Rooker, Danny Huston, Romero Means, Giovanni Ribisi, and many others.

The first trailer for Horizon: The Title “The American Saga” was on February 26th, 2024, poetry movie with its expansive scenery theme, dramatic storyline and the battle packed. Among other things, the television series is supposed to deal with the whole spectrum of themes and events such as immigration, clashes or harmonies of American settlers and indigenous people and private lives of the characters. Horizon: An American Saga is the major of Costner’s life-long mission and dream which he started over 35 years ago when he imagined bringing it to life.

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