Frankly Speaking Kdrama: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, Episode Count, where to watch?

The blog dedicates to the Frankly Speaking Kdrama has begun, and I will try my best to uncover the mysteries of this romantic comedy successfully. It is speculated that the series will do great because of the great performances by the talented actors Go Kyung-Pyo and Kang Han-Na. Scheduled to premiere on May 1, 2024, at 8:50 PM, the new Kdrama “She Would Never Know” began airing last night at 9 p.m. KST on JTBC, featuring a pleasant mixture of romance and humor that audience is recommended to watch. Through this blog post, I am going to take you through “Frankly Speaking,” and some of the characters, the release date, trailer, plot, Episode Count and where you can get the opportunity to see this intriguing story. However, watching Song Ki Baek played by Go Kyung-Pyo while focusing on Woo Joo, the main female role portrayed by Kang Han-Na will be a roller coaster and exciting performance by these actors as the actors bring their characters to life on screen.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama Release Date?

Frankly Speaking Kdrama

The Frankly Speaking Kdrama is set to release on May 1, 2024, at 7 p.m. KST on JTBC, MazeTalk program has already started. “Someone Someone” which the show is alternatively called South Korea, through the JTBC and will be conjointly spooled on Netflix platform. It is romantic comedy that guarantees to serve best mix of humor and romance as the first picturization is to get under place under an active supervision of Go Kyung-Pyo and Kang Han-Na who take the characterization of Song Ki Baek and On Woo Joo. Now in the upcoming headline we are going to walk you through the cast list of Frankly Speaking Kdrama.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama Cast?

Frankly Speaking Kdrama

The Frankly Speaking Kdrama series is a star-packed kdrama show that features talented individuals like Go Kyung Pyo, Kang Han Na, Joo Jong Hyuk, and Bom Sori Lee. Go Kyung Pyo takes the job of Song Ki Baek, a well-emerged announcer in a broadcasting company who usually gets the tolerance of others as he holds himself as if he is an extraordinary announcer. But everything changes, when he is diagnosed with a disease that is characterized by the fact that he can’t controls his speech to make him think first causing a crisis that leads to a really complicated life. The role of Han Na Kang is filled by On Woo Joo, an eager writing talent who stalks the variety show until Ji Baek’s candidness makes him appear on her show. Joo Jong Hyuk plays in Kim Jung Heon character, while Bom Sori Lee plays in role of Song Woon Baek character, one of brother of Song Ki Baek. The ensemble cast comprise of Shin Jung Keun as Song In Soo, Ki Baek’s father and Kang Ae Shim as Na Yoo Jung, Ki Baest’s mother. In the kdrama “Hanya: City of Peace,” the character “Hwang Song Bin” is “Song Woon Baek,” one of Ki Baek’s brothers. This kdrama, written by Choi Kyung and directed by Jang Ji Yeon, has been taken from a webcomic, lined it with an impressive cast, and added its own tiny details to give it a personal look and feel. “Directly Speaking” is a romantic comedy with a pretty understandable plot, mixing perfectly humor and romance. The kdrama will air on the JTBC platform and Netflix, which will hopefully provide a comfy habitat channel for the fans overseas to watch it.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama Trailer?

CC: Netflix K-Content (Youtube)

The popular K-drama “Frankly Speaking” has released a Netflix trailer starring an ensemble cast, including Go Kyung Pyo (전우성) and Kang Han Na. The trailer introduces the main characters, played by Go Kyung Pyo who is acting as Song Ki Baek and Kang Han Na in the role Off Woo Joo. The trailer is only 49 seconds however it gives a sneak peek into the storyline and the connection between the show protagonists.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama Plot?

Frankly Speaking Kdrama
CC: What’s on Netflix

The drama centers on the life of Song Ki-baek, 33 years old announcer for Ultra FM, who is suffering from the disorder that makes him talk without thinking. This new condition was happened to him while he is trying not to the hardworking of On Woo-ju, who spent her life for a variety show to be entertaining. Song’s involuntary language disorder caused by his speech impediment impresses on who likes the speaking action and decides to be the co-main character of a variety show where they can express their love for each other. The show will give its audience a stimulating mix of the rosy side of life with romance and a smile. The character Kim Ki-baek disappointed himself by crude words and actions without thinking, and he was unable to keep his manner manners. It makes him a subject to more lookups and On Woo Joo, a script writer for an exciting TV show, the main goal is for him to be the guest in her show. With its catchy title and distinctive plotline, Frankling Speaking is sure to be the upcoming K-drama to watch out for. It is all set to become a marquee favorite, with its cast as its remarkable asset. The show is designed to allow viewers to immerse themselves into the world of the story featuring entertainment and fun for the audience from different genres.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama Episode Count?

Frankly Speaking Kdrama

The upcoming fare on the JTBC and Netflix, named “Frankly Speaking,” will be available in a 12-episode series. “Nevertheless,” with one of the leading radio broadcasters at Ultra FM, Song ki baek starts the series at age 33, facing sudden speech disorder, not aligning with his own will, leads to a severe challenge in his life. On a tv type show writer, Woo Joo, is keen on Kyeo Baek’s choice phrase and insists him as a show episode guest.

Frankly Speaking Kdrama where to watch?

Frankly Speaking Kdrama
CC: Dramabeans

The new Frankly Speaking Kdrama will broadcast on JTBC and Netflix and be aired in 12 parts, story wise. Song Gi Baek, a 33-year-old radio broadcaster working in Ultra FM, has a speech problem that forces him to say what he thinks anytime, frequently triggering his life fallout.


Eventually Frankly Speaking Kdrama in the name of South Korean romantic comedy, This Kdrama is something I can’t wait to watch for that this exactly the date when it is going to be on JTBC and Netflix: May 1, 2024. The production itself was taken care of by Jang Ji Yeon while the script was written by Choi Kyung. The Kdrama stars Go Kyung Pyo as by player Song Ki Baek, a 33-year-old announcer who ends up developing a disorder that makes him touchy saying without thinking first result in up to a small crisis that occurred in his life. Kang Han Na portrays Woo Joo on who is a producer of a tv show and finds it intriguing that why is Song Ki Baek using those harsh words and starts to persuade him to that talk show. The Frankly Speaking Kdrama is expected to foster a thorough mix of humor and romance that would form the whole story, with a total of 12 episodes which are approximately 80 mins long each. The series trailer concentrates on giving a realistic and gripping viewing experience for the sci-fi genre fans, who have a promising storyline and know why actors were picked. A Kdrama of regionally specific versions of the stream will be available on Netflix.

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