Kagurabachi Chapter 36: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

The Bujin Senki Kagurabachi manga, that is well loved by the Mangas has enthralled the readers with a number of notable characters, a good plot and a number of fights. In general, the fans’ expectations before reading Kagurabachi Chapter 36 are tremendous in anticipation of the new events and unveiling of secrets in Kagurabachi’s universe. In this real-life article, the author will focus on the following points: a brief summary of chapter 35, the possible date of Kagurabachi Chapter 36 release, the assumptions about the topic of the new chapter, and the source of the latest chapter with legal access.

Kagurabachi Chapter 35 Recap?

Kagurabachi Chapter 36
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Kagurabachi Chapter 35 starts with the narrator stating that there is a firm which delivers goods to the Sazanami Family and they store the received items in a family warehouse. This explanation is made out of the context of one of the past Rakuzaichi Auction Event in the “Preparation Period”. Hakuri approaches the building and finds a woman called Girl With Icy Skin (GWIS) whom he realizes has never taken her food. GWIS declines food because she doesn’t want company to buy her. Hakuri says to feed her since she is now valuable property that needs to be sold at an auction, and she begs to be allowed to eat with other people. Hakuri does not allow her to abide that luxury because she is an ice talented. GWIS then requests to Hakuri for agape, and she instantly removes a bandage from his finger that he injured. They should leave the warehouse as she tells him they should, with a flicker of sexuality in her voice but Hakuri can see it is bait and declines. GWIS begins to tell him that she understands what he is going through, and she will try to explain many things outside, but Hakuri denies any relation between them saying that they are nothing more than friends. Over time, HakuriBEGIN becomes increasingly abusive towards GWIS and Mia takes notice of this happening. Finally, GWIS has the ability to advise Hakuri so that he could be raised to a worthy state. As per usual, it is on the day of the storehouse transfer of GWIS where Hakuri tries to escort her to the outside so they could eat and talk. The chapter quickly cuts away to the modern day where Soya proceeds to blast Hakuri into a wall using his sorcery and then proceeds to verbally abuse him. They begin by going back to the past when GWIS has a knife stuck on her throat with the intention of killing her. But even though persistent Hakuri’s attempts of persuasion, GWis kills herself and leaves only regret and suffering in Hakuri’s soul. Finally, in the last scene of the chapter, despite having been knocked down repeatedly and being completely dominated by Soya, energy comes out from Hakuri’s eyes again, indicating his potential power and a strong possibility of sub-conscious store-house ability to help him in his fight against Soya.

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 Release Date?

Kagurabachi Chapter 36
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Kagurabachi Chapter 36 is supposed to be published on June 9th, 2024, more precisely Sunday, at 15:00 GMT, 08:00 PT, 11:00 ET. This all depends on the rate we post the chapters, but the date should be close to the programmed time. The chapter will be readable online through subscriptions to the official publications and through the websites which contain material from the series. Thus, fans can read the specific chapter legally despite this method having a drawback of not supporting the producers to make more episodes.

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 Expected Plot?

Kagurabachi Chapter 36
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There is a growing buzz in the fans regarding Kagurabachi Chapter 36, and all these people are interested to know how the Rakuzaichi arc is going to be like. Finally, not having anticipated the strange realities that would occur in Chapter 36, one in particular should be underlined: Hakuri’s tap into his subconscious storehouse. This ability will help him to turn against Soya all the tools that the latter utilized in the conflict thus increasing the level of challenge in the fight. From this development there is a propensity of change of events in the story since Hakuri has gained a new advantage in his struggle against Soya. In chapter 36, there is also another milestone expected and it is appearance of Hiyuki. Hiyuki will assist Chihiro and Shiba in their battle against Kyora and the Tou employee, which will significantly increase their odds of triumph. This arrival is likely to be a significant point in the chapter as they will be getting new company or partner in avenging their dead kinsmen. The reader can expect Kyora to appear in the storehouse and the main characters of the series to be overwhelmed, which will make their lives more challenging. That event would surely be very crucial in the chapter as it shifts the social relations of the protagonists and challenges many of their potentials to a great extremity.

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 where to read?

Kagurabachi Chapter 36
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For readers based in US and Canada, here is the good news for you, Viz media is the official place to read Kagurabachi Chapter 36. Kagurabachi is a popular manga title which can be purchased from Viz media, where they have purchased several licenses of manga titles in both physical and digital formats. Apart from the two mentioned platforms, Kagurabachi Chapter 36 is also available in other official platforms such as Manga Plus. This platform is located internationally and allows the user to search for manga in the digital format, such as Kagurabachi. There is also an official app, the Shonen Jump where people can read Kagurabachi Chapter 36. It is a Cross-Platform and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices; it features a diverse catalog of manga, such as Kagurabachi.


The fans have eagerly waiting for the series Kagurabachi Chapter 36 and the wait is halfway over. The chapter is also scheduled to be published on June 9, 2024, at about 3 pm GMT, 8 am Pacific Time, and 11 am Eastern Time. Chapters should be around 20-27 overall pages, and the chapters are released on official platforms like Viz Media, Manga Plus, and the Shonen Jump app. As a typical chapter in the series, the episode should add new plots, develop characters’ feelings and fix the stage to the next episode. There are new features that fans can expect to come across when they watch the series, such as Hakuri using his power to obtain ability from his subconscious storehouse, Hiyuki joining Chihiro and Shiba, and Kyora challenging Shiba together with Chihiro. Further, the chapter will reveal the backstories of Soya, Tenri, Hakuri, and Kyora while the ally of Tenri will attempt to give his life for Tenri in order to keep her from passing away. For those keen on reading the chapter, there are options of reading the manga chapter in the official sources and other online manga resources. The good news is that the author wants to continue exploring the story’s universe and reveal the future of Kagurabachi no Niwa on June 9th, 2024.

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