Vienna Blood Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Episodes & Much More We Know About?

Vienna Blood Season 4 makes eager fans look forward to more mysteries completed by the detective drama happening in 1909 Vienna. The fourth season will explore a compelling plotline wherein a couple men – a senior public official and an arms dealer is murdered. This will leave the core of Vienna shaking with the communities’ leaders trying to find answers. With the most complicated problem ever, the examination of the characters Dr Max Liebermann and Inspector Rheinhardt continues. The essence is a conspiracy that is disclosed at the government. The approach for this particular season is going to be more like a story-telling change. In which a series of three concentrated episodes will carry forward one long story rather than different unrelated stories. The already confirmed returning areas are those of Matthew Beard as Max Liebermann and Juergen Maurer as Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt, with other crucial roles, by conscience, returning to play them. Filming commences in Austria in summertime and viewers are set to tune-in to a new season that promises to air in late 2024 a fusion between crime, drama, and mystery that have hooked audiences since the series‘ debut in 2019.

Vienna Blood Season 4 Release Date?

Vienna Blood Season 4
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We have planned a periodical distribution of Vienna Blood Season 4 implementation plans, which is scheduled to be implemented towards the end of 2024. This time our shooting for the second season occurred during summer in Austria, and the series is planned to be presented at the end of 2024. These visual impressions might increase the interest of the public due to the fact that the series represents the early Austria and its culture. We are new season doesn’t have a launch date announced. Although that is the case, we can look forward to seeing the presentation of Dr. Max Lieberman, who is the main inspector and the sinister Inspector Rhein heft who follows a path of a double murder which might be part of a larger and even more hazardous plot that ends at the authorities at the top. Frequently revisit our site for new installments; they will come out over the next few weeks, and release dates will vary. Experience a season filled not only with suspense and drama in the months ahead.

Vienna Blood Season 4 Cast?

The cast of the Vienna Blood Season 4 is an ensemble of actors led by returning actors to the network in the thrilling drama series of the 1909 period Vienna. Confirmed cast members include:

Vienna Blood Season 4
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  • Matthew Beard as Doctor Max Liebermann: However, Beard interprets just as a manitative psychiatrist, who is the partner of Inspector of the Vienna City Police, Oskar Rheinhardt, to solve some of the most intricate cases in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Juergen Maurer as Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt: Maurer portrays the detective from the film who is a kind of a disturbed person, robust with intelligence. He solves crimes in the city of Vienna in partnership with Max Liebermann.
  • Conleth Hill as Mendel Liebermann: But, with the character of Max’s dad introduced by the mag, the author makes the family relationship even more complex within the series.
  • Charlene McKenna as Leah Liebermann: McKenna is Max’s sister which embodies the anguish of two families being bound up in the investigation with the plot.
  • Amelia Bullmore as Rachel Liebermann: Mothers often receive a bad reputation as cold, unloving, or even brutal. Bullmore portray Max’s mother as a human and adds familial dynamics to the storyline.
  • Luise von Finckh as Clara Weiss: For Mrs. von Finckh, it is Clara’s role to play the part of Max’s former fiancée as well as a journalist with ambitions, which does not make the situation any easier for Max within his personal life.
  • Maria Köstlinger as Therese Thanhofer: Köstlinger makes Oskar’s love interest visible, or in other words, brings a touch of romance into the show.

The returning cast members are set to breathe life into their characters once again in Season 4 which is focused on and highlighted with a new overarching story that will fantastic and engrossing with the mixture of crime, drama mixed up with mystery, but their background is Vienna.

Vienna Blood Season 4 Episodes?

Vienna Blood Season 4
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Vienna Blood Season 4 has a new structure, where the narrative is built around one central case in three episodes to give more detailed insights into one story instead of separate cases. In this season, Doctor Max Liebermann and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt find themselves caught up in a crime with universal implications for the Austro-Hungarian Empire that involves the murder of an arms dealer and a senior civil servant. The duo will be seen in episodes two, three, four and five negotiating their way through complex investigations as they unmask a conspiracy that shakes Vienna to its foundations. New season is due to air late 2024.

Vienna Blood Season 4 Trailer?

Vienna Blood Season 4
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At the moment, that there is no Vienna Blood Season 4 trailer, there is no trailer available at the. The loyalists who are eagerly anticipating the premiere of the fourth season will have to postpone their screenings till they get an official teaser that will let them picture the new plot, characters, and tone of the new season. Now, all viewers will try to ‘witness’ what thrilling and unpredictable story they’ll see incoming to the next part of the detective drama that is set at dawn of the century – 1909 Vienna. Check the news later for getting the reveal of the trailer’s official release date of “Vienna Blood” Season 4.

Vienna Blood Season 4 Plot?

Vienna Blood Season 4

The core of the plot of the Vienna Blood Season 4 is based on the fact that Max Liebermann, the doctor and Oskar Rheinhardt, the detective find themselves face to face with a case that could harm not only Austria-Hungary but the whole state. The story starts with the most complicated murder that eventually invites the main characters to a deeper conspiracy and if this will be uncovered it can combat even the foundations of the governing. Unlike the seasons before season 4 adopts the style of three episodes that form on overarching storyline as opposed to standalone episodes. This ensures the audience is taken deeper into the story rather than the story are told with the standalone episodes. The plot gains momentum here, getting the viewers glued to the screen as they follow Max and Oskar showcasing technical skill in managing the maze of lies, danger and politics, while using the historical circumstances in 1909 Vienna in admixture of crime, drama, and mystery. Next Season 4 debut release is coming soon, so prepare to immerse yourself into new characters, plot and thrilling awaits in the continuation of “Vienna Blood” series.

Vienna Blood Season 4 where to watch?

Vienna Blood Season 4

While “Vienna Blood Season 4 can be aired on PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel, which provides the streaming version of the episodes. For the audience of the TV series, following the adventures of the main characters on the Doctor Max Liebermann and Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt that are among the major characters can be a regular on “PBS Masterpiece Amazon channel. It is worth watching the twists and turns of the narrative and the powers that be that are at the background of the story. Bookmark the recent episodes and travel to 1909 Vienna where you will get involved with the drama, mystery and historical setting in “Vienna Blood Season 4 on PBS Masterpiece Amazon Channel.


Vienna Blood Season 4 is set to be an explosive continuation of the detective drama in 1909 Vienna, which will take the viewers into a spellbinding story filled with enigma, intense and suspense filled moments. The fourth release season date is already known to fall in late 2024 and shooting has already started in Austria. Other key cast members are also returning like Matthew Beard as Doctor Max Liebermann and Juergen Maurer as Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt among others. This season will tell a different story, by narrowing down the whole plot within three episodes thereby leaving out any stand-alone mysteries that might have existed during other seasons. The audience will look forward to another gripping tale about an Austro-Hungarian Empire threatened by a double murder investigation led by Dr Max and Detective Rheinhardt where they can expect nothing short of conspiracy theories, danger and political unrest abound throughout the series. With mere weeks until Season Four premieres, fans should get ready for another invigorating season of “Vienna Blood” which exposes dark sides of crime versus psychology within the historical backdrop of Vienna.

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