The 8 Show Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot & Everything We Know About?

The 8 Show Kdrama, more popularly known as Deo Eiteu Syo, is the upcoming Korean reality TV competition that will be released in 2024. A cast of eight people, who are in serious financial crises are selected to join a game program called Money Spot. The grand price of 44.8 billion won will be claimed by the winner of the competition, but he/she will have to spend 100 days in a miniature studio where all goods have a markup of 100, that is, their prices will be a thousand times greater than usual, and these prices will be removed from the final prize sum. The entire idea of the show where the participants are on a very weird place on the plane where they have to find the balance between the two options is very mind blowing one as because one of option is to win the competition while another is to survive the plane. The risks are high, the pressure is overbearing, and this leads to intense action and emotions that viewers cannot help but experience and be attached to. The 8 Show Kdrama has a format similar to other characteristic from other reality competition shows where the acts are eliminated based on their performance in various challenges. Yet another interesting aspect in addition to it, a 1000x markup on purchases poses yet another challenge in the fight for consumers’ preferences.

The 8 Show Kdrama Release Date?

The 8 Show Kdrama
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The 8 Show is a new Saw-like thriller that is currently being produced by South Korea’s Netflix Originals and will be released worldwide by Netflix on Netflix starting the 17th of May in 2024. The drama “Lightning Fighter” is adapted from the famous Korean webtoon “Money Game” created by Bae Jin Soo. The show is directed by Han Jae-Rim. In the series, eight lucky contestants struggle to earn money that they require by solving tasks on the daily live show. All 91 contestants are required to remain in the studio, which is just a concrete box, for the whole 100 days of the show, and every time they buy something, including essentials like food, water, and electricity, they pay much more than usual and with the money deducted from the prize money, which is almost 45 billion won.

The 8 Show Kdrama Cast?

The 8 Show Kdrama, also known as “The Eighth Sense,” is a South Korean drama that revolves around Ji Hyun, a new student from a peaceful rural town, adjusting to city life in Seoul and developing feelings for Jae Won, who has just completed military service. The series showcases their dynamic relationship and personal darkness. The main cast includes:

The 8 Show Kdrama
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  • Lim Ji Sub as Ji Hyun
  • Oh Jun Taek as Jae Won
  • Lee Mi Ra as Yoon Won
  • Park Hae In as Eun Ji
  • Jang Young Joon as Park Tae Hyung
  • Seo Ji An as Koh Ae Ri

The sensationalism of the story embraces the universe of the main characters, the highs and lows, as a way to show the change in them. The show is originally focused on Ji-Hyun, but later on, it is seen that the character Jae-Won gets all the engagement, and it displays his personality and struggles. The drama has been highly commended for the acting involvement, the filming, the character and the stroke of genius that is beyond a typical romance drama. As a whole, after consideration, “The Eighth Sense” is an advised viewing for the ones among the drama watchers who would like to be presented their stories to be represented by deeper themes and character development a l bit further rather than just romance, so it could be a satisfying one for those who are into more nuanced storytelling style in the Dramas world.

The 8 Show Kdrama Trailer?

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Teaser of the 8 Show Kdrama is expected to reflect the deep and engaging nature of the reality program, revealing obstacles faced by the contestants and giving a relevant look into the psyche of the game by displaying each contestant’s darkest secret. The goal is to convey the main plot and key elements like the excitement, tension and stakes that viewers care about when watching such shows. This means that the story of surviving and competing in a unique and unprecedented setting should be highlighted.

The 8 Show Kdrama Plot?

the 8 Show Kdrama
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This the 8 Show Kdrama is a South Korean Netflix Original series in the dramatic thriller genre, which is based off the webtoon “Money Game” by the author Bae Jin-soo. A show, of which the title is “Money Game”, is the show that the series follows, about eight people, who are each facing money-related troubles, and who are invited to the reality show. No food or any food related show/advertisement left, all sealed in a concrete wall containing 44.8 billion won prize to any of them who wriggle through the challenge which is for 100 days. It should be noted that the entire spending, for which you will need to cover water, food, and electricity and electricity, for instance, costs 1,000 times more than normal prices, and is deducted from the winning prize. The 8 Show is slated to make direct comparisons between Different factors responsible for global warming are accentuating climate changes. The series trains with a blockbuster cast, including Ryu Joon Yeol as Yang, Chun Woo Hee as Se Ra, Park Jung Min as Philip, Park Hae Joon, Bae Sung Woo as Sang Gook, Moon Jung Hee as Moon Jung, Lee Yeol Eum, and Lee Joo Young as Chun Ja. The show creators focus on the spiritual resilience of the reality show contestants and the experiencing the high stakes where juxtaposition underneath the surface is to be shown including social dynamics, personality traits, and potential conflicts as they cope with the challenges of living together. On October 24th, The 8 Show Kdrama is expected to have its amazing appearance on the screen. It is going to be a great tv show, immersing viewers into the suspenseful reality of the drama and the mind-boggling world of the game.

The 8 Show Kdrama Total Episodes?

The 8 Show Kdrama

The 8 Show Kdrama is due to feature on Netflix on 17 May 2024. The series boasts of a star cast with Ryu Joon Yeol portraying Jin Soo, Chun Woo Hee taking the role of Se Ra, Park Jung Min playing Philip, Park Hae Jun and Bae Sung Woo enacting Sang Gook, Moon Jung Hee for Moon Jung, Lee Yeol Eum for Chun Ja, and Lee Joo Young undertaking Yoo Gyung. The show is planned to investigate the mental resilience and massive risks involved in the real-life final, demonstrating the drastic struggle and comradeship in the house as the competitors move forth in the show. The Expectations for The 8 Show is that it will be a fantastic and shocking drama, drawing the viewers into the deep and exciting atmosphere of drama and truth of the competition and the features of the game. Each season length will be 8 episodes long.

The 8 Show Kdrama where to watch?

The 8 Show Kdrama
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The 8 Show Kdrama will appearing on the popular streaming platform Netflix in May 2024, but the release date is not confirmed yet. On one hand web series, the 8 Show, is branded as Netflix Ltd. which got the distribution rights thus the viewers can watch it through Netflix without any extra efforts. The Focus is expected to be streamed with all regions that Netflix runs so to be able to reach a great number of viewers throughout the world.


The 8 Show Kdrama with the same name is a new South Korean muti-episode thrill show on Netflix and webtoon “Money Game” by the author, Bae Jin Soo. The show is scheduled to be released at Netflix in early May 2024, however, the date has been set for the official release on May 17th, 2024. The screenplay boasts of a star-studded cast, featuring NamGoong Min as Ri Jin Soo, Gahee as Se Ra, and highlighted by Kim Dae Myung as Philip. The key role is that of Ri Jin Soo who is played by NamGoong Min. The plot is centered on 8 characters that are losing their fortune and they all get the chance to participate in the reality entertainment show which is called “Money Game”. The show’s requirements are to put the participants through a terrifying life like the nightmarish journey. The winner would gain a life changing amount of money. “The 8 Show” as a drama is set to be extremely exciting and intriguing, the viewers will be engulfed entirely in the drama with a suspenseful tension of the reality competition and mental game aspects. The 8 Show Kdrama will comprise the 8 episodes and thus will ensure the audience a flawless and instructive experience among others. To see the show “The 8 Show,” viewers will be able to use it on Netflix, and the series was licensed to the platform for distribution. Boasting an original plot, an excellent set of actors, certain cast of the show, and availability on a popular streaming service, “The 8 Show” has a lot of potential to be one of the most intriguing and noteworthy Netflix series in the future.

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