Resident Playbook Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Story, where to watch?

Is the new Korean show, Resident Playbook Kdrama, which brings a refreshing approach to the long-running Hospital Playlist. Created to be set in the same fictional world, this series revolves around the characters of the obstetrics GYN residents, and how they handle the problems they face in their trainings being in the different locations of Seoul’s hospital. Rising star Go Youn-jung throughout leads, who amazed us with her performance in Sweet Home and Alchemy of souls, owns the bright cast including young faces like Shin Si-a, Kang You-seok, Han Ye-ji, and Jung Jun-won. A date for premier is anticipated in year 2024, the drama is set to unravel the interesting aspects of obstetrics and gynecology stories captivatingly with characters focusing on women’s lives in South Korea. While the audience holds their breath in anticipation of the release, to date there is no information regarding the trailer and confirmed premiere dates; hence this mystery concept becomes one of the upcoming ones in the Korean drama list on Netflix. On top of this series, you should keep an eye out for a series that will indeed bring drama, heart, and a sense of medical thrill.

Resident Playbook Kdrama Release Date?

Resident Playbook Kdrama
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The premier date of the upcoming Korean drama called Resident Playbook Kdrama has been delayed to the second part of 2024. At first, the drama was planned to be aired after “Queen of Tears”, but it was pushed back to the second half of the year which came from multiple causes, including a doctor strike in Korean which had resulted in few million people to gather and protest due to a shortage of medical staff. The network’s management determined not to release a medical drama in such a disturbing time to prevent public agitation. The professional lives of medical residents and doctors in their daily workplace habitat is the subject of Resident Playbook, a highly anticipated TV series release, which despite the delay, will offer viewers an inside view of the professional challenges and interactions of such people. The spin-off Drama will be set in a Seoul’s hospital OB-GYN residents’ clinic highlighting residents’ routine duties, the hospital mates as bonds of friendship, but also the challenges in the obstetrics department.

Resident Playbook Kdrama Cast?

Resident Playbook Kdrama
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Along with Go Yoon Jung, who plays the lead role in the much anticipated “Resident Playbook Kdrama,” the cast of the Korean drama that is a spin-off of the medical drama “Hospital Playlist” includes (creator is going to name the actor or actress). The show follows what the OB-GYN program residents go through, and since they are busy working for the university hospital, the series reveals the problems they encounter while trying to balance things that concern their personal lives and their job. A new cast, which consists of Shan Shi Ah, Yun Yoo Seok, Joon Won Jeong, and Ye Ji Han, has joined the production team as doctors working at Jongno of Yulje Medical Center’s Branch. To match the grit of the original cast though, these new actors in the fold are feathered to persevere and excel as they begin this plot taking after the acting of the high-class ensemble actors on the show “Hospital Playlist.” One of the actresses, Go Yoon Jung who played the memorable roles in “Sweet Home” and “Alchemy of Souls,” makes Our main character in “Resident Playbook Kdrama” that is set in the Jongno Branch of Yulje Medical Center. Here, the program brandishes the professional and personal lives of obstetrics and gynecology specialists and argues that it is even looking at the problems they face. Shin Won Ho, who co-directed over “Reply” series and knew for being a playwright of “Hospital Playlist,” and Lee Woo Jung are the creators of “Resident Playbook Kdrama” project, assuring the highest level of quality and making this continuation with the original series. The arrivals is supposed to come in the first half of 2024 and the streaming is designed to be unique to Netflix which will broaden the storytelling horizon in the hospital universe.

Resident Playbook Kdrama Trailer?

Resident Playbook Kdrama
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The Resident Playbook Kdrama trailer is to debut soon as it is currently under production and scheduled for 2024 first appearance. Show is a derivative of the top medical drama “Hospital Playlist “with its story concentrate on the colleagues of the obstetrics and gynecology department in the university that are the interns. The cast for this drama series comprises Go Youn-jung, who is sought-after performer with a successful track record in dramas (“Sweet Home” and “Alchemy of Souls”), and other recognized actors like Shin Shi Ah, Kang Yoo Seok, Han Ye-ji, and Jung Jun-won. The series, it is anticipated, will create an unconventional point of view to Obstetrics-Gynecology specialists in South Korea concerning their difficulties. Next, we will provide information on the upcoming release of the official trailer and the debut date of “Resident Playbook.”

Resident Playbook Kdrama Story?

Resident Playbook Kdrama
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Resident Playbook Kdrama (the “Wise-Life of Residents”) is a forthcoming South Korean TV series, which is perceived along the lives of the young obstetrics and gynecology laborers in Yueljo Medical Center, Seoul Branch. The series “Hospital Playlist – Deja Vu” is a spin-off of “Hospital Playlist,” the hit show which will be aired on tvN in the first half of 2024. The series was heading by Lee Min-soo, the director, and was written by Kim Song-hee who is a co-writer of “Reply 1988” and “Hospital Playlist”. It is being written and produced by CJ ENM Studios and the game has been in development since May 2023 as the preproduction phase. The goal is to paint an authentic in-depth picture of medical residents and doctors’ real-life issues in a hospital, while revealing the humanity inside. Following the successful “Hospital Playlist,” “Resident Playbook” is ready to step in as one of the top releases, raise the pre-launch excitement. Although a delay of the release is also scheduled in the second half of 2024 as the strikes of the physicians in the South Korea increased and that as a shortage of the medical staff suddenly occurs. Resident Playbook Kdrama will be shown on tvN and Netflix to choose the regions with corresponding area codes. It is part of the 2024 Netflix Korean content slate that – in terms of genres and in depths of the material – goes beyond high-quality Korean Well-known actors.

Resident Playbook Kdrama Total Episodes?

Resident Playbook Kdrama

While the number episodes of Resident Playbook Kdrama, the Korean drama has not been disclosed or announced officially as the sources I used does not give that information. The series is the spin-off of the most popular medical drama “Hospital Playlist.” It will center its focus on lives and relationships of residents of Jongno branch of Yulje Medical Center. But the exact number of episodes is unknown, yet it is okay to anticipate an immersive storyline that lets you explore how residents as well as doctors afflicted by life and death issues cope up with it on day-to-day basis. While be the days of “Resident Playbook”, it is anticipated that the number of episodes gets known to the audience. Save the date for the airing of a show described as one that would put you at the center of exciting events happening in the medical field and a meeting with the characters whose life stories would be unfolding before your eyes.

Resident Playbook Kdrama where to watch?

Resident Playbook Kdrama

The Resident Playbook Kdrama tv series will first air on tvN during specified time slots and later on will be available for streaming on Netflix’s selected regions. Korean dramas “Z.O.A.” and “Best Escape” belong to Netflix 2024 Korean content line-up that provide a mixture of genres and world-class Korean actors and actresses. The show is expected to be a hair-raising bang to the medical drama, and it will proffer not only a unique angle to view medical residents and doctors but also an opportunity to view them in this range.


Ultimately, “Resident Playbook” births a sequel to the successful medical show “Hospital Playlist” as it is shot by director Lee Min-soo and scriptwriter Kim Song-hee. The action centre on the private lives and partnerships of the OB-GYN residents at the Jongno department of Yulje Hospital. The crew includes Go Youn-jung, Shin Si-a, Kang Yoo-seok. Jung Joon-won, and Han Ye-ji, who are all rookies in their first year working in the gynaecology and obstetrics department of a hospital. The series is going to portray the real stories of the medical residents and practitioners who face the same hardships at the daily job, challenges of friendship and life in the clinic. The release has been rescheduled to the second half of 2024, following the suspension of work at a hospital in South Korea where the series is produced. The series is, however, still very anticipated and will air both on tvN and on Netflix but, only in some regional countries.

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