Blue Lock Chapter 264: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

BLUE LOCK is a Japanese manga series created and written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yūsuke Nomura, first published in May 2018 by Seiji Mizushiro. Blue Lock Chapter 264 has been anticipated by the fans of blue lock. This stunning series narrates the story of a set of high school soccer players who build a competitive training program known as BLUE LOCK to find out who is the upcoming best striker in soccer’s world in Japan. I found some interesting facts about the manga and some of the guesses about the content of the next chapter may be quite accurate so let’s check it and share where you can read it.

Blue Lock Chapter 263 Recap?

Blue Lock Chapter 264
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Yaichi Isagi tried to strike Michael Kaiser’s blind spot as a way of letting him know his movements in the field would be predictable if he continues with abuse. This strategy worked at first as Kaiser became fixated on the idea of consuming Isagi whole. But this led to a long-term problem and when Kaiser too had started dreaming of a new goal, he found himself fighting merely to maintain what he has at the moment. In Blue Lock Chapter 263 titled “Boundary Line,” Isagi felt a sense of change in Kaiser, or perhaps, he no longer only sees Isagi as an enemy. Isagi then picks Kurona and Hiori to attack, but Tabito Karasu pose as an obstacle to the team. Realizing that he could not rule without these identified attributes, Kaiser decided to give up his glory, pride and human self. Thus, he set on a path for the goal of becoming “zero” — as reducing himself unto the pure core of football and his ball. Now listening to the match, let me tell you that during the match, at the end of the match, instead of passing the ball to Alexis Ness as he is used to, Kaiser decided to pass the ball to Raichi Jingo. This has left Ness in shock, especially when he sees that Kaiser seems to be parting with something which he valued most, and his pride. Kaiser’s action flutters Isagi to the core; he entirely understands that Kaiser fights to become better and is no more longer defending his turf.

Blue Lock Chapter 264 Release Date?

Blue Lock Chapter 264
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The upcoming chapter of Blue Lock, Blue Lock Chapter 264, is scheduled to come out on June 04, 2024, precisely at 12 AM KST, which is Korea Standard Time. The Blue Lock Chapter 264 will be released for reading on K Manga, Kodansha’s official brand-new app for Simul release of the series. Thus, based on the time zone differences, readers almost from every country should be able to read Blue Lock Chapter 264 starting from Tuesday, June 03, 2024. Nevertheless, in Japan and other countries the Blue Lock Chapter 264 will appear online on Wednesday June 4, 2024, at 12 JST (Japan Standard Time). Just like other manga series, Blue Lock manga series airs once in a week, either on Tuesday or Wednesday in Japan. The series is serialized in Weekly Shōnen Magazine Magazine and published by Kodansha, is released based on weekly basis for a whole year, and it does not take any break for a vacation or any other reason.

Blue Lock Chapter 264 Expected Plot?

Blue Lock Chapter 264
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The first thing that needs to be addressed before we get into the spoilers of Blue Lock Chapter 264 is whether the chapter will even deliver the storyline. The chapter is expected to present vigorous football matches of Paris X Gen and Bastard Munchen due to the involvement of Michael Kaiser’s character in the football games. The chapter is expected to give details on how Kaiser transformed into a better football and including his challenges in adjusting within the team and his emotions. His experiences prior to the events of the show as well as the time he spends in prison have an effect on his psyche making him fight for who he really is. With the new adversaries on his soccer field, Kaiser shall be forced to deal with these demons, and harness his temper into beneficial rage. The clash between Paris X Gen and Bastard Munchen will be continued, and the most important thing is that new and new actions will be produced by two teams that will try to take all the possible benefits. Kaiser and his colleagues will need to adapt and think about what the other team is doing, while Kaiser will have to try to figure out how he can help most. Possibly the now famous Kaiser Impact Point shot, will certainly be featured in the next chapter. Because of this, fans will likely see the KARMA in more bouts as the champion builds on his talent and finesse, leaving his foe in wonder. This shot may also help figuring out where this shot came from: it is part of Kaiser’s psychological transformation, of his psychological progression. Out of all those teams, Paris X Gen has the strongest contender Yoichi Isagi on the playing field who will presumably remain the key figure in the match. To make this possible he needs to employ leadership and his strategic thinking skills in order to command his team to triumph. Additionally, the chapter may describe the personal massages for Isagi and review his friendship with other players, especially Kaiser.

Blue Lock Chapter 264 where to read?

Blue Lock Chapter 264
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Some of the manga’s most talked-about and highly awaited chapters will be Blue Lock Chapter 264, released by authors Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura. Michael Kaiser’s character, the chapter should further develop the sequences of football matches Paris X Gen vs Bastard Munchen and introduce the main character of Michael Kaiser. The official platform for Blue Lock manga releases, Kodansha will host Chapter 264 on June 4, 2024, at 12:00 a. m., The ‘Korean Standard Time’ mentioned in the source refers to Korea Time zone of which UTC time is 9 hours ahead. KST. Moreover, the new chapter can be accessed from Kodansha’s website, and the release times are in other parts of the world according to different time zones. Another official platform, Jump Comics will also host Blue Lock Chapter 264 on June 4, 2024, at 12:00 AM in KST. This platform can be used by the fans to access the chapter in a legal way.


If you are a fan of manga Blue lock then you would be interested to know about the release of Blue lock chapter 264. The chapter is set to release on June 4, 2024, at 12:00 a. m. KST, where it will be published and available for fans to read through legal sites such as Kodansha and Jump Comics. The previous chapter, The Battle Between the Master and The Servant’ depicted a major overhaul in Kaiser’s approach towards the game as well as the mindset that accompanies it. Isagi has now joined the list of major characters in this film and that he has made to alter his strategies in every attempt that he makes has forced Kaiser into changes. Kaiser has set aside pride to work on general/ on general performance and he passes the ball to Raichi to a shocking moment. This has made Kaiser a more unpredictable character in Kaiser’s gameplay and Hiori points out that when Isagi and Kaiser devise their attacks, Bastard Munchen now has a powerful hitting force. In the Blue Lock Chapter 264 of the Maid I Hated, viewers can look forward to the progression of the Kaiser sub-plot, which revolves around the protagonist’s biographical past. The Blue Lock Chapter 264 is most likely expected to make a more profound exploration of the team dynamics and implications of the strategies implemented by both Paris X Gen and Bastard Munchen, though the match-up of the two teams still serves as the backdrop.

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