The Trunk Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story & More We Know About?

Let me introduce you to my blog, where I will be touching on issues surrounding now hyped drama of The Trunk kdrama. This writes up will offer you information on the release date, cast, trailer, storyline, budget and the drama’s location for the suspense filled this drama. The Trunk is a mystery-thriller Kdrama that has entertained people with the Kdrama fans. The mystery of the plot, great cinematography, and an allowance of sufficient funds give rise to even greater anticipation of the fans about its full release. This blogpost will have everything you need to be caught up on all The Link. Among the latest news to the release date, all the way to actor, trailer, and plot descriptions, I have you covered. As for budget, it will also be discussed, and the spot where your show will be released. Hence, both existing and prospective viewers of Kdrama will reach the core of the topic by reading this post thoroughly. Watch out for news and reports as this series of your interest catch on fire!

The Trunk Kdrama Release Date?

The Trunk Kdrama
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A Romantic drama The Trunk kdrama to be released in 2024 in South Korea. Currently, the precise date of its appearance is unknown as there are no available sources on the subject except for its Netflix release. The series is centered around a plot where a stranger offers to a couple a secret marriage service after identifying them as two partners who are compatible according to his service. A fortune inadvertently unravels when the moored trunk, unexpectedly, floats ashore, winds of truths and mysteries, blow up the characters, their wildest relationships and lives. The show, which is directed by Kim Gyu-tae, written by Park Eun-young, combines mystery, romance, drama, and others sort of focus in mixed. Among these trailers and teasers, the appearance of the main cast in real life builds excitement, along with the intriguing concept of the series.

The Trunk Kdrama Cast?

Screenwriters of this, The Trunk kdrama has been interesting of casting two powerful actors, namely Gong Yoo and Seo Hyun Jin, who have been shooting for the recent thriller series. Gong Yoo, the man with a reputation for playing a leading role in well-known dramas like Goblin and Train to Busan, takes the place of Han Jeong Won, a music producer that possesses problems originating in his past. Seo Hyun on the other hand, will be cast as the agency’s head, Noh In Ji, the CEO of such fixed-term marriage service agency, NM, which specializes in marriage arrangements, despite herself being single at heart. The Trunk because it derives from the novel about the same title Kim Ryeo Ryeong created, and Seo Hyun Jin who will portray In Ji, a girl forced to marry her fifth husband, Jeong Won. 

The Trunk Kdrama
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Gong Yoo represents the main character Jeong Won, a very anxious and sad person who finds special connections with his newly wed wife Inji through a temporary replacement spousal arrangement, proposed by the current ex-wife Seo Yeon whom he still desires. A Korean actor, Gong Yoo, whose real name is Gong Ji Chul, got the attention of the Mnet in 2000 as a video jockey and since then started his career in acting by appearing in the TV series called ‘School 4’ in 2001. He has gained acclaim for his notable roles in television dramas like Coffee Prince (2007), Guardian: Two other dramas, Lonely and Great God (2016-2017), The Silent Sea (2021), and Squid Game (2021) together with the films Silenced, Train to Busan, and The Age of Shadows are the ones that also contributed significantly to this.

The Trunk Kdrama Trailer?

The Trunk Kdrama a romantic drama mystery drama that will be released in the second part of 2024 by Netflix. “18 Again” is a drama which was inspired by the novel of the same name. Kim Gyu-tae, the director and Park Eun-young, the scriptwriter was in charge of the show. The romantic comedy turned around a marriage agency which finds two suitable persons for a client who enters into one-year marriage contract on the spot, and a string of crazy situations brought about a trunk that came off an unknown ship. 

The Trunk Kdrama
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Unlike The Trunk Kdrama has only its teaser released, which indicates that it is still under the making of a production team. Despite ahead of the release of the drama, grabbing the excitement of fans who are anticipating The Trunk Kdrama since confirming of Gong Yoo and Seo Hyun Jin’s casting. The two actors have both acquired fame for their memorable parts played on the TV crime dramas and various other movies, consequently, the chemistry they are expected to display in The Trunk is projected to be among the main attractions of the series.

The Trunk Kdrama Plot?

The Trunk Kdrama is a much-awaited series which tell a story of Noh in Ji, chief of an agency that offers fixed – time marriage, and Han Jeong Won, a music creator. The dramas series is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Kim Ryeo Ryeong which falls under a genre romantic thriller with a directing services by Kim Kyu Tae and writings by Park Eun Young. The story is focused on Noh In Ji, although she thinks it is her job to arrange marriages, but she prefers to live alone. Secondly is Han Jeong Won,a music producer who believes that the marriage deception is a regulating factor in all marriages. This becomes the turning point that led characters into already expected and completely unexpected breakthroughs, to life-changing things and the whole secrets of the matchmaking service

The Trunk Kdrama
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Probably the mysterious series is a combination of mystery, romance, drama, and hammond, with a unqiue storyline in which people are arranged with their partners after a one-year-contract. The programme will dig into the subtle nuances of relations and the unexplained elements that surround them, as the characters go through their lives and the rather surprising things following it. The series will see its wide release first half of 2024 on Netflix and features cast A and B in the leading roles whose personalities presented in the series. Gong Yoo portrayed the role of Han Jeong Won, a lonely music producer and In-ji being played by Seo Hyun Jin who is accidentally made to marry her after a contract between the two which is made suddenly in the series. The relationship between the two develops right when her Boss’ ex-wife, Seo Yeon, who he still misses, arranges the temporary spousal compensation that is contrived by her marriage partner, Han Jeong Won.

The Trunk Kdrama Episodes?

The Trunk Kdrama

The Trunk Kdrama showcases 16 Episodes each spanning over two episodes. The show’s focus is on the lives of Noh in Ji, the CEO of a short-term marriage agency based on the sea named NM, and Han Jeong Won, a music producer, as they go through the intricacies of relationship and unpredictable events that follow once a stranger’s relic comes ashore. The purpose of every episode on The Trunk will be to reveal additional enigmas, secrets, and the emotional landscape as well as the characters wade through their own feelings, tackle their previous haunting traumas and deal with the twists that come with the mysterious chest coming out of the lake and the matchmaking service. Throughout the series, it promises the viewers the mix of mystery, romance, drama and melodrama where each episode is like a chapter that will probably discover new secrets kept by the character’s lives and about the matchmaking process. The episodes will ultimately be rich with an incredible mixture of emotions, disclosures and unexpected twists; therefore, viewers will be hooked in tears of joy and keeping their antenna up for the truth in the compelling plot of The Trunk Kdrama. Keep yourself focused to this chapter or episode description, to immerse in this amazing series to its fullest.

The Trunk Kdrama where to watch?

The Trunk Kdrama
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“The Trunk”, a thriller series, is one of the productions lined up by Netflix to be released in the second half of 2024. NM (NM Labor Services) is a marriage consulting agency headed by Noh In Ji. Han Jeong Won, a music producer, is another central character. They, as well as others, face the various obstacles presented by present-day relationships and troubles that develop when a trunk that came from an unknown location had been washed ashore.


To round it up, I bet that this Kdrama should be the complete package for everyone who is in love with classic adventures and values the art of a full-featured series. The thriller aims to bring an appealing blend of mystery, romance, drama, and melodrama, each episode creating a more intriguing narrative, accompanying characterization and the revealing of the secrets which surround their lives as well as the matchmaking service they are part of. The series will be centralized on Netflix, Netflix subscribers will get the chance to view after it becomes available.

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