Kagurabachi Chapter 33: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Kagurabachi, the popular manga series, is the one which has won the affection of both the modern and the classic manga fans with its rich world-building, the interesting and the complicated characters, and the explosive action sequences. Since fans are already excited for the next installment, Kagurabachi Chapter 33 is supposed to give even more excitement and drama. In this article, we go through the summary of the previous chapter, give an insight into the wanted release date, make a guess on the possible plot points and provide information on where to read the newest chapter online. Unaware or a loyal fan, you’ll be back to the thrilling world of Kagurabachi again.

Kagurabachi Chapter 32 Recap?

Kagurabachi Chapter 33
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In Chapter 32 of Kagurabachi, called “The Selection Unveiled,” the Hishaku leader and Rokuhira have a fierce battle. The chapter begins with Chihiro unleashing the devastating power of Mei: The second and the True Realm of the Cloud Gouger are one and the same when the shred helps the man to delve into the True Realm of the Cloud Gouger and gets his bond with the blade back as the black lightning surrounds him. Now, with renewed religious strength, Chihiro breaks free from a wooden restraint and sends the Hishaku leader a relentless attack. In the heavy fight, Chihhiro succeeds in cutting the sorcerer’s arm and then stabs the Hishaku leader’s chest, but the sorcerer, to the surprise of everyone, does not seem to be hurt at all by the serious injury. Although the Hishaku leader coughs up blood, he still keeps his temper down and says that the damage to his body is not too important, even he reattaches his severed limb with his remaining arm. When Chihiro understands that his Cloud Gouger blade is going to be cut down by Baal with half of his power left, he chooses to use his lightning sorcery to flee the battle and regroup with Hakuri and Shiba. At the same time, Hakuri Sazanami goes head to head with his older brother Soya Sazanami, thus displaying his growth and development as a sorcerer. Hakuri wipes off his past emotional troubles and successfully throws a very strong Isou in Soya, thus making a big step towards his journey.

Kagurabachi Chapter 33 Release Date?

Kagurabachi Chapter 33
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The Kagurabachi Chapter 33, named “The Rakuzaichi Auction Begins,” is going to be published on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 3pm GMT / 8am PT / 11am ET. The Kagurabachi Chapter 33 will be available to read on different mediums, such as the MANGAPlus website, Shonen Jump+ App, Viz Media‘s website, and the MANGAPlus App. Fans can anticipate that Chapter 33 will be about 20 to 27 pages long since it is usual for the series to have such lengths. It’s necessary to mention that the date and time of the release will be changed depending on the situation and the will of the creators.

Kagurabachi Chapter 33 Expected Plot?

Kagurabachi Chapter 33
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The Kagurabachi Chapter 33, called “The Rakuzaichi Auction Begins,” constitutes the Kagurabachi Chapter 33 of the continuation of the Rakuzaichi arc where Chihiro, Shishiba, and the others infiltrate the Rakuzaichi Auction, which is the event held by the leader of the Sazanami Family, Kyora Sazanami. Hearing and gossiping about the Hishaku leader, the Hikawa and Chihiro clans are both likely to be at a disadvantage in their fight against the Hishaku leader. The woman that is standing behind the Hishaku leader could be either a Hishaku member, Hiyuki or one of Kyora’s allies. It may be that Chihiro and Hakuri will join together with Shiba at the Sazaki Family’s Storehouse, where the readers may see panels of Shiba fighting several Tou members. Chihiro and Hakuri’s encounter with the Hishaku leader will be full of difficulty and the intensity of the confrontation will be high. The Hishaku chieftain’s superior strength and abilities may be the main obstacle that Chihiro and Hakuri will have to face. Nevertheless, there might be a case when an ally, for instance, Hiyuki, timely intervenes in the fighting and helps Chihiro to turn the tide of the battle. Besides the fact, there are also those who prophesize that Soya will wake up and spoil Chihiro and Hakuri’s plans. Thus, the participation of soya could be like a surprise element in the story and its causes the obstacles for the heroes to overcome. Readers will probably see a fight between Soya and Chihiro or Hakuri and thus, they will learn about their growth as sorcerers and their determination to complete their task.

Kagurabachi Chapter 33 where to read?

Kagurabachi Chapter 33
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The only way to read the Kagurabachi Chapter 33 is to go online and find it on various websites. The chapter will be available on Viz Media for the readers of the US and Canada, Manga Plus will be the site that releases new chapters, and the Shonen Jump app will be the app for the new chapter releases. Even though the Kagurabachi series is not yet released in physical edition because it is a new series, readers can read the latest chapters on these platforms. The chapter will be approximately 20-27 pages long and will be part of the weekly release schedule so the fans can expect the next chapter to be released right after Kagurabachi Chapter 33. The publication of Kagurabachi Chapter 33 is on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at 3pm GMT / 8am PT / 11am ET with the availability on the listed platforms for the fans to discover the next chapter of the Sorcery and Enchanted Blade story arc.


Kagurabachi Chapter 33 Titled “The Rakuzaichi Auction Begins,” will be released on Sunday, May 19, 2024, at around 3pm GMT / 8am PT / 11am ET. The chapter will be a unified readable in different platforms, for example, on the MANGAPlus website, Shonen Jump+ App, Viz Media‘s website and the MANGAPlus app. By Chapter 33, readers will find out the next part of the Rakuzaichi arc, which includes the infiltration into the Rakuzaichi Auction Event, the Sazanami Family’s leader, Kyora Sazanami, will be conducting. Thus, the rumors circulate that Chihiro and Hakuri will face a tough time against the Hishaku leader, and it can be Hiyuki the Hishaku member or one of Kyora’s allies behind the Hishaku leader. It is certainly possible that Chihiro and Hakuri will meet up with Shiba in the Sazanami Family’s Storehouse, where the readers can see the pictures of Shiba fighting against several Tou members. Besides, even the theories are being developed that Soya will suddenly wake up and thus change the lives of Chihiro and Hakuri.

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