One Piece Episode 1105: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

The world favorite’s anime series, One Piece has got millions of fans hooked to its captivating plots and lovable characters. With the beginning of the Egghead Arc drawn close, the release of One Piece Episode 1105 will heat up the interest of the remaining episodes. This article is going to be a reunion of the previous episode, airing date and time of One Piece Episode 1105, which will result in a plot summary and suggestions on where to view the current adaptation of the One Piece. In the last scene, the Straw Hat Pirates, with Zoro and Brook who were still on the ship keeping the watch, had disembarked on the Egghead Island and obtained a new wardrobe. The Crew member was rewarded for their bravery. While Helmeppo was seeking the prince Grus’ help to save Koby, the city became erupted in chaos. While Episode 1105 in the manga, viewers will get a glimpse of the futuristic looking island of Egghead, whereby they’ll also meet the person behind the one who’s behind the many technological breakthroughs of the World Government, the brilliant scientist Dr. Vegapunk. The show may still touch on the three particular stories such as sending the government’s team to kill Vegapunk and also possibility of betrayal, accompanied by intrigues which lead to the marines siege on the island.

One Piece Episode 1104 Recap?

One Piece Episode 1105
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The last episode One piece was held on 1103 of the year and called “Turn Back My Father! Bonney’s Lack! ” It consisted of some wonderful events which follow. Firstly, Zoro and Kaku had a desperate fight as the flash of the sky and the Thousand Sunny shining ahead of the great fog was a glimpse of their brave showdown. Zoro stopped Kaku’s destruction. On the other hand, Bonney ran to Vegapunk, It was the latter who could elude the Straw Hats, and he disclosed his reasons for turning Kuma into an emotionless robot the moment she asked him. A vegapunk speaks that lies one hundred percent true: Kuma of his own will underwent the surgery and asked for the evidence kept a secret from Bonney, because why not. While Bonney realized this, Vegapunk attempted to hide it from everyone—an idea Kuma secretly discovered, and his Paw-Paw Fruit bubble conformed. The episode concluded with two major setups for future developments: they knocked at the places north of Elbaf, but Garp sped off to fish out Koby, and obviously was going to scuffle finally with an Emperor’s pirate crew. Garp’s name alone could scare an Emperor’s crew, and it is a guarantee that a moment between him and the crew will be entertaining as it will add more to the already popular reputation of his power. Enthusiast watch the release of Episode 1104 to capture these details.

One Piece Episode 1105 Release Date?

One Piece Episode 1105
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The One Piece Episode 1105 is supposed to be unveiled on May 19, 2024, different time zones (12am (JST) / 3pm (GMT) / 8am (PT) / 11am (ET) around the world. The series can be watched on many different distribution platforms, such as Crunchyroll, Netflix. and others. The listings for Episode 1105 get just moments after the strenuous happenings of the last episode where Lord Saturn invoked a Buster Call on Egghead Island. This is how the battle has been set for there to be intense action and to be among the various who are faced by the threat of imminent destruction.

One Piece Episode 1105 Expected Plot?

One Piece Episode 1105
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The One Piece Episode 1105 is going to wrap-up the Straw Hat Pirates on the Egghead Island by revealing more twists and setting up yet another amazing action sequence. The next episode, which is going to feature the Straw Hat Pirates and the souls of Egghead Island that are trying to escape the island and open the flames of the invoked Buster Call, in this context, is definitely all about the fighting scenes. Sanji, who is guided through the undisputed devotion and spirit, sprints for the rescue of the professor, presaging the top-level skirmish among the Marines. On one hand, Saturn, having restored his power, confronts Vegapunk and reveals that the former’s order was to send a hypersonic weapon to destroy Egghead’s cabin from orbit. Such a move makes the situation even more complicated, since the Straw Hats must still deal with a full-scale invasion of marine troops and an internal conflict arised within the island population for the sake of Saturn. The section is therefore going to illustrate how Brook and Lilith join hands to avoid letting the Thousand Sunny fall by rushing to boil the clouds behind and make the ship hide away. Such a team work and resourcefulness indicate how they shape up to the toughest challenges on the way and how they keep their ship from harm.

One Piece Episode 1105 where to watch?

One Piece Episode 1105

Crunchyroll is commonly the most used platform where fans get access to not only this but also all the One Piece episodes, including the latest. The site provides both translated and subbed content for the anime. Different people can choose what is suitable for them in this way. Netflix is also one of well-recognized sites where their fans can find One Piece episodes. A streaming platform, which contains a huge reserve of anime films and series, including the famous One Piece, is available. Furthermore, the audience has an option to access One Piece Episode 1105 on other streaming platforms noteworthy among them are Hulu and Amazon Prime Video that often stock anime productions.


The One Piece Episode 1105 is likely to be an exceptional and effectively crucial episode of the ongoing Egghead Island saga. With the airing date of the episode on May 19, 2024, the fans are looking forward to seeing the One Piece Episode 1105 being broadcast on a wide array of time zones, including 12:00 (JST), 3:00 (GMT), 8:00 (PT), and 11:00 (ET). The episode will be starting where the previous one ended with the Straw Hat Pirates and the people living on Egg-head Island desperate to stop the impending destruction by the usage of the induced Buster Call. Fans are promised to feel an immersion with the intensity of the action, strategy and the character-driven happenings as the Straw Hats overcome the turmoil and confusion created by the World Government. Viewers strapped in for the next chapter of One Piece Episode 1105 can do so on several available platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu, and more, depending on their location or the availability. The One Piece Episode 1105 is probably made in 24 minutes. Its plot still will grip the audience with awesome and dynamic characters when the matter of Egghead increases in importance and a very crucial moment comes.

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