Blue Lock Chapter 262: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Hi everyone! We are going to talk about Blue Lock Chapter 262 and analyze it from different angles for you! In this post we will be exploring the most recent happenings of the highly exciting soccer manga series, we will talk about the foreseeable plot for the next chapter and the places where you can read the most recent installments. Blue Lock, the brainchild of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yūsuke Nomura, has intrigued and bewitched the readers all over the world with its deep and complex soccer style. The story is about Yoichi Isagi, the high school soccer player who is chosen to be a part of the “Blue Lock” project, an elite training program for the ultimate striker.

Blue Lock Chapter 261 Recap?

Blue Lock Chapter 262

Chapter 261, named “Malice,” of the Blue Lock, goes more in detail on Michael Kaiser’s troubled childhood and his way to the world of football. The chapter starts with Kaiser getting a tattoo, and a rose looking like in between two glass case similar to Beauty and the Beast is shown. The story starts where the first chapter ended, with Ray Dark, a World Football Association representative, noticing the untapped potential in Kaiser while he was in prison. Although his first feeling was to refuse to join the Youth Clubhouse of Bastard Munchen, Kaiser eventually agrees to do so, because he wants to forget his violent past. By the time Kaiser adapts to the new environment, he meets the other members of the clubhouse, who are very kind to him. Nevertheless, he is at peace with the fact that he is the one to instigate food-throwing and the fights. At one point, Kaiser realizes the importance of teamwork in soccer and begins to train intensely to become a player that everyone would not want to have on the team. Kaiser notices Ness’s failure at tryouts and calls him a coward, trying to take him down a peg. With these relations, Kaiser gains the knowledge of the strength of his malice and its impact on others. Kaiser realized that his past trauma was very similar to his current approach to soccer, hence he was able to connect his experience with his dad to his own.

Blue Lock Chapter 262 Release Date?

Blue Lock Chapter 262
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The Blue Lock chapter 262 is supposed to be out on May 22, 2024, at 12 am JST. This corresponds to Pacific Standard Time (PST) on May 21, 8:00 pm, you should not be in a car, and, at the same time, you should not be driving. The chapter will be online for the worldwide readers and will be available on the official online platforms like Manga Plus and Viz Media. The release of Blue Lock Chapter 262 is now confirmed, and therefore, the date that is set up for the fans can be noted down for the next installment of the series. The Blue Lock Chapter 262 is supposed to keep the thrilling soccer scenes and the character development that have been the main reasons of the fans of the book to be looking forward to its continuation.

Blue Lock Chapter 262 Expected Plot?

Blue Lock Chapter 262
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In Blue Lock Chapter 262, the previous events will probably be about Isagi Yoichi and his fight with Michael Kaiser again. After Isagi’s team defeated Bastard Munchen, he announced that he would take the place of Kaiser’s throne and become the new ace of the team. Nonetheless, Kaiser is not going to just quit his job. He is still of the opinion that he can overshoot Noel Noa by staying with Munchen Bastard who is Noa centered team. This is the reason why Isagi and Kaiser have different personalities and ambitions, and this makes them clash each other. By the time Isagi tries to bite Kaiser for a step to reach Noa, Kaiser will have a true realization. He will come to realise that to really confront Noa, he has to leave Abba’s shadow and create his own identity as a player. Thus, Kaiser will get a stronger incentive to resist Isagi and show his capabilities and superiority. He would not just give the ace position to Isagi without struggle. At the same time, Isagi’s team of avid fans is also expanding. Under Bastard Munchen’s command, Isagi has got the support of several players who will still be his allies. This is also the case for Noel Noa’s old teammates such as Reo Mikage. Isagi’s talent of bringing out the best in each of the players will be the part that will be emphasized.

Blue Lock Chapter 262 where to read?

Blue Lock Chapter 262
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Blue Lock Chapter 262 is scheduled to come out on May 21, 2024 and the official Japanese release will be on 7 a. m. Eastern Standard Time. English translations are normally available a day later on May 22, but the exact time is not always the same. For those who are in a hurry to read the newest chapter, they should go to the official websites or apps of the manga publishers that distribute Blue Lock, for instance, Crunchyroll, Manga Plus, ComiXology and VIZ media. These sites provide the readers with legal and official access to the manga, which in turn helps the readers to support the creators and also get the latest updates in the series.


Blue Lock Chapter 262 is the most awaited one, since the series has developed intensively lately. The chapter is projected to be the continuation of the thrilling confrontation between Isagi and Kaiser, as Isagi becomes the new ace of the team, while Kaiser attempts to break free from the shadow of Bastard Munchen and Noel Noa. The chapter is probably going to examine the changing relationship within the team, especially after Isagi becomes the leader and his teammates start supporting him, including Reo Mikage who was in Bastard Munchen. Besides, the forthcoming U-20 World Cup is anticipated to serve as a fore-shower, indicating the difficulties that Isagi and his teammates will confront in the upcoming international tournament. The chapter is due to finish with a cliffhanger, making the readers to be more eager to see the advent of the extreme and unpredictable storyline in the next installment of this popular sports manga. The manga is legally available on different platforms like, Manga Plus, ComiXology, and VIZ for the readers who are ready to start from Blue Lock Chapter 262.

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