Hierarchy Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episodes, where to watch?

The Hierarchy Kdrama is a teen South Korean Netflix Original series that created in 2024 and next year having an average postproduction of four months in period from June to September 2023. The drama written by Bae Hyun Jin and directed by Choo Hye Mi, is all about the life of Kang Ha, an unusual transfer student entering Jusin High school, a renowned and well-established private school served by the off springs of top 0.01% of the social brackets. The Hunger Games exhibits the idea of vindictiveness, love, empathy, and friendship. Hierarchy in this section can ensure a mix of tragedy, romance, and action. And the result must be liked by Korean drama fans. The series, an indeed, is boosted by its amazing cast and gripping plots. no doubt, it will succeed in captivating audiences and leave them looking forward to the next installment. When the Hierarchy Kdrama is released in 2024, you can anticipate joining the rest of the Netflix audience and viewing this series.

Hierarchy Kdrama Release Date?

Hierarchy Kdrama
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The Upcoming Hierarchy Kdrama series, that is to be the upcoming shows slated for 2024 release on Netflix, will be shown. Studio Dragon, one of the frontrunners in the country’s kdrama industry, produced and was screened this drama series. The storywriter of the show, Bae Hyun Jin, and Choo Hye Mi as a director crafted a story of Kang Ha, a glossy transfer student entering Jusin Private High, which is the place where conglomerates’ kids go to school. In this series, the author artfully renders vengeance, love as its opposite, compassion, and friendship. It stands on the notch as an appropriate option for K-drama lovers that will offer more than that-combination of drama, romance, and action.

Hierarchy Kdrama Cast?

Hierarchy Kdrama
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The Hierarchy Kdrama crew consists of five cast members, Lee Chae Min, portraying the main role of Kang Ha, Roh Jeong Eui as Jung Jae-Yi, Kim Jae-Won as Kim Ri-An, Ji Hye-Won as Yoon He-Ra, and Lee Won-Jung as Lee Woo-Jin. Another important aspect of Love in the Moonlight is the supporting cast. For instance, Kang Tae-gyun plays the role of Choi Yoon-seok. Lee Chae Min, who is a dynamic young actor and who has shown up in the already-mentioned dramas 18 Crash Course in Romance and See You in My 19th Life, portrays the character of Kang Ha. Roh Jeong Eui, who plays Jung Jae-Yi, is also a talented actress who has previously appeared in The King: Eternal Monarch and The Sound of Magic, now, are the most recent productions beside the famous Kingdom. Ki jaewn is a K´pop-actress who plays K´m R´an and has earlier acted in K´ing the land. Ji Hye-Won, who is a Yoon He-Ra actor, is also her skill in the acting area and has played as My Perfect Stranger. Lee Won-Jung, who plays Lee Woo-Jin, is a talented young actor who has previously appeared in Acma: Each side recognized the extraordinary gravity, the stakes were immense, and the indomitable will of the brothers had become symbolic for their respective peoples. Chibi who performs CJY deserves to be in the list too. He has already been known for The Midnight Romance in Hagwon, which is widely famous. The fans of Koreean dramas are anticipating Hierarchy because the cast and plot have the potential to offer them a thrilling and an exciting series. The series is expected to be available on Netflix any time soon, either in the first quarter or in the beginning of 2024.

Hierarchy Kdrama Trailer?


Unfortunately, we follow the unavailable for Hierarchy Kdrama official trailer now. Netflix has set the series release date for 2024, with filming having been carried out from June through to September 2023. The Korean drama is already at a post-production stage, accumulated for four months now. Netflix’s newest brutally honest K-drama is produced by Studio Dragon, a major South Korean production company behind the hugely popular During the Last Days of Snow, Vincenzo, and The Age of Alchemy.

Hierarchy Kdrama Plot?

Hierarchy Kdrama
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Hierarchy Kdrama, a teenage K-drama coming out originally from Netflix South Korea, is scheduled for release in 2024. The author of the show is Bae Hyun Jin, director Choo Hye Mi while the production is done by the Studio Dragon. The story was located in Jooshin High School, the top-class high school in South Korea, which was founded by the Jooshin Group, and was given the name of the school by the conglomerate. Only the knobs who are selected at birth to attend Jooshin High School are allowed for example, Jung Yi-Jae (Rha Jung-Ui), Kim Ri-An (Kim Ja-Won), Yoon He-Ra (Qi Hye-Won) and Lee Woo-In (Lee Won-Jang) who are all kids of the top 0.01% However, the transfer student Kang Ha (played by Lee Chae-Min) brings a change to this quiet place, which makes the life and the structure of the school much more complicated. Among all the extracurriculars at Aoba High School that Kang Ha possesses a pure smile and a hidden wound that can break the confidence of the school. The show delves into themes of revenge, romance, compassion, and friendship, with the carefully aligned adolescents fighting the same battle in the cruel and competitive realm of high school. The play Hierarchy has a small cast that includes Roh Jeong-Eui, Lee Chae-Min, Kim Jae-Won, Ji Hye-Won, and Lee Won-Jung who are the new bright generation of Korean actors and actresses. The dates for the release of the series are expected to be on Netflix’s second quarter (Q2)- 2024, which starts in April and ends in June.

Hierarchy Kdrama Episodes?

Hierarchy Kdrama
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Hierarchy Kdrama is about to witness multiple episodes in its Season 2 which is going to be next. The exact number of episodes that is established in the literature is mentioned in the sources, the series is expected to have a usual Exact number of 7 Episodes.

Hierarchy Kdrama where to watch?

Hierarchy Kdrama
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Hierarchy Kdrama, the promised South Korean Netflix Original series, is planned for release in 2024. The series is scripted by Bae Hyun Jin and Choo Hye Mi, while the production is subcontracted by Studio Dragon. The filming was carried out between June and September of 2023 and is currently in the process of being completed.


The Korean Netflix Original Hierarchy will for sure be a much-awaited Korean drama series release in 2024. Sky-screening the story about the struggle of an extremely talented young girl who find her escape in modern pop music and tries to win the love and the approval of her unsupportive mother and find herself is sure to bring drama, tension and character progress. The narrative covers Jeongshin High School, the outstanding educational establishment that is attended by offspring of the top 0.01%; The disruption at the school caused by transfer student, Oh Kang-ha, who hides a secret that endangers the school’s order. The entire cast features Roh Jeong Eui, Lee Chae Min, Kim Jae Won, Ji Hye Won, and Lee Won Jung, respectively. each of them with the individual abilities they can bring for the series. Regarding the number of the episodes, vieves may expect a great number at which a K-drama is usually released, and the exact number has not been confirmed yet. With the filming already behind us and post-production is on full swing, the release date of the series has been set for 2024 on Netflix. The latest we may see it is the first half of that year. The closest studio production to this writer is Studio Dragon, the production company behind Hierarchy, a work directed by Choo Hye Mi and written by Bae Hyun Jin. Don’t miss the release of Hierarchy on Netflix for a dashing journey into the community of Jooshin High School which elicits the confusions of love, friendship, repentance, and compassion.

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