Clipped Episode 4: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

Delayed, the eagerly awaited FX limited series called Clipped, has entertained viewers by providing them the view on the Donald Sterling scandal in the NBA in 2014. Airing on Hulu since June 4, 2024, it has only come out with three episodes to the excitement of its fans. To watch Clipped Episode 4 and the rest of the episodes, spectators can turn to Hulu, it is possible to watch through several streaming services, devices. The series will also be for streaming on Disney+ for the people of other countries.

Clipped Episode 3 Recap?

Clipped Episode 4
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The episode starts with the head coach of the LA Clippers, Doc Rivers, finding the president of the team Andy Roeser speaking to a cleaning lady who had listened to the recording of Sterling’s racist comments. Doc challenges Andy and gives the Sterling the ultimatum to apologize to him on television within one hour. Doc is worried that the attention moves to the players rather than the team management and the controversy that occurred concerning Sterling. On the other hand, the wife of Donald; Shelly Sterling is depicted to be having a hard time as a result of the occurrences that are taking place. The clip could depict her in giving the epic response to Donald’s outburst which is perceived as her finally done tolerating Donald’s attitude. Regarding the characters, the players are demonstrated to feel progressively annoyed and fragmented regarding the situation. The extramarital issue has also affected the morale of the team, especially in the episode where the individuals fail to concentrate on the game due to the rising melee. On Clipped, the third episode of this series denotes the conflict of aggravation and drama in the Sterlings controversy. The episode is excellent at portraying the internal conflict of the team and how Sterling’s actions affect those closest to him. Doc and Andy’s confrontation scene represents a central point of the television series because it symbolizes the increasing interdivisional conflict in addition to unwanted bureaucratic pressure put on the team by their superiors.

Clipped Episode 4 Release Date?

Clipped Episode 4
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Clipped Episode 4 entitled ‘Winning Ugly’ will premiere on June 18, 2024, specifically, 3 a. m. Eastern Time/ 8 a. m. Greenwich Mean Time. It is the fourth of the six episodes of the limited series and has been managing to keep the viewers hooked on owing to the rather dramatic depiction of the Donald Sterling scandal that hit the NBA in 2014. Regarding the length of the Episode 4, it will be recognized that it should take approximately 45 minutes. Episode will be available on Hulu after airing, and subtitles of the episode will also be available soon after. Currently, Clipped can be seen on FX Network and Hulu. Linear TV with the FX Channel allows the viewers followed the series but also Hulu where the series can be watched through various platforms and devices. Audiences from all over the world can also watch the series on Disney+.

Clipped Episode 4 Expected Plot?

Clipped Episode 4
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The episode will probably continue with the key event that occurred with Donald Sterling and the permanent damage that was made to him and the LA Clippers. Some of the stakeholders in the organization include players and staff and it is evident that they will be significantly influenced by the controversy, and further development of some hostility within the organization is expected. It may also discuss further details about the NBA’s reaction and investigation of the scandal or consequences that may be imposed to Sterling. This could entail fines, suspension or in extreme situations, forced sale of the team or shareholders stock. The episode will also probably depict the personal cost that Sterling incurred as a result of his actions to his marriage to Shelly Sterling, teammates, and employees. Lovers’ quarrels and tales of infidelity are all compelling theaters that fans are likely to see more of from Sterling, which will add to the overall brewing conflict in the series. As it has been observed from the episodes, the subsequent episodes including the fourth episode of Clipped should also have higher proportions of drama and tension. It will thus remain to be seen how the episode will unfold concerning the dynamics of the individual characters’ relations and the effects of Sterling’s actions on the group and the league considering the themes of betrayal, power, and loyalty. It is because the effect of the scandal will remain an active unresolved storyline during subsequent episodes, making it important for viewers to tune in for the next episode of the show.

Clipped Episode 4 where to watch?

Clipped Episode 4
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Clipped is a television series that can be viewed on the FX Network. The best way to access this is through the linear TV on the FX Channel. Besides, the series is also on Hulu where episodes are released at the same time, at 3 a. m. ET / 12 a. m. PT. With regards to Hulu, subtitles should be on the same show a few weeks after its initial release. For international audiences, the series can also be accessed on Disney+ streaming platform.


This episode dubbed ‘Winning Ugly’ is scheduled for June 18, 2024, at about 3 am ET / 8 am GMT. The episode is likely to add further dramatics to the Donald Sterling scandal that was very dramatic in the NBA in the year 2014. Lingering consequences, such as specific consequences the NBA may take against Sterling or fans’ reactions to his bigotry, will possibly feature as part of this epi. There are impacts that Sterling had on his personal life as well as the lives of his family which include his wife, other wives, and girlfriends and; The consequences were not limited to the family’s life and the act’s impacts on Sterling and his wife, but its repercussions have affected the players and working staff of the team. The specific episode for viewers to watch is Clipped Episode 4 and the subsequent episodes are aired through the FX Network through linear TV or with the help of a Hulu app that is compatible to various devices. Many international fans can watch the series on Disney+. It stars Ed O;Neill as Donald Sterling, Laurence Fishburne as Doc Rivers, Cleopatra Coleman as V. Stiviano and many others. Since Clipped is a comic strip being published on a weekly basis the frequency of the release contributes to the high level of the drama and tension, and, therefore, people keep being interested in the show and, perhaps, one of the most tense moments in NBA history.

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