Super Rich in Korea: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, where to watch?

It gives me pleasure to introduce you to my blog where I will unravel you the whole reality series of the popular streaming service’s new premium series, Super Rich in Korea. This coming May, on the 7th of May 2024 to be precise, the show which has held the audience spellbound with its gorgeous cast, luxurious lifestyles and splendid backgrounds is about to release but is sure to hold the audiences rapt. One-of-a-kind reward tour of the world’s wealthiest people will be hosted by the super-rich in Korea allowing their extraordinary journeys in their continuous abundance of the capital city of Korea. The studio has brought together people who are different from each other representing different backgrounds from Singaporean entrepreneur David Yong to Italian businessman Teodoro Marani and also a Pakistani speaker, Noor Naim and an Arab social media celebrity who is originally from Lebanon. Given that every show member’s own taste of nobility is very prominent, it becomes even more interesting to observe such an exclusive culture and luxury. Not only do hosts Cho Saeho and GOT7’s BamBam as well as Mimi from Oh My Girl give the show an intimate glimpse into their lives, but it is also about the luxurious side of their life as well.

Super Rich in Korea Release Date?

Super Rich in Korea

Super Rich in Korea become a highly awaited the show of reality, which will be available on Netflix May 7, 2024, in US. The show’s objective is to take people on a journey into the lives of Korean people who are filthy rich, giving them the front row seat to the world of glamour and the never-ending ways that Seoul, the capital, has to satisfy their needs. In the production Mystic Story, a South Korean production company, which is cherished for its shows on the popular Korean variety series and dramas, is engaged. The release date of this show was set for April 2024, it then gets moved to May 7, 2024. For 2024 season, Super Rich in Korea is the most important series from Netflix’s 2023 Korean Content list, featuring a cultural presentation with the core themes of the Korean filmmakers.

Super Rich in Korea Cast?

Super Rich in Korea

In SBS broadcasting company program Rich Great Korea, a group of colorful and extraordinary people who had overcome difficulties in their lives become leaders of the luxury sector. Here are some of the main cast members of the show:

  • David Yong: A successful Singaporean entrepreneur who now stands out in the K-pop scene, having invested huge capital into the agency called Cube that handles, among others, Fifty. David’s story tells you that fortunes can be made by the right blend of an ambition and the achievement, as he stepped into the music scene investing when he was 35.
  • Teodoro Marani: An Italian businessman who is the CEO of Loop Innovators, a start-up company that specializes in trading luxurious food and beverages. Teodoro’s life is filled with experiences that shape his life in different landmarks starting from the serenity of villas in Maldives and ends with the roughness of farms in Tuscany. His Instagram is what gives a glimpse into a universe in which living in style is not just a routine, but a lifestyle depicted through luxury.
  • Anna Kim: A Pakistani social worker who stands out for her humanitarian activities and for efforts to extend a wide range of social and economic services. Anna’s story, which lies at the heart of the real-life stories of wealth from all corners of the world, serves as an authentic example of the numerous approaches to making and spending wealth around the globe.
  • Noor Naim: An Arab social media celebrity with 50 million fans, who contribute significantly to changing the wave of acceptance. The story of Noorjevakia enchants us to an extent where the role of social media is being probed in the present scenario.
  • Yoo Hee-Ra: a starlet who is literally a South Korean and somehow still reminds of Paris Hilton’s fashion of flamboyance. The fusion of Yoo’s story is a vivid mixture between the traditional Korean culture and a current moment and a capital.
  • Cho Saeho: A good fashionista presenter who suggests the ones looking in from a distance at the superior lifestyles of the rich and the influential.
  • BamBam: A beautiful veneer, shining showcases, and a sophisticated host who engages with the crowd with an extra layer of insight and glamor.
  • Mimi: An elegant host who provides clues for both on-the-go to party goers and Vietnamese culture. Follow us on Instagram at @BehindTheFacade for exclusive posts!

Along with this, highly acclaimed filmmaker Yuh Woon-hyuk is not only designing a TV show but leading us to delve deeper into what represents the height of luxury, refinement, and taste in Korean culture. The Super Rich in Korea will premiere on May 7, 2024, on Netflix. The date is yet to announce, but tears may come soon to my eyes. And I will watch it, alone and holding nothing except pompoms.

Super Rich in Korea Trailer?

CC: Netflix K-Content

The official trailer has officially been released by “Super Rich in Korea”, which gives a sneak-peek into the hampers lives of the influential Korean community. The trailer exposes the characters which is Kim Anna, David Yong, Aren Yoo, beyond the regional borders of the Middle East Noor Naem, and Italia elite Teodoro. They look admiringly in the direction of splendid cake-fest by being present at ‘in-demand’ birthday parties of fashion weeks around the globe as well as exchanging pleasantries with international celebrities. The trailer displays the glamorous elite existence of these flirtish individuals. It allows the viewers a peek behind the scenes of their hangers filled with high class outfits or their luxury houses. The show will allow the audience to take a private journey of Kdramas influential top class, where the viewers can enjoy the majesty and the prosperity that can be achieved by rich lifestyle.

Super Rich in Korea Story?

Super Rich in Korea

Super Rich in Korea is a series that comes to TV to portray the lives of multimillionaires, otherwise known as moguls, who live in Korea. The series intends to display cast from different parts of the world they include rich Singaporean business elite, Italian filters of luxurious brands, and Pakistani nobles. These individuals live a life of the upper class with high properties and couture clothing. Their lifestyles feature the extravagant mansions and workers that are at their beck and call. The name cast is as colorful as it can be: Besides the rich businessman from Singapore, David Yong, who is passionate about K-POP, America would have a representative too, Yoo Hee Ra, who is known as the Paris Hilton of the country; Theo, heir to a luxury brand empire from Italy will be there, as well as his 50 million followers, while Anna from Pakistan’s The show extensively includes a character, Noor Naim, a super influencer from the Arab region. The show is hosted by Jo Se Ho as MC, BamBam from GOT7 as MC-narrator, and Mimi from Oh My Girl as a reporter, helping to demonstrate the experiences of these super-rich individuals. The drama is directed by Yuh Woon-hyuk and will be aired in the Fall season on Netflix exclusively with the first episode being released on May 7. The stage manager mentioned that the show came out of ongoing research about foreign billionaires who come and set themselves up in South, asking about their goals and real reasons. The Kdrama will apparently give the viewers an opportunity to delve into the glamorous realm of the 1%, comprising executive directors of luxury brands, Instagram stars and international celebrities. Celebrity birthday parties, worldwide fashion weeks, jealousy because of beauty, extravagant luxury cars and villas, are all happening inside this world. The documentary Super Rich in Korea, which is the ridiculously Super Rich in Korea from Korea, has opened the curtains to lives of the extremely powerful personages in Korea and provided the public access to their unique stories and help to know more about their lifestyles.

Super Rich in Korea where to watch?

Super Rich in Korea
CC: Netflix

The Netflix UK South Korean Series Super Rich in Korea will start airing on May 7, 2024. The show guarantees to have a Cinderella like insight at the fabulous life of Korea’s super elite where the CEOs of luxury brands stand side by side with international celebrities at hint and birthday parties and make appearances at various fashion weeks where they are held. In Super Livley on the Reality Show Knock Korea viewers are invited to take a sneak peek into the lives of the super-rich people of Korea, and they have a chance to see their individual stories and lifestyles. To get to know Super Rich in Korea, you can go to the Netflix site, choose the desired season, and start intercourse with the series. The program can be accessed in numerous countries round the globe and will be in different regions depending on your location.


In the final analysis, “Super Rich in Korea” belongs to the class of series designed to bind its viewers to a captivating trip into the lives of Koreans whose wealth is out of this world. For all worth its salt, the series incorporates a variety of realities of different individuals from different backgrounds as well. It is with such that viewers are offered a lifespan glimpse into the extravagant lifestyles of the rich, luxurious mansions, and expensive fashion. Held by Cho Sa-ho, BamBam, a GOT7 member, and Mimi from Oh My Girl, the program will premiere on Netflix on May 7, 2024. As viewers are about to resurrect the life of multimillionaire in Seoul, the theme of the film marks the start of a luxurious and inspirational storyline. From Singaporean tycoons to Italian luxury brand heirs and Pakistani nobles, the cast members will add their distinctive stories and experience to the screen, all to offer a blend of wealth, culture and luxury. Moreover, as we progress, we will uncover world-class designers, celebrity activists and crème de la crème of the fashion world. So as not to miss the glamour, sumptuousness, and invincible pertinacity of “Super Rich in Korea,” make sure to mark your calendars and hit the button Play on Netflix, when this exciting new series Super Rich in Korea finally hits your screen. Don’t let this incredible and one-of-a-kind chance slip your hand – it’s worth seeing the colorful lives and interesting stories of Korean upper class’s most famous.

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