Miss Night and Day Kdrama (2024): Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Expected Plot & Everything We Know So Far?

New Korean drama Miss Night and Day Kdrama is expected to be released on June 15, 2024, exclusively for Netflix streaming. Out of the new dramas, one of the most popular is also the one based on the webtoon written by Park Ji Ha and directed by Lee Hyung Min, where a 20-year-old woman named Im Soon suddenly becomes a 50-year-old woman. This Miss Night and Day Kdrama has a great young and a mature cast, where the young lady is playing the role of 50-year-old woman while the old woman plays the role of 20-year-old lady; the third actor is Choi Jin Hyuk Gye Ji Woong. Among the cast members are Yoong Byung Hee, Jung Suk Yong, Jung Young Joo, and Baek Seo Hoo, Kang Ji Woon.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama Release Date?

Miss Night and Day Kdrama
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A new Korean drama show Miss Night and Day Kdrama is scheduled for June 15, 2024 on Netflix and JTBC. Starring Im Sung Ah, Jo Seung Hyun, and Lee Hyung Min, this drama series is a creation of Park Ji Ha and Lee Hyung Min that revolves around Im Soon, a strongly built and capable 20-year-old jobless woman who finds herself in a 50-year-old women’s body one day. The drama is based on the life of Im Soon and if is all about her being trapped in between a man and woman in her 20s and also, she turns into a woman at the age of 50. In this she is advantaged since she can gain employment using her age from both sides of the age bracket but then again the general life experience comes with its own set of challenges of leading two different lives.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama Cast?

The new K-drama called Miss Night and Day Kdrama is finally here, and the cool cast selected for this tv show brings the bizarre concept into life. The sitcom is directed by Lee Hyung Min and Park Ji Ha specially written this series, Im Soon is a girl who aged in between twenty and fifty, she always uses her both ages for jobs.

Main Roles

  • Jung Eun Ji as Lee Mi Jin: Jung Eun Ji, who appeared in the dramas “Reply 1997” and “Lovers of Music,” takes on the role of the 20-year-old job seeker Lee Mi Jin and has to alternate between her persona before getting a job and her one after getting a job.
  • Lee Jung Eun as Im Soon: Im Soon, who the 50-year-old alter ego of Lee Mi Jin is portrayed by real-life 27-year-old Lee Jung Eun who is well-known for her role in the films “A Bloody Lucky Day” and “Our Blues”. It explores an older woman’s character and her way of experiencing the realities of youth and adulthood.
  • Choi Jin Hyuk as Gye Ji Woong: The actors Choi Jin Hyuk from “Vampire in Love” and “Love Clinique” as a ‘crying flower prince’ Gye Ji Woong, a sensitive and perfectionist prosecutor, who become involved in the live of Lee Mi Jin.
Miss Night and Day Kdrama
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Supporting Roles

  • Baek Seo Hoo as Ko Won: Baek Seo Hoo becomes a part of the series as Ko Won, one of the important characters in the series.
  • Yoon Byung Hee as Joo Byung Duk: Yoon Byung Hee looks like an investigator named Joo Byung Duk, which is the side character aiding the main protagonists.
  • Moon Ye Won as Tak Cheon Hui: Actress Moon Ye Won portrays the character of Tak Cheon Hui who happens to be a prosecutor in the drama in service to Gye Ji Woong.
  • Kim Kwang Shik as Cha Jae Seong: Kim Kwang Shik performs the role of deputy chief prosecutor, Cha Jae Seong.
  • Kim Mi Ran as Woo Yeon: Kim Mi Ran is the actress who portrayed Woo Yeon; this actress plays the role of a civil affairs officer.
  • Choi Moo In as Seo Mal Tae: There is, first, Seo Mal Tae, portrayed by Choi Moo In, a male retired police officer.
  • Kim Jae Rok as Geum Gwang Seok: Geum Gwang Seok who is depicted as a senior intern is acted by Kim Jae Rok.
  • Bae Hae Seon as Na Ok Hui: Kim Yadah plays Na Ok Hui, which is actually considered as a supporting role to the main characters.
  • Choi Bum Ho as Ko Na Heun: Choi Bum Ho plays Ko Na Heun who is portrait as a former soldier.
  • Jung Jae Sung as Baek Cheol Gyu: Jung Jae Sung act as Baek Cheol Gyu is one of the honorary directors of a hospital.
  • Kim Ah Young as Do Ga Yeong: It is Le Mi Jin’s best friend, and this character is played by Kim Ah Young.
  • Jung Young Joo as Im Cheong: Jung Young Joo has the role of Im Cheong who is the mother of Lee Mi Jin.
  • Jung Suk Yong as Lee Hak Chan: The South Korean Lee Hak Chan act as the dramatised father of Lee Mi Jin, the character played by Jung Suk Yong.
  • Ahn Sang Woo as Do Pyeon Gang: Ahn Sang Woo’s character is Do Pyeon Gang who is a real estate agent on the sexy side.
  • Lee Joo Hyung as Club Representative: Lee Joo Hyung makes a guest appearance as a club representative.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama Trailer?

CC: Netflix K-Content (Youtube)

To the audience’s delight, a full preview for the anticipated K-drama titled “Miss Night and Day Kdrama has been uploaded to Netflix’s K-Content channel where invites the spectators dive into the peculiar concept as well as the comic side of the storyline. The formation of the main character of the trailer is a young woman in her 20s named Lee Mi-jin who is being fired from different workplaces. One day she realizes she has woken up in a completely different body with a new life as a 50-year-old senior prosecutor played by Lee Jung-eun. A series of episodes known from the webtoon were presented, and it is also possible to notice the main characters and some of the problems that will have to be solved by Lee Mi-jin, who finds herself between two generations and a difficult boss.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama Expected Plot?

Miss Night and Day Kdrama
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Miss Night and Day Kdrama is a new Korean drama series or a television Show which portrays a jobless girl who wakes up as an old lady unexpectedly and a prosecutor who gets entangled with her all the time. The plot of the drama focuses on a young woman in her 20s, namely Lee Mi-jin who can’t find a job. One day, she finds out that can swap physical forms with a 50-year-old senior prosecutor Lim Soon. Remake Kim Yoo-jin of Lee Mi-jin, is surrounded by two generations and a difficult superior, Gye Ji-woong portrayed by Choi Jin-hyuk. In the series Lee Mi-jin who morphs between youthful and mature form to use her magic powers to find a job and sort out issues. Due to her background, she is able to draw on her experiences of the two different periods and gets a job as a public intern in a prosecutors office where she solves drug cases. Lee Mi-jin alternates between the young and adult forms and has to go through her new life with the help of her magical powers. The show focuses on the experiences in the workplace between a lady, Lee Mi-jin, and her boss who seems to be very strict Gye Ji-woong. Another factor that is briefly suggested in the trailer and is, in fact, an essential subplot is the attraction between the lead characters, namely Lee Mi-jin and Gye Ji-woong. There is the touch of the stereotypical fantasy for the plot: Lee Mi-jin starts using her magic powers to resolve difficulties and find her way in the new world.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama Episode Count?

Miss Night and Day Kdrama
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At that, the overall count for the episodes will be 16, and the Miss Night and Day Kdrama will air new episodes on Saturdays and Sundays, and so on, until the conclusion on August 4, 2024. Each episode will be slightly over an hour long, with the total length of an episode amounting to 70 minutes. Considering the landmark-oriented structure of the show, the program will be released consecutively, two episodes a week. This will make viewers wait for more fresh content and thus help them track the progress of Lee Mi-jin and Gye Ji-woong’s relationship, or the lack of it.

Miss Night and Day Kdrama where to watch?

Miss Night and Day Kdrama
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The Miss Night and Day Kdrama is left for streaming on Netflix, a streaming service that provides users access to numerous TV series, films, and exclusive productions. The drama will also be telecasted on JTBC, a dynamic South Korean Cable Television Network famous for its quality dramas and variety shows. The show will be used in different regions, but the extent of use may not be the same within regions. Anyone interested in the series should watch the Netflix K-Content channel to determine if the Miss Night and Day Kdrama is available for their region.


In this article, ‘Miss Night and Day Kdrama has been discussed as the upcoming South Korean drama that would present itself as another unique and engaging K-drama with the combination of the comedy, romance, and fantasy genres. The show reflects the life of a woman who gets trapped into the phase of being a job seeker one fine day and the life and drama of the female prosecutor who is always surrounded by it. Through the cast members, the series promises to capture the attention of the target audience besides provoking interest due to its fixed timeline of production and entertaining storyline in the Miss Night and Day. “Miss Night And Day” is one of the most interesting Kdrama out there that can be categorized as a romantic comedy with some motifs of a fantasy genre. It can safely be assumed that the Miss Night and Day Kdrama will be enjoyable for followers of the vyznavaetsa genre, due to cast and planned weekly output.

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