Deliver me Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know About?

Check the announcement on the coming release date, cast, trailer and plot of Deliver Me Netflix in the next update. In 2024, The Guilty is an original Swedish drama television series streamed by Netflix, created and adapted from the novel of the same name. The major point of the series is a post-crime investigation around the murder of a 14-year-old boy, scrutinizing details of who is accountable for the crime. The cast includes such novices as Yasir Hassan, Olle Strand in the leading roles, coupled with names that are quite popular, like that of Yusra Warsama, Ane Dahl Torp and Henrik Norlén. The series was being filmed starting from the beginning of this year in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the exact release date and episode count are yet to be revealed, viewers are just waiting for the bone-chilling Scandinavian crime thriller to come out, it delves into the events that led to a catastrophe in two friends-since-childhood story.

Deliver me Netflix Release Date?

Deliver me Netflix
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“Deliver Me” is set to be a dramatic Swedish TV series that is planned to be available for Streaming to Netflix on April 24 ,2024. The Deliver me Netflix (the tv series that has been adapted to the novel by Malin Persson Giolito) which addresses the consequences of young people’s initiation into criminal activities, raises questions of whether they are to blame themselves for their behavior, and how society views them. The mainline is around the two friends when they were still kids and the destruction for which they were responsible for the rest of their lives. Through the course of the plot, it will be shown that the lives of the people that surround the victim are implicated in this wound, and eventually in the suffering. Our ‘Deliver me Netflix’ was shot mainly in Stockholm, Sweden from Feb to Apr 2023, and many locations – the streets and houses are included in the series. The official trailer for the series came out, teasing an engaging story line which can only be a theme worthy of your attention and contemplation as well as real emotions shown by the actors.

Deliver me Netflix Cast?

The cast of the upcoming “Deliver me Netflix”, which is a Swedish drama television show on Netflix, is a combination of new talents and experienced actors who around they endow with their specific roles the depth and the ” filmic truth”. Here is a detailed breakdown of the cast members:

Deliver me Netflix
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  • Yasir Hassan as Billy: To picture how the young boy, Billy who is only 14 years old catastrophic accident happened. Being the new face in the series will allow Hassan to display a talent that is more of a realistic exploration of the complexities of youth and responsibility.
  • Olle Strand as Dogge: Plays Dogge, Eric’s friend and Billy’s best friend, unable to react as he witnesses the consequences of the crime. Strand, however, is also due to this at-the-moment debut movie to crown himself with critical acclaim and to touch the viewer’s heartstrings to the utmost with his Dogge role.
  • Yusra Warsama as Leila: Plays the role of Leila Billy’s mom, and the introduction of maternal complexity to the narrative now emerges. Warsame, struck a chord in “Castle Rock.” This actor is ready to pull out a stellar performance fulfilling this emotionally packed character.
  • Ane Dahl Torp as Jill: Shows you Jill, their mother, as a character with both displaying strength and vulnerability. Another notable actor in the cast, Torp, who has gained recognition from her work in different movies, will be in charge of the character’s boundless and intense performance.
  • Henrik Norlén as Teo: Through the Teo of Dogge, creates this world, adding to the drama within the family in the series. Notlén whose breakout role was seen in ‘Modus’ will most probably be outshined with his accurate performance of the character of Teo.
  • Ardalan Esmaili as Farid: Becomes Farid, the police officer who is in charge of closing a sudden ominous and mysterious case. Esmaili, who played in “Snabba Cash,” might prove to be this character reason for people to become interested and think in this role; because he is able to deliver both those qualities.
  • Mahmut Suvakci as Sudden, Solomon Njie as Mehdi, and Abdirahman Mohamed as Tusse: Such featured players are cast in appurtenant parts of series that cause characters to be more detailed and enriched.

Deliver me Netflix Trailer?

CC: Netflix Nordic

In addition, the Frankfurt Book Fair serves as a meeting point and cultural exchange for people from across continents. ‘Ronja’ is a drama that revolves around two best friends, Billy and Dogge, who are also facing the consequences of a horrible crime and its shocking effect upon them. The narration showcases possibilities of the street gangs taking in these children, and being enamored by virtue of these childhood bonds, which eventually add street cred and resistance to them, however society is a total failure to safeguard the weak. The show will explore the realities of justice for minors, adults and families as the results of criminal behavior can become a life-changing experience. Deliver Me is the series that will have its global release on sparkly April 24th, in 4 years. Series producing by Sofia Lindberg, Frida Asp and Fatima Varhos, with shooting in Stockholm, Sweden. The criminological show’s trailer tells us a bit about how intense and engrossing the story will be, by also showing the characters’ emotional burden during the times they must face the menace of crime and guilt while trying to be there for society’s weak and vulnerable.

Deliver me Netflix Plot?

Deliver me Netflix
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“You will soon be the producers of your own thriller”. Scandinavian crime series “Deliver Me Netflix” if the bestselling novel by Malin Persson Giolito. The plot of the drama revolves around two childhood friends, Billy and Dogge, that unknowingly gets into a fatal, but shocking undesirable situation caused by one heinous crime. The plot focuses on the consequences of children who have lost sight of a crime-free life even among their other friends. This, in turn, reflects on the intricate nature of lifelong friendship and the social dinner obligation to protect vulnerable individuals. Deliver me Netflix dig into the topics of justice, on young lives and many other themes such as adult response to their surroundings, and the outcome of bad circumstances. Through the plot, the novel is pictured as highly emotional with respect to the power of childhood friendships and presents a harsh contrast of the consequences that occur when the society neglects people who are vulnerable. It lights up profound doubts about the very nature of justice and whether laws are an instrument of doing justice. The Deliver me Netflix continues to trace an unbelievable, true story line of tragic crime that does not only affect the young individuals itself but also the whole family, is not only about the crime but the consequences of it are explored. In a nutshell, the “Deliver me Netflix” narrative can be considered to be interesting and emotionally captivating. It also addresses the intricate ways of crime, friendship and the socio-economic dynamics that are likely to foster the characters’ lives.

Deliver me Netflix where to watch?

Deliver me Netflix
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The production Deliver Me Netflix is available on a number of streaming platforms. Currently the series can be stream at Discovery + via Amazon Channel, Discovery+, and FuboTV. Furthermore, “Deliver me Netflix” can be watched on Netflix for the convenience of the viewers, an online streaming service run by Netflix. The show opens place globally aired on Netflix on 24th April of 2024 giving examples of crime, friendships, and society through a narrative that only gives a front row seat.


It is “Deliver Me Netflix” the upcoming Swedish crime thriller Netflix series, which is planned to be released on the Netflix on 24th April 2024. The production features an accomplished cast particularly Yasir Hassan and Olle Strand they are playing the role of Billy and of Dogge. In the meantime, other actors like Yusra Warsama, Ane Dahl Torp, Henrik Norlén, Ardalan Esmaili and others take an active part as well. This is what the trailer position is all about- checking a situation that is serious, suspense and touching at the same time. The plot reflects notions of justice, the fact that juvenile offenders are influenced in a bad way, and the society’s unsuccessful attempt to approach the sensitive issues of protecting the vulnerable elements in the society. Directed by Anna Zackrisson and written by Alex Haridi and Amanda Högberg,”Deliver Me” stands out as a heart touching drama of friendships in the childhood and a convicting picture of disastrous consequences owing to the creation of a chance for a society suppressing the innocent. The Netflix series is based on the novel “Deliever me” by Malin Persson Giolito, and it is produced by Sofia Lindberg, Frida Asp, and Fatima Varhos. The fans of this docuseries can watch it online on the Netflix, The Discovery+ Amazon Channel, The Discovery+, fuboTV, etc. Your expectation of an intense and enlightening time watching the “Deliver Me” premiere is about to come true, in which you shall get to be part of a multifaceted analysis on the matters of crime, friendship, and societal nature.

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