Chainsaw Man Chapter 168: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Yes, the long-awaited Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 of the intense, dark and action-based manga series Chainsaw Man is now out. This series drawn and written by Tatsuki Fujimoto has got the readers entertained and fascinated with different genres like horror, comedy, and drama. Denji accepts the power of ‘’devil’, which turns him into Chainsaw Man together with his pet devil Pochita, and the show explores the chaotic life filled with threats lurking in the realm of devils. That is why in this previous chapter, Denji was accused of being one of the Fake saw Men and was put into a very unstable position.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 Recap?

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 167 is an important transition point for the series which deals with the elements of rape and sex in the manga. In the beginning of the chapter, Yoru takes Denji to a back alley where she then picks up a knife from the floor. First, Denji gets nervous and, after agreeing to Yoru’s idea of castration as a solution to his problematic sexuality, reconsiders the action. Yoru then worries that the feelings she thought were still present between them, such as the recent kiss in the pool is now at an end. These events lead to a long session of making out between Yoru and Denji and Yoru still has his hand trapped in Denji’s pants. The session stops when Denji awakens from the kiss with a stiff penis, and Asa comes back to her senses. The last chapter of the novel shows Asa dealing with the consequence of a lover making a move. Yoru’s recollection of the events that took place during their first kiss is vital in this process to know her reasons for her actions. It can be inferred that Asa’s affection towards Denji is affecting Yoru; this makes her vulnerable to emotions. This memory recall probably overburdened Yoru, making her force herself on Denji and kiss him once more. Chapter 167 contains important moments for Denji and Asa, which affect the development of the characters’ relationships. For Denji, his carnal desires have been fulfilled, but this will eventually lead to a situation of remorse and regret on his part for putting more premium on his desires than doing what he should do.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 Release Date?

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Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 will be launched on June 11, 2024, roughly at 11 a. m. Eastern Time. This is a landmark event in the continuing manga series that has kept the reader engrossed with a dark and violently active theme. This is the actual breakdown of the release date as well as the time more especially for the international readers and also another place where they can find the chapter. The fans can read Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 on licit sources including Viz Media, Manga plus, and Shonen Jump+. These services often may offer the last couple of chapters for free, but the complete series may be in for a small fee.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 Expected Plot?


The Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 is likely to start with Denji and Asa in a scene that seems to be making them forced to interact with each other more. Despite this twist, they won’t have time to sit and think about it since there will be new problems for Denji to deal with including the psychological consequences of the kiss and Asa will be fighting to to understand the feelings that Yoru has awakened in her body. This will result in analyzing the dynamics of their relationships and such themes as intimacy, trauma, guilt and others. When Denji and Asa finally reach the stage of an amorous relationship, they are sure to have a moment when they need to discuss what they know about Yoru and Asa. Yoru was previously an adult woman, and Denji will probably hear her story and why she tried to castrate him. This conversation will also shed light on Asa’s affection for Denji and her position in the events that occurred. Based on that, the chapter may conclude with Famine Devil Fami trying to attack the Chainsaw Man Church. This might entail the depiction of an intense confrontation between Fami and the Church in a move that can popularly be referred to as the climax of the story. What this move is we do not know She must do something about it though, and this change will no doubt have massive repercussions across the board affecting the characters and even the world this story takes place.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 where to read?

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The readers can find the issue at Viz media official website where first and the last three issues of a series are provided. Another potential distributor is Shueisha’s MANGA Plus, the service provides the first and the three most recent issues of a series free of charge. For those wishing to pay, there is an official application Shonen Jump+ by Shueisha, where the application includes the latest material up to the final chapters. These platforms allow the readers to always get the Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 since it is a current running series and is well-received from fans due to its action, horror, comedy, and drama genre.


The gothic and thrilling manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto that goes by the title of Chainsaw Man is all set to grace the fans with its next chapter, that is, Chainsaw Man Chapter 168. Let me guide you through the basics of the previous chapter, the probable continuation of the story in the Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 and the source where you can read it. Based on the preview of the next chapter, it would appear that Denji apologizes to Asa mainly due to the outcome of chapter 167. It might also become an opportunity to delve deeper into the interpersonal relations in the story and the ethical questions which the characters encounter. As usual, Chainsaw Man Chapter 168 expect to bring more or less of action, horror, comedy, and drama than before. The characters and the issues raised in the series’ plots are extraordinary and the book has captured the imagination of many readers all over the world. Please keep visiting our site for the latest updates, do not forget to visit the sources of your preference.

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