Missing Crown Prince: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, where to watch?

Missing Crown Prince this title sparks a lot of curiosity of viewers as it suggests a highly engaging storyline and exceptional cast. Starring EXO’s Suho and Hong Ye Ji, the drama is set to premiere on April 13, 2024, airing every Saturday and Sunday at 21:40 KST. The Righteous Human at 9:00 p.m. on MBN. The events are told from a point of view of Yi Geon, who is next in the line to the throne, and who is being portrayed by Suho and Choi Myung Yoon, who is a highly skilled horseback rider and a medicine specialist, acting by Hong Ye Ji. The audience can got enthrall by a mixture of romance, coincidence, and mystery in the background of Joseon era. The Kdrama does its own style interwoven with history and the exciting plot that goes on as Yi Geon and Choi Myung Yoon try to deal with love, secrets and how royalty can be tough, all these things. World war, along with the fight scenes that involve swords, and the beautiful relationship that emanates from the princess to the crown prince of another world is all in store for you as the movie promises to emphasis mainly on the comedy and drama genres.

Missing Crown Prince Release Date?

Missing Crown Prince
CC: Soompi

“Missing Crown Prince” will be released on March 9, 2024. The show is related to the history of South Korea and has a romance between characters. Nonetheless, the production group decided to push the upstaging to Friday the 13th of April 2024 instead. This realignment was professed by MBN, the channel that is broadcasting the series, stating that the reason for this was in order to have more time for the production process and preparation only. The drama is set to air every Saturday and Sunday at 21:40 KST On April 13, 2024, at 7:50pm (KST, MBN) you will be invited into this weekend plot to have a like-with-a-laugh and be-a-historian-plus-a-romantic composition. To get you ready, Mark on your calendars April 13, 2024, to attend the premiere of “Missing Crown Prince” and experience their crisp storyline, perfect characterization and the dedication of the cast.

Missing Crown Prince Cast?

The cast of the South Korean drama “Missing Crown Prince” includes a talented ensemble of actors who bring the characters to life with their performances:

Missing Crown Prince
CC: Soompi
  • Suho as Prince Lee Gon
  • Hong Ye Ji as Choi Myung Yoon
  • Myung Se Bin as Queen Dowager Min Soo Ryun
  • Kim Min Kyu as Grand Prince Do Sung
  • Kim Joo Heon as Choi Sang Rok
  • Yoo Se Rye as Jung Jeon Yoon / Queen Yoon
  • Jeon Jin Oh as Hae Jong (Current King of Joseon / Lee Gon & Do Sung’s father)
  • Cha Kwang Soo as Yoon Yi Gyeom (Queen Yoon’s father)
  • Kim Seol Jin as Gab Seok (Lee Gon’s companion)
  • Park Sung Yun as Kim Sang Gung (Queen Dowager Min’s lady-in-waiting)
  • Son Jong Bum as Yoon Jeong Dae (Head of capital bureau)
  • Kim Sung Hyun as Han Sang Soo (Lee Gon’s eunuch)

With Suho and Hong Ye Ji together in the main roles, most fans already have their bangs ready on one hand, spoon on the other, waiting patiently to see who will play who in the historical romantic comedy drama “Missing Crown Prince.” On the screen, the richly diverse cast promises to deliver a quality and meaningful performance, which adds life and emotion to the drama.

Missing Crown Prince Trailer?

The trailer of Hello drama from South Korea promises a relatively outstanding introduction to the drama with the catchy combination of historical background, comic and romantic moments. The one-minute trailer that comes is out with the YouTube, Asian Wiki, and other platforms where offers audiences with the vision of the story where a crown prince to be keeping and guiding by a woman who is destined to become a princess. Intriguingly, EXO’s Suho plays Lee Gon, the Crown Prince, while Hong Ye Ji plays the exciting Choi Myung Yoon – these two characters embark on an adventurous and unexpected royal love story which time and space can’t hold against their unlimited love for each other. ‘Teaser’ makes the soul of the drama come true, showing these two love characters’ chemistry and funny comedy. Using the glorious, historic background of the Korean kingdom as its setting, “Missing Crown Prince’s” trailer dresses the audience in a world of adventure, fun, and romance. With the premiere date near, fans have no doubt about a series that gives a new twist on the romantic drama genre, which is capable to meet their data transfer needs and leave every zealous viewer full of enchanting tales of relationships amidst chaos.

Missing Crown Prince Plot?

Missing Crown Prince
CC: Dramabeans

The main consequences of the South Kdrama Lost Heir are her son who is a crown prince and then was kidnapped by a woman who is destined to be his wife. Period show, “The Joseon Prince” is placed in Joseon period, and revolves around the young Prince Yi Geon (Suho) disappear, and this instate serious grave to Joseon. The king is the one who falls under Choi Myung Yoon’s (Hong Ye Ji) trap, and the two unconsciously run away from the kingdom. The two of them, the crown prince and the now woman who kidnapped him, are running together and that romantic connection is building. We will soon find out that the woman plays an unexpected role of a constant nagging and a real boss of the crown prince with, of course, some humor and romantic situations. The plot is inspired by the 2021 historical drama “Bossam: Great canons in EDM performer Seo Yeon’s new music video “Ensnare the Fate,” and the production is helmed by Kim Jin-man who has past experiences working on “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “Stealer: The Treasure Keeper.” The release date is set to April 13, 2024, and the series will air every Saturday-Sund with Seoho, Hong Yeri, Min Se-bin, Kim Ju-hun, and Kim Min-kyu in the lead, among other names, the cast will be completed. The Kdrama is written by Kim Ji-soo and Park Chul, who also wrote “Bossam: The title, “Steal the Fate” was chosen with the idea of destiny, which constantly causes our lives to move forward.

Missing Crown Prince where to watch?

Missing Crown Prince
CC: Soompi

“Missing Crown Prince” is a South Kdrama romantic comedy drama happening in the Joseon era with the main plot to follow the Crown Prince Lee Gun, portrayed by Sungwoon, who is kidnapped by the woman named Choi Myung Yoon, played by Hongyeji, who is destined to be the wife of the crown prince. While on the run, their advancing law enforcement agents, they start developing feelings for each other and love starts to grow. Nowadays, dramas are also produced with high production costs, which requires big budget and special equipment. You must compact your “Missing Crown” Prince” into the English subs on Viki if you show this channel in Viki. This array carries the fortune of historic mystery, humor and romance thus making the Kdrama series, “Tale of Gumiho” a must watch for the fans of Kdrama.


‘The Missing Crown Prince’, an exciting crime thriller, has received much input from fans because of its suspenseful story and great actors. Its release date for later this year is scheduled. The audience to which it is expected are the viewers. The main theme of it is about the disappearance of a royal figure. Here, the actors and actresses, known in the past, are set out to deliver on a performance which will make audiences not only enjoy the Kdrama but also want to see it all over again. Unlike the trailer which gives you just a glimpse into the fascinating world of the Kdrama, the synopsis on the other hand hints at a complex web of suspenseful issues which could be unwrapped. To the question where exactly to watch this two-part thriller series, be on the lookout for possible updates on streaming platforms or networks that will host “Missing Crown Prince”; stay tuned. Make sure that you buckle up and get ready for a spectacular ride of mystery and tension!

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