Although I Am Not a Hero: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far?

Arise and enter the world of supernatural powers and human conflicts with upcoming Kdrama, “Although I Am Not a Hero.” This revealing series is scheduled to air in May 2024 and is a comeback of the super great actor Jang Ki-yong as actor to the screen after his military services. Tackling mental health, food pathologies, and various aspects of current life with the help of actress Chun Woo-Hee, the two bring the complexities of modern days in the forefront of the screen. In this story “Although I Am Not a Hero,” you will be make meet Bo Kwi-joo, this character that is being played by Jang Ki-yong does not have the power to counter the depression that impacts him to the extent that he does not have the ability anymore. Watching the process of Eddie’s mental decline and the fading out of all his happy memories, he meets up with Do Da-hae, the leading character, played by Chun Woo-hee. This encounter triggers a moment of wonder that leads his way for an unexpected journey.

Although I Am Not a Hero Release Date?

Although I Am Not a Hero
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While “Although I Am Not a Hero” is a most anticipated. This Korean drama set to be released on 4 May 2024 on JTBC, it will promise a different take on the “Ordinary Person Saves the World” trope. The narrative is centered on Bok Gwi-Joo, played by Jang Ki-Yong, and his family who get supernatural abilities down from their ancestry. Gwi-Joo Bok has a gift of transferring to the past moments of his glory and happiness, but he does not have the power which enables him to alter things that happened to him in the past. He struggles with this issue and as a result loses his power. As her family members experience nocturnal reports, eating disorders, and internet addictions, they lose their special powers. Famous for his work on “Gyeongbogung ” and “Beastly Tale”, Jo Hyun-Tak is directing the series, while Joo Hwa-Mi is the screenwriter. “Although I Am Not A Hero.” is a fantasy, romance and social commentary drama which is set to release. The show follows the narrative of Jang Ki-Yong’s return after the military service, a storyline has been created with supernatural elements and modern challenges which are compelling to audiences. The idea is to make them feel the combination of unique plot and emotional.

Although I Am Not a Hero Cast?

The varied and skilled actors of “Although I Am Not a Hero” are promised to provide the viewers with an adding drama of characters who have to deal with loses, personal challenges and also the complication of superpowers in modern environment. Each actor is instantly recognizable, not just because of their onscreen portrayal, but also because of the unique imprints their roles make on the overall story. know here the hero cast list of Although I Am Not a Hero kdrama.

Although I Am Not a Hero
  • Jang Ki-Yong as Bok Gwi-Joo: Through the performance of the main character Jang Ki-Yong, the spectator discloses the reversed actor Bok Gwi-Joo, who was brought up in a family from the supernatural world that failed to use his supernatural abilities owing to depression. Such a series draws the main threads through the protagonist’s own spiritual and mental development.
  • Chun Woo-Hee as Do Da-Hae: Chun Woo-Hee as Do Da-Hae is a sinister and not easily explainable woman who conducts a strong bond with Bok Gwi-Joo’s family. Her presence brings dynamics to the story and influence her role to carry the whole family forward to better future.
  • Go Doo-Shim as Bok Man-Heum: Taking the part of Bok Man-Heum, Go Doo-Shim portrays a mother of Gwi-Joo who suffers from insomnia because she was gifted with the ability of dreams which can foretell the future. The character of mother or so adds the much-needed emotional complexity in the game.
  • Claudia Kim as Bok Dong-Hee: By taking on the role of Bok Dong-Hee (Bok Dong-Hee), Kim Claudia, sister of Gwi-Joo bigger superpower that can fly, her connection with other characters and the position of the family sustains the intrigue.
  • Park So-Yi as Bok In-Ah: Park So-Yi has a role of Bok In-Ah which is Gwi-Joo daughter. So, a reminder of the intergenerational aspect of family difficulties and also there exists challenges.
  • Ryu Abel as Grace: The colorful case of Grace, expertly portrayed by Ryu Abel, adds to the impeccable artwork of the series, most likely contributes a lot to the needs of the story.
  • Oh Man-Seok as Eom Soon-Gu: Oh, Man-Seok acts as imparts Eom Soon-Gu to Man-Heum’s husband and the father of and it is important fact that, he is the only one in the family without superpowers and that adds another dimension to the story.

Although I Am Not a Hero Trailer?

Although I Am Not a Hero
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The trailer for Although I Am Not a Hero kdrama has not been released yet. This blog post is slated to be updated and will later provide Trailer details for Although I Am Not a Hero kdrama, so stay tuned for that.

Although I Am Not a Hero Story?

Although I Am Not a Hero
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“Although I Am Not a Hero”, which is the upcoming release of a South Korean TV program, is centered on the story of a superhero family who relinquishes their powers when the modern diseases overtake them. The series is set to premiere on JTBC on May 4, 2024, and will air every Saturday and Sunda. The center of the story is Bok Gwi-joo (Jang Ki-yong) who suffers of his depression and is deprived of his magical skills. His character is distinctive, his talent controlling the duration he can stay in the past, but all the times are limited by his happy experiences. Because of his depression that already made his powers disappear, the existence of his happy memories also gradually become just a thing of the past. The show will take a new approach by talking about tough social problems, such as mental health and eating disorders. In modern world the powers of the family are getting smaller because of the illnesses, for example, insomnia, bulimia and smartphone addition. But Bok Ji-soo’s mother, Bok Man-hui (played by Go Doo-shim) who is also gifted with precognitive dreaming, summon displays of insomnia caused by the superpower. Bok Dong-Hee, portrayed by Claudia Kim, is Man-Heum’s older sister who is able to levitate / fly except Man-Heum. Park So-Yi plays Bok In-Ae, a girl who is Gwi-Joo’s daughter and Oh, Man-Seok acts as Eom Soon-Gu, the husband of Man-Heum and father of Man- The story started to change when Chun Woo-hee as Do Da-hae stimulated it.

Although I Am Not a Hero where to watch?

Although I Am Not a Hero
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Though the series is titled “Although I Am Not a Hero”, yet it is a television ready to air on JTBC, a South Korean channel. The protagonist, played by Jang Ki-yong, undergoes that his pseudo-psychic abilities fade away due to his depression. The series is scheduled to premiere on May 4, 2024, and will air every Saturday and Sunday. The thought crossed my mind – “Oh, I have to go to school again tomorrow and I will have to read another chapter from our textbook.” The narrative involves the character of Bok Gui-joo a family member born by accident with phenomenal skills who lose those abilities from long term diseases. Nevertheless, their life will be different as a result of entanglement with jeu Do Da-hae, portrayed by Chun Woo-hee. Besides tackling genuine social matters, the show’s attention is paid to behaviors that have dysfunctional sides, depression and bulimia, among others.


Ultimately, the line “Despite I Am Not a Hero” is a forthcoming Kdrama that is scheduled to premiere on JTBC in 2024. Bok Gwi-joo is portrayed by Jang Ki-yong and he loses his psychic power in this elegant series because of his psychothrosis. The series services the topics that social society no longer knows are important and investigates their negative effects, addressing eating disorders and mental health. Jang Ki-yong, Chun Woo-hee, Go Doo-shim, Claudia Kim, Park So-yi, and Oh Man-seok star among the cast. The Two Bills is a Netflix original series which is directed by Jo Hyun-taek and is produced by Story & Pictures Media and Drama House. A trailer of the series was recently posted on YouTube, where it has already garnered initial viewership, and it is expected that the series is going to be a compelling viewing experience that will inform and linger in the hearts and minds of its viewers, exploring the nuances of power, connections, and inner battles of each character. The viewers should first, prepare and set their JTBC to watch “Although I Am Not a Hero,” at its releasing time and also through steaming in Plex.

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