Blue Lock Season 2: Release Date, Characters, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far?

Amidst all this fan excitement, Blue Lock Season 2’s new installment promises to satisfy even the most diehard anime fans. The Blue Lock project, a national project to create a newly formed national football team, is set to be officially launch its first match in October 2024. As a result, fans are all looking forward to the match where Team Blue Lock will go out to the battlefield for the first time in the upcoming football season. A direct continuation of the successful first season that aired from October 2022 to March 2023, Blue Lock Season 2 is going to take the audience further into the world of football and entwine them into the complexities of high-level training and team challenges that Isagi and his teammates will face. The blog will touch upon the important aspects of Blue Lock Season 2 like the expected characters making a reappearance, in the sense of plot developments, the possibility of a trailer, the number of episodes viewers will surely catch on and the place where the series is likely to air. Please look forward to the upcoming article: Blue lock season 2 Where the fans will be able to discover what is waiting for them in series of this spectacular sports anime.

Blue Lock Season 2 Release Date?

Blue Lock Season 2
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Blue Lock of Season 2 is scheduled forthwith to be out with an agreed release date in October 2024. The official announcement as to the release of the source was done through a variety of media including a PR official press release and the creators of Blue Lock, Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yūsuke Nomura. The season premiere of Blue Lock will make everyone wait once again for the appearance of the protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, who will return to the battlefield under the Blue Lock project that will last till the end of his journey in the fiercely competitive world of football. The fans can continue their journey from the events of the first season from October 2022 till March 2023. The second season will unveil further new challenges that Isagi has to overcome in his pursuit of becoming the best striker in the world. And the span of time being the canvas, the exhilaration won by the cinematic release of the episode forces the public to stay in tuned with the next chapter of how Isagi would be doing under Ego Jinpachi guidance. The theatrical release of Blue Lock Season 2 in the autumn of 2024 will follow suit, and the exciting story line of this hit sports anime show is sure to be an exciting watch.

Blue Lock Season 2 Characters?

Here is a detailed overview of the key characters expected to return in Blue Lock Season 2

Blue Lock Season 2
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  • Yoichi Isagi – First place holder, portrayed in the Japanese version by Kazuki Ura and in English by Ricco Fajardo. Isagi is a talented footballer who while being unassuming is all-sized to take on the Blue Lock program with the aim of becoming the best striker the world can muster.
  • Jinpachi Echigo – He is the mysterious leader of the Blue Lock Group, who in Japanese version is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya while in English version his voice is given by Derick Snow. Ego is behind the activities of eating technical meat and cheeseburger a real killer to get the best striker.
  • Seishiro Nagi – a pro who is more unfeeling at the start but becomes more emotional in the end, in the original Japanese voice is Nobunaga Shimazaki while Natalie Rial is the English dub. Their game figure to carry on being a greater point of emphasis in the upcoming season.
  • Meguru Bachira – a chic anarchic character with an unpredictable nature, who Kaito played his role in Japanese, but Drew Breedlove did it in English. Bachira’s creative playing capability and his dubious personality are the reasons that earned him a high number of fans.
  • Shōei Barō -This is a strong and aggressive player, whose voice actors are Junichi Suwabe in Japanese and Matthew David Rudd in English. Foe’s extreme pursuance of best arguments is bound intensify more disagreements within the Blue Lock system.
  • Hyoma Chigiri – A dizzy character with good speed and quick analyze ability, voiced by Soma Saito in Japanese and by Aaron Dismuke in English. Chigiris development and development are certain to be a significant portion of seasons future.
  • Rin Itoshi – Also a talented guy, but somewhat overconfident, in Japanese Kouki Uchiyama, in English Matt Shipman. The Advance of Isagi will always be an important topic for future installment and also Isagi’s personal ambitions will eventually be scrutinized.

These central members like Kunigami, Tokimitsu and Aryu, plus others, will come back to Blue Lock Season 2 which brings us to the next part that is the maddening contest within the program. And finally, a sight that will be first on their minds is the contest of these mighty players who strive to reach the peak of the world’s best striker.

Blue Lock Season 2 Trailer?

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Unfortunately, following Blue Lock Season 1 there isn’t an official trailer being produced for Blue Lock Season 2. However, fans can watch the official trailers for the prequel film, Blue Lock: In addition, the film entitled ‘Episode Nagi’ is officially set to will be released on 19th April 2024 in Japan. Through these trailers, we are granted a glimpse of the Blue Lock‘s visual world and the array of figures to look out for in the forthcoming season.

Blue Lock Season 2 Expected Plot?

Blue Lock Season 2

Blue Lock Season Season 2 will pick up from the Third Selection Arc, both physically and emotionally tortured students, along with the compelling U-20 Arc, promising to give the audience an incredible continuation of the heart-pumping competitive world of the Blue Lock program. By this time, the protagonists will continue to the third selection that involves a confrontation among the top thirty-five players for the last eleven positions the team will feature in the next meeting against Japan’s U-20 team that is representing its nation. The story is expected to deepen after the U-20 round, and possibly beyond with other international competitions lined up. The show creates intense drama with Jinpachi changing the complexion and contest every step of the way Next season will probably be centered on hard-fought and stressful competitions within the Blue Lock program, and players will not only learn the Japanese soccer game but also, they might not be allowed to represent national level players because of their failure, which means more load on their back to achieve success. They will see the formation of new characters, breath taking training sessions and good strategic plays as the Blue Lock 11 team prepares steadily for the match against the U-20 national team of Japan. Moreover, a sibling rivalry between Rin and his elder brother Sae is slated to serve as an additional element of complexity on the plotline, and thus, the personality struggles and hopes of characters could emerge. Ultimately, Blue Lock S2 is expected to entertain the audience with the combination of storylines revolving around riveting matches, character development, and smart tactics with the players fighting to demonstrate their capabilities to make it into the Blue Lock Eleven squad.

Blue Lock Season 2 How Many Episodes?

Blue Lock Season 2
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The introduction of the first season of Blue Lock was 24 episodes, and Isagi played the role of the main character. Considering that the manga continues, and the fact that the first season had a comparable number of episodes to set the course of this story, the second season is expected to have the same number of episodes in order for the story to come full circle. The second season of Blue Lock is likely to go over the Third Selection Arc and the U-20 arc while following along with the story that was in the manga. These arcs are broadcast in multiple volumes which suggest that the second season of the show will also, perhaps, need that many episodes to adequately depict this storyline. An exact number do not catch your attention but based on the coined norms of the first season, a rough number for 24 episodes of “Blue Lock Season 2” could be expected at the same time. Firstly, it would make the anime able to move throughout the following story arcs, without getting breakneck speed or shortening them.

Blue Lock Season 2 where to watch?

Blue Lock Season 2
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Blue Lock season 2, is scheduled to come out in October 2024, further releasing the extreme world of Blue Lock However, to watch Blue Lock Season 2, devotees would better keep their hopes high in terms of its appearance on such platforms as Crunchyroll, Netflix, etc. That can provide for anime streaming. This way, multiple platforms can easily enable anime enthusiasts catch their most awaited Blue Lock season 2 episodes without delay. The English subtitles later be available simultaneously, along with the episodes on these given platforms to ensure a global audience have a feel of the exciting plot of the Blue lock Season 2.


With base on the rumors, the Blue Lock Season 2 is to be unveiled in October of year 2024, that will give fans a chance to play the show to the fullest, in the world of the Blue Lock project. With the release date already set for sale and a whole crew of adored characters, including Yoichi Isagi, Jinpachi Ego and Seishiro Nagi, fans can raise their hopes high about an interesting plot that deals with the Third Selection Arc and the U-20 Arc. The possible plot predictions signal how Bakunetsu Joujin and his mates were going to face unimaginable ordeals, The exact number of episodes being aired has also not been disclosed yet, however fans can still have fun guessing each episode number and watch as it unfolds like the first season’s 24-episode format. Season 2 of the Blue Lock anime is expected to stream on platforms such as Crunchyroll, Netflix, and other anime streaming services, and as a result, gives a global audience a chance to enjoy the engaging story of team captain, Yoichi Isagi, and his crew as they strive to be the world’s number one strikers. Attentive viewers be wary on the launching of the second season of this well-known sports anime series to follow-up on the story.

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