Kagurabachi Chapter 35: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Finally, manga lovers now have Kagurabachi chapter 35 awaiting them and the followers of Chihiro Rokuhira and her desire for revenge are eager to continue reading the series. In this particular blog, various elements of the latest chapter have been discussed, such as the brief summary of the previous chapters, release date, plot as per assumption, and the link through which the chapter can be read online. If any other information is required, then you can ask me for that.

Kagurabachi Chapter 34 Recap?

Kagurabachi chapter 35
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This chapter starts when Shiba fights in opposition to a female called Tenri Sazanami who makes use of the sorcery known as Enchanted Blade that had been used by Genichi Sojo. As for the second part of the verse, Tenri gains new powers and becomes a true threat to everyone – the battle is set to become really exciting as both sides show no mercy. However, for Hakuri, he has his battle with Soya Sazanami that he has to settle again. Having defeated Isou, Hakuri is not ready to succumb to defeat of his elder brother and thus tries to accomplish his goals. This confrontation is agonic in the context of the story, it helps to explain relationships between the Sazanami brothers and their position in the story concerning the Rakuzaichi auction. This offers historic flashback when Kyora Sazanami assembled both his children, Hakuri and Tenri at Rakuzaichi auction scene. Like Kyora, Moritsuka also stresses on the fact of their pedigree and challenges them to capture the incident of a Sazanami clan member being assaulted by outsiders. This scene is helpful to the understanding of why the brothers are motivated to do what they do and especially the positions that they are holding in the events at that time. Following the combats, Shiba captures one of the defeated Tou operatives, Tenri Sazanami, and questions her on the conditions to reach the Sazanami cemetery gate. However, Tenri does not give any details to them and remain so assertive. A third Tou member volunteers to provide the info instead, at which Tenri discourages him, and she gives hints about the importance of the cemetery and its impending effects on the Rakuzaichi auction game.

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 Release Date?

Kagurabachi chapter 35
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Kagurabachi Chapter 35, the date has been anticipated to be on June 3, 2024, at 12:26 AM JST in issue Weekly Shonen Jump. This is the following episode of the present Rakuzaichi arc, and it envisions a powerful climax which began before. Kagurabachi chapter 35 fans are seemingly waiting for what will unfold in such a story. It has also been mentioned that the Kagurabachi chapter 35 is available for international readers for free on the MANGAPlus site. It will, therefore, be published on the Shonen Jump+ App, and users need to subscribe to get all Kagurabachi series.

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 Expected Plot?

Kagurabachi chapter 35
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Kagurabachi Chapter 35 explosive look like it’s going to feature an intense fight for the Sazanami brothers: Tenri and Soya. Speaking of the family connection, the chapter may reveal a new power of Tenri inherited from Genichi Sojo to stand against Shiba and safeguard the Rakuzaichi auction, his family business. Tenri with the powers that are as Strong as an Enchanted Blade, will use his new powers to stop Shiba from meditating in the Auction. This exciting and promising encounter of a sorceress named Tenri against Shiba will surely provide an interesting and good test of magic and fighting. The infused dexterity will certainly turn out to be an important factor in the combat, especially since it is used to ensure the Tenri’s movement throughout the room and maintain sync with the Shiba’s teleportation magic. At the same time Kagurabachi Chapter 34 will show scene of Hakuri against Soya Sazanami, his brother. With Isou now completed, Hakuri will finally get to go into full swing. A mastery of Isou specialist might be the trump-card in the fight; the aim being yet again to outmatch his elder brother while accomplishing missions. Chihiro Rokuhira will fight with Shiba against Tenri and, which the ability of Cloud Gouger, he can freeze the weapons of the opponent. Chihiro will also make an attempt to lock horns with Tenri and demand an explanation, only to discover that he is the twin brother of Hakuri.

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 where to read?

Kagurabachi chapter 35

As the official source for all the Manga series, MANGAPlus will release Kagurabachi Chapter 35 for free for its fans. The MANGAPlus or its app is the best bet for international readers who want to read the chapter. Moreover, Kagurabachi Chapter 35 will be released on the official Shonen Jump+ app and website. This platform only has a preview of the full series and to continue using it, one must pay for it. Being a weekly, the chapter was released today, and its English version can be accessed at the official website of Viz Media to readers in North America and select other areas.


The upcoming Kagurabachi Chapter 35 is for sure going to be quite an interesting one and arc deciding for Rakuzaichi as the Sazanami brothers are finally going to face each other while Chihiro and Shiba will be battling against Kyora. The fans should expect the chapter to be released on Sunday, 2nd of June, 2024 occasionally on MANGAPlus, Shonen Jump+ or Viz Media official website. Other websites which are not official may also provide the chapter Host but ensure that the actual support goes to the artists behind the manga. Forces about the plot, rumors are rife regarding Tenri’s ally, self-sacrifice, Hakuri beating Soya, Hiyuki coming to assist in the rescue of Chihiro and Shiba, and Kyora’s dominating character. However, as of Chapter 35 and all the events that follow it, the fans will only be able to guess what could actually be going on. Meanwhile, for spectators who are interested in other events of the present Campaign, they can view the battles of the Sazanami brothers again, as well as watch the episode of the 34th chapter in which a rather informative flash of backstory was shown. It resolved a few issues but left quite a number unresolved at the end of the chapter; this kind of writing style makes the readers to be eager on the next chapter.

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