Chainsaw Man Chapter 160: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to read?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160, which marks a crucial point in this series‘ tale, is the next chapter in a thrilling manga that leaves readers in high anticipation excited. Upcoming in weekly episodes, the chapter is designed to give readers an absorbing storyline that goes deeper to expose the behind-the-scenes of the Chainsaw Man world. It is likely to keep the fans on the edge of their seats through the numerous developments and revelations. For those really awaiting Chainsaw Man Chapter 160, the fans will be able to get the original copy from the Genuine platforms such as Manga Plus by Shueisha and Viz Media. These resources offer the original English versions of the Chainsaw Man made exactly as the original ones were translated, therefore providing an accurate and fun reading experience for the fans. Through these portals, viewers can be able to delve themselves in the world of Chainsaw Man and follow the compelling tales of the characters they are fans of. Now the comic is completed, the release date, spoilers, raw scans, and the official reading platforms are already prepared so fans can expect a satisfactory portion that will draw them into the series more. Get ready to receive the next chapter of the series which is definitely going to be a thriller that will captivate the ardent followers of Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 Release Date?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 is scheduled for release on March 27, 2024, at 12AM JST, someone who has personally struggled with stress and anxiety, I understand the negative impact it can have on an individual’s emotional well-being. Following the excitement of the manga series, which has been created by Tatsuki Fujimoto, the thrilling storyline of ‘Chainsaw Man‘ continues with another deep and action filled chapter. As for the release schedule of the Chainsaw Man manga, it differs from the My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen type weekly appearance in the print issues, as the digital release via Week Jump is an alternative. This format implies that without raw scans and fan translation, the chapters are going to be published simultaneously with the official release, so this won’t allow anybody to access the chapters before the official release. Readers will get a novel chapter every one to two weeks, which is a new addition to the manga. The 160th chapter is about to start soon.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 Spoilers?

Based on the provided sources, Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 is most definitely not going to be dull, It will be another action-packed and intense chapter with a lot of storyline developments we have been long waiting for. Here are some detailed spoilers and insights gathered from the sources: Here are some detailed spoilers and insights gathered from the sources:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160
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  • Spotlight on Yoru and Fami: In Chapter 160 it’s likely that we’ll be see how Yoru and Fami deal with the Nail Fiend, which is probably going to be absolutely bad as well as Katana Man. The topic may come to the spotlight discussing their encounter, as well as the test that they both fail.
  • Mission to Set Denji Free: Asa Mitaka and their teammates are getting set to do their part in smashing the Special Division’s and Herbert Denjy’s plans. The chapter may examine their mission in detail as well as the tasks or dangers they have to overcome.
  • Revelations and Conflicts: The Chapter 160, for instance, may enlighten through the characters. Seigi Akoku might be the Fire Devil at one point. These epiphanies and the corresponding revelations of the Fake saw Men and the crossroad of Chainsaw Man Church might have brought an even stronger narration to the story.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 Raw Scans?

The provided sources say chainsaw man chapter 160 manga’s cannot be available before the official chapter releases. The Digital ramp-up scheme of Chainsaw Man will find it difficult for there to be any confirmed spoilers to leak before the release date. Fans are notified to hold back the curiosity and wait for the release to explore the facts and events appearing in the upcoming chapter. The battle chapter is foreseen to discuss the fierce confrontation that would unfold between the trio namely Fami, Yoru and their nemesis Nail Fiend and Katana Man. Survival can be hard in the battlefield especially for Fami and Yoru as the odds could keep shifting against them. With the arrival of this nameless Public Safety Devil Hunter who is unmatched, the situation could be worse. On top of that, Chapter 160 might be dwelt on an issue that would possibly give the fans an answer to a question that has been around for a long time about whether Seigi Akoku is the Fire Devil in disguise or not.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160
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Fans should be excited that on March 27, 2024 (JST) Wednesday at 12 am, the officially released Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 will be publicly available without raw scans. Options like the platforms of Viz Media’s website, MANGA Plus via Shueisha, and Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app for a fee can be accessed by international readers through a paid subscription service. These sources will supply the orthodox renditions of the manga in English, thus melding the readers’ English epicurean experience with the original. Therefore, though raw scans might not just come out for Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 the fans can still expect an enjoyably action-filled and suspenseful chapter that will keep them caught in their seats and yearning to see the next one. Said another way, ChainSaw Man chapter 160 stands to be a thrilling and masterful chapter in the Chainsaw Man, kept by fans with suspense, character development, and exciting storyline twists, that would make them impatiently wait for the next one.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 where to read?

To read the Chainsaw Man Chapter 160, all fans have multiple platforms available on different devices from which they can select any one of them. Here is where readers can access the chapter in detail: Here is where readers can access the chapter in detail:

Chainsaw Man Chapter 160
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  • Viz Media: In chapter 160 of Chainsaws Man all these sites can now be visited on Viz Media. Such a site allows you to read manga online only on the best one with the highest quality and all chapters in English. On Fans’ website, they will be reading for free chapter one hundred and sixty.
  • For the second source, i suggest you should read this Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 on This portal hosts all the manga in high-definition format, where all the chapters have been well-translated into the English language. Readers can go through The Chapter 160 as a PDF document free of charge from this website.
  • Besides, leisure readers can also read Druognic zascaliery at, which is a leading website for light novel reading online. Over here, you can bypass the unnecessary details and directly enter the storyline, which is more convenient that reading the entire chapter.

Through these platforms, fans eliminate the barrier of reading Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 in English, and this allows the native fans to get a true and immersive reading style. Since these media platforms could possibly provide the fresh information of the story, anyone can just easily engage in the intriguing universe of Chainsaw Man through them.


Chainsaw Man Chapter 160 is set to remind everyone that it is one of the most action-filled, character leading and plot-twisting stories in the history of anime and manga, introducing us to a new level of adrenaline that we are yet to experience. A blowup of Chapter 160 is coming on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 12 AM JST, which has international readers of the chapter by Tuesday, March 26, 2024. The Chapter can be flipped out on these platforms such as Viz Media’s official site and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus. From this regard, the 160th version of my story is supposed to happen in the battling section of the war among Fami and Yoru with a Nail Fiend, who is their opponent while the other side Katana Man offers in the equation. Beginning of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, we don’t know their name, appeared on the scene. This character increase the complexity of the conflict and also the chances of the twins, Fami and Yoru, being outmatched. The possibility of some major incident happening in this chapter and begin to give a clear picture to the fact of Seigi Akoku, the devil as the fire devil is an event that cannot be sat by someone who so much cherish fan theories.

If we are talking about raw scans, it is unthinkable that they will be published before the official release for Chapter 160 because, as you are aware, it is the standard norm to use the digital manner of release within the Chainsaw Man publication. Fans will get a chance to go through the original chapter and get ideas about the events that will unfold by waiting till the release day. Finally, this Chapter 160 will not only fulfill audience’s expectations but will also set the stage for new stories in the next chapters to be revealed. Stay tuned for a chapter including intrigue and enigma that will enslave the readers and will make them impatiently looking forward the upcoming sequences of this amazing manga series.

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