Captain Tsubasa Episode 35: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

Yes, in fact Captain Tsubasa is one of the famous Anime known to all soccer playing enthusiasts including the best soccer stars across the globe. Now let’s head to the next Captain Tsubasa Episode 35, as they’re calling the next episode as Episode 35 of the series, and one has to believe that the show will continue to churn out the exciting and dramatic element in its story for audience. Typically, in the last episode of each group, the spotlight has to be turned towards the Furano seven which has provided a stiff competition to the other teams in the tournament. There is a lot of expectation for the team to perform and be entertained as they play against their opponents in order to clinch a spot in the finals, with players like Shingo Aoi.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 34 Recap?

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35
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The episode starts 1-1 on the basketball court, with the two teams fully engaged in a tough struggle. Wakabayashi with his spellbinding goaltending skills comes face to face with a shower of shots from the german forwards with Muller himself having a crack. The German goalkeeper Muller also has got his play and make many saves that put his team in the right spirit. The two securing their respective teams try to outdo each other in freet kick and challenge, knowing well that the winner takes it all. And as the two teams approach the final stages of the game, the intensity and determination of the teams are symbolized by a charged attack. Wakabayashi and Muller carry on performing spectacular saves which give a tie to the result and gives entertainment to the fans and supporters through extra-ordinary efforts by both players. Although the principle characters’ match is left incomplete and in suspense, the annual college show is successfully performed. An interesting series remains inconclusive upon the end of this goalkeeping clash, and fans wait the conclusion of this important match between Japan and Germany. In summary, Captain Tsubasa Episode 34 is an exciting episode with great focus on ending a match in an unexpected and interesting manner in addition to highlighting Wakabayashi and Muller’s goalkeeping prowess.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 Release Date?

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35
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Featuring the title “The Explosive Power of the Razor,” Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 will be unleashed on June 2, 2020, 4 PM IST. This would follow the rabid contest between Japan and Germany during the World Youth Championship. For those overseas who will not be able to watch it with English subtitles during its premiere on June 2, 2024, Crunchyroll shall provide the same in English subtitles. The English dubbed version is expected to release a week from that particular time frame.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 Expected Plot?

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35
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From the expectations shown on Episode 35, the episode details focus on the much-anticipated game featuring the two strong teams. If the Japanese team that was led by the outstanding Tsubasa Ozora will be repeated, the audiences can expect to see an intense soccer match with outstanding performance and strong desire for winning as Japanese player and great skill of German players. Excitement, moreover, is expected to reach its climax in the moments, when Wakabayashi and Muller, two main goalkeepers of the teams, will be opposing each other for the second time. The looming goalkeeper duel will also be an area of particular interest because both goalkeepers will have their moments of great saves to prevent team from conceding goals. Over time, the energy is expected to build up so that by the end of the match and the players seek an errand goal to clinch the match, they will be entering the pitch with a lot of vigor. Thus, it can be presupposed that the given episode will reveal an interesting process of the Japanese team’s struggle against the German players together with Tsubasa, who does not want to fail her team. As for the expected scenes of Episode 35, it will be very intense and full of fighting scenes as well as the result of the match remained unclear at the moment. There are so many fans who are waiting for the next episode of the Saudi Arabian series that depicts the story of Tsubasa and his teammates fighting for the World Youth Championship title.

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 where to watch?

Captain Tsubasa Episode 35
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For fans outside Japan or who prefer English, Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 the only one with English subtitles and can be found on Crunchyroll. Using the platform, fans will be able to watch the episode. To this end, fans are presented with different options on how to watch Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 and follow the latest occurrences in the series more. An alternative way to view Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 is on Dailymotion option. Viewing the episode is possible on the video sharing platform in high-definition quality. This episode marks the continuation of the spasmodic football match between Teams Japan and Germany in the World Youth Championship.


Delayed till the fourth season of Captain Tsubasa Episode 35, known as “The Explosive Power of the Razor”, the Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 will be out on June 2, 2024, at 4 pm in the IST zone. It will come as a continuation of the football match between Japan and Germany during their show down in the World Youth Championship. Fans can sit back and watch a great drama-packed and an action-packed episode of soccer or football where the Japanese team especially its main player Tsubasa Ozora struggles to score a point and win over the powerful German team. It seems that the curtains to their great performance will probably rise again during the intense challenges between Wakabayashi and Muller, the goalkeepers of the Teams. For English-speaking viewers, we are going to release the Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 with English subtitles on Crunchyroll as well on the same date on June 2, 2024. The English dubbed version is yet to be released and this should be around a few days from the released dubbed version. Moreover, the episode watches other hosting platforms like BiliBili or Dailymotion are also accessible. It would also be quite interesting to note that the release of Captain Tsubasa Episode 35 presents to the viewers a climax as it features the much awaited face-off between Japan, and Germany. Finally there is tension as to which team will be declared winner of the match thus making fans wait for the next episode of Tsubasa Part 2 and his teammates who are determined to succeed in the world youth championship.

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