Kagurabachi Chapter 31: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to read?

The Kagurabachi Chapter 31 is going to be aired on the 28 April 2024 around 3:00 PM GMT, 8:00 AM PT, and 11:00 AM ET. Chapter is awaited by fans very much and they can’t wait to get to know who it is from the Hishaku behind all these events. Yet even though it is not available the rumor has it that the raw scans for Kagurabachi Chapter 31 will be leaked within the next week. Readers can read the latest sequences of Comrade on the Manga Plus app, Viz Media’s official site and the official app of the Shonen Jump+. So, without further delay, Kagurabachi Chapter 31 will be out soon to show you the surprises.

Kagurabachi Chapter 30 Recap?

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Kagurabachi Chapter 30, entitled “Intruder,” delves more into an enchanting story focusing on Chihiro in the company of Hiyuki who strive to acquire the Enchanted Blades and thwart Rakuzaichi auction. The chapter opens with a flashback where Shiba slowly getting dressed, he had been a mastermind of Rakuzaichi basement up till the Chihiro Rokuhira became the planter. However, the narrator noticeably made a point of noting that the Tou, the Sazanami stronghold, were absent from their customary places guarding the auction stage. Accompanied by a gentle ballad in the background, Kyora Sazanami states about their disappearance, placing the guarding of Naginojoen – the clan’s underburial place – as their priority. The narrative develops and the location of the basins becomes critical as the Tou members start to engage in a comprehensive analysis of Chihiro’s discovery of the cemetery entrance. Kyora’s discomfort seem (sic) to be so real when he has no choice but to make a deal with Hakuri and to build up defences against the outsiders noteably. The chapter proceeds as the Tou member stands by the entrance above and senses Chihiro’s location, this prompts the members to discuss among themselves, which leaves Shiba wondering about his own teleportation abilities. On the next shots, it’s transpiring that Hakuri is now seen heading towards the utmost floor of the Rakuzaichi, testing to remember all that his elder brother Soya Sazanami learnt and what he did. Shiba who appeared unannounced from the dark shadows suddenly starts telling questions about the door to cemetery to the Tou members, while Hakuri, distracting the Tou members, attempts to get the facts that are worth. Snapshots from the panel show that Chihiro’s focus was not deterrable as he hurried down the stairs, finishing his plan as close as he could understand Hakuri’s meaning.

Kagurabachi Chapter 31 Release Date?

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The release date for Kagurabachi Chapter 31 has been scheduled for April 28, 2024, at 7 a.m. Local time (PDT). The chapter, which is aimed to disclose the identity of the Hishaku member, will be out tomorrow. And the fans are very much waiting for the release. The Rakuzaichi basement are becoming the target of Shiba and Hakuri’s assault. They are going to confront the archenemy of Chihiro whom they had considered to be the first priority to destroy. The latest chapters of Kagura-Boo can be read on a variety of the platforms, such as the Manga Plus app, Viz Media’s official site, and Shonen Jump+ Application. This chapter is also expected to a whole lot of thrilling, as well as the confrontation of Chihiro and Hiyuki to the Sazanami family’s graveyard below the Rakuchiauchi auctioning hall. This chapter is also full of obstacles.

Kagurabachi Chapter 31 Spoilers?

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Kagurabachi Chapter 31 brings the public closer to the end of the story as the Hishaku member, whose name is a mystery to the viewers from the beginning of the series, is going to be exposed. The chapter will certainly be a turning point in the anime with fans anticipating getting a glimpse at the true identity of Hishaku character who has wondered them all this time. According to the discussed scenario, the chapter should begin with Soya catching sight and chasing after Hakuri whilst his fellow Tou companions wait by and quarrel on the situation. “Hey, do you know anything about the gate to the cemetery?” Shiba came from the back of the two of them. This helps build the foundation for a very intense showdown between the Tou group against Shiba and his men, whom the cemetery has to be protected from. The chapter’s primary element of the content is portraying the identity of the Hishaku member who is not known to be the Sazanami clan (tribe). This avalanche of information is expected to have huge repercussions on the story, as it begins to explain the exact reason behind Hisaku and Sasanami (direct translation is “earlier than wave”) clan linked together. The last chapter has now come up and is all expected to depict what the member of the council has done or is meant to have done. It is said that the member has exceptional skills and is enemy to no one. Fans will be thrilled by the high-octane, head-to-head brawls between the veteran, Hishaku, the group leader and the formidable Shiba, the arch nemesis of the Tou members, in this segment.

Kagurabachi Chapter 31 Raw Scans?

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Even though Kagurabachi Chapter 31 manga has yet to be translated and officially released on any major websites, leaked raw scans might appear in the following days. Audiences of this series want to know who in the group is the one called Hishaku. According to the director, it is indicated to appear in the forthcoming episode. This chapter should be intense and full of action as the Tō group and the Shiba will be fighting, outnumbered by the opponent The Hishaku member also might be dangerous opponent what brings up a number of what fans should watch for. All in all, chapter 8 provides some exciting aspects. In the following weeks, fans of Kagurabachi Chapter 31, DDL (Delicious Scans), might release the RAW scans on several online platforms, like Reddit or specialized manga sites. Yet, before that, we kindly ask you to adhere to the rules of our fun community; that is not allowed until the day of the official release of the new episode.

Kagurabachi Chapter 31 where to read?

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Readers of Kagurabachi can get the newest episodes from the Manga Plus app, Viz Media’s official site that is official, and the Shonen Jump + applications. The upcoming chapter will finally unveil the secret identity of Hishaku member and leave craving for fans. The Manga Helpers guidelines did not allow posting of the spoilers or leaks until the release date that was fixed by the publishers, although the leaks for scans of Kagurabachi Chapter 31 are likely to be released soon in the upcoming few days.


The Kagurabachi Chapter 31 titled ‘The newest chapter in manga’ will hit the screens on April 28, 2024, 7 a.m. PDT. The book is also forecasted as there is a need for fans to know the identity of the Hishaku, a mysterious character that puzzles the minds of fans. An official Manga Helpers prohibition does not let anyone spoiling or leaking raw scans for the next few days until the date of release, although leaks of raw scans are expected to be leaked within the next few days. The subsequent chapters of shortly will be available on popular platforms such as the Manga Plus app, Viz Media’s official site and Shonen Jump+ Application. Through the next chapter, we will be finding out the Hishaku member’s identity, and that secret is keeping the fans on the edge of their seats.

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