Re Monster Episode 8: Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

The much awaited Re Monster Episode 8 of the fantasy anime seriesRe Monster“, which is supposed to premiere on Monday, May 20, 2024 is a big thing now. The anime, based on the light novel series by Kogitsune Kanekiru, has managed to lure in the viewers with its original concept of a man who is reincarnated as a goblin in this fantasy world, and using his fresh abilities, he evolves and gains power. Through this blog post, we are going to present the exact release date and time for Re Monster Episode 8, all over the time zones, postulate the possible developments of the plot, and let you know where you can go to watch the new episode of this exciting series.

Re Monster Episode 7 Recap?

Re Monster Episode 8
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In Re Monster Episode 7 the main character Gobrou, a human who is reincarnated as a goblin, has an unexpected defeat which means he can’t be an overpowered main character anymore. The episode explores the intricacies of the goblin clan’s relationships as they face a world where the political affairs and the looming war between elves and humans are becoming an issue. The episode is a showcase of Gobrou’s evolution and growth, mainly concentrating on Gobbemy’s fast development and the increasing power of the goblin clan. Nevertheless, the goblins are in a dangerous spot as they are striving to solve the war that is going on between the elves and the humans. Moreover, in Episode 7 the mystery and suspense are created as Gobrou and his clan confront a powerful adversary who might be a boss character, thus, adding a new level of challenge and excitement to the storyline. The unforeseen loss encountered by Gobrou now makes one to ponder about his abilities and the way the story will move forward, thus making the viewers to be very interested and excited to see how he will recover this in the next episodes.

Re Monster Episode 8 Release Date?

Re Monster Episode 8
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Re Monster Episode 8 is to be released on Monday, May 20th at 3 pm (GMT) / 11 am (ET) / 8 am (PT). The Spring 2024 anime season is the weekday show and it is based on the light novel series by Kogitsune Kanekiru. The series is about the situation of Tomokui Kanata, who is reincarnated as a poor goblin and eventually becomes the goblin leader by showing his ability to grow stronger the more he eats. Fans of Re Monster is going to anticipate Re Monster Episode 8, which will obviously be the continuation of the thrilling saga of Tomokui Kanata in this magical world. The 3pm (GMT) on May 20th is the next episode that will be released, and it will be the continuation of this Re Monster with more advices to the viewer on the protagonist and the goblin clan who are the main characters in the story.

Re Monster Episode 8 Expected plot?

Re Monster Episode 8
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In the Re Monster Episode 8, the audience is awaiting more details on the ongoing clash between the goblins, elves, and humans. Tomokui Kanata, now a really powerful goblin leader, is probably going to have a tough time as the tensions between the different groups in the fantasy world get worse. The episode might go into the political aspects and the clash of interests which will be the case when the goblins will have to manage their place in the war that is going to happen. The goblins’ evolution and the increasing strength of the goblins, especially Gobmi’s development, will show the viewers that Tomokui Kanata and his clan have to make the right decisions and face the enemies that will require their leadership and abilities. Also, the story could be about the alliances and betrayals that are being shown as Tomokui Kanata’s past memories and experiences continue to affect his decisions in this new world. The segment is probably going to give us the clues about the changing relationship between the goblins, elves, and humans, thus, the stage is being set for the dramatic scenes and the unexpected turns in the storyline.

Re Monster Episode 8 where to watch?

Re Monster Episode 8
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The Re Monster Episode 8 is due to air on Monday, May 20th, and fans are all impatiently waiting for the next part of this amazing anime series to come out. This Re Monster Episode 8 will be available to stream on Crunchyroll for the viewers from other countries, which is the official launch of the series on this well-known anime platform worldwide. In Japan, viewers can get the episode on Tokyo MX, BS11, and TVh as part of the TV broadcast that is broadcasted daily. Crunchyroll will be simultaneous showing Re Monster Episode 8, and English subtitles will be provided for the whole world. The Re Monster Episode 8 should be around 25 minutes long, similar to the length of the other episodes in the series.


The Re Monster Episode 8 is scheduled to air on Monday, May 20th, as the next chapter in the enthralling tale of Tomokui Kanata’s journey in this out of this world world. Fans are going to be able to watch the episode on Crunchyroll for the international audience, while Japanese viewers will be able to watch it on Tokyo MX, BS11 and TVh. The anticipated plot for Episode 8 is likely to give more action, strategies and character development as Tomokui Kanata and his goblin clan face the problems of survival and power struggles amidst the increasing war between the goblins, elves and humans. Through the evolution and increasing power of goblins, especially the case of Gobmi, the audience is going to expect really hard battles and strategic decisions that will push the leader to the limit. As the series goes further, the plot line is probably to delve into the complexities of alliances and betrayals, hence, to give a hint of the changing relationship between the different factions. As the war is about to start, Re:Monster Episode 8 is supposed to be the one that will make the viewers feel like they are on the brink of war and will expect them to tear up when they will be hitting the cliches.

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