Re Monster Episode 10: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

The Re Monster Episode 10 is slated to premiere on June 3, 2024 at 3 pm in the GMT zone or 11 am Eastern Time or 8 am Pacific Time. The episode is titled “Re:medy will be produced by “Use” and will be directed by Yū Yabuuchi, Hiroshi Maejima and Kayoko Suzuki. In the previous episodes, the protagonist Gobrou and his comrades overthrew the leader of the older generation to be the new and predominant leader of the goblin tribe. He promised that the five women who were kidnapped (two of which are twins, a redhead, an alchemist, and a blacksmith) would be safe and provided them with a storage area to stay.

Re Monster Episode 9 Recap?

Re Monster Episode 10
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Gobrou, who changed from an Ogre after consuming the Red Bear, is depicted wandering around the region beyond his tribe. He comes across a bunch of people who are out to kill the goblins. Gobrou, who has sworn to defend his tribe, decides to face them. He crushes the humans with his Ogre strength and kills them, and they tell him that there are more of them, and they are a group of people who are after the extermination of goblins. The change of Gobrou into an Ogre after eating the Red Bear is the main event that occurred in the episode. This transformation enables him to become stronger and more capable, thus making him a key figure within the goblin tribe. The interaction with the human hunters, which is a clear source of danger according to the lessons learned in Gobrou’s tribe, is associated with the exposure of the world outside the tribe. He has to try to prevent other members of his tribe from perishing while at the same time keeping them safe in a world where danger lurks around every corner. It also portrays Gobrou as assuming more leadership roles and supervisory duties with the goblin tribe. He has to face the challenges of his new position and the problems that he has to solve for the sake of the members of the tribe.

Re Monster Episode 10 Release Date?

Re Monster Episode 10

Re Monster Episode 10 is going to be released on Monday, June 3rd, 2024 at 3pm GMT / 11am ET / 8am PT. This is the next part of the anime adaptation of the light novel series, where the protagonist Tomokui Kanata is reincarnated as a goblin named Gobrou. The release date for Re Monster Episode 10 is Monday June 3rd 2024 at 3pm GMT, 11am ET, 8am PT. This is consistent with the show’s weekly Monday release schedule, as pointed out above.

Re Monster Episode 10 Expected Plot?

Re Monster Episode 10
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The Re Monster Episode 10 of the show is expected to heighten the tension in the struggles that Gobrou and his tribe encounter. In the last episode, Gobrou transformed into an Ogre after consuming the Red Bear which increases his strength and powers. This shift may lead to certain changes in the next episode which is expected to air in due course. This episode is expected to depict more of the war between the goblins and the human army. The people’s army’s attack towards the Kudel Woods, which was portrayed in the last episode, will result in the invasion of a number of fights and encounters between the two forces. Gobrou, the new chief of the goblin tribe, will have to deal with new problems in leadership and deal with the threats that will endanger his tribe. He will be faced with challenges that come with leadership within his tribe and even outside. New friends and foes for Gobrou and his tribe may be brought in the episode. The elves, who were earlier portrayed as a notoriously uncooperative bunch, may have an important part in the next episode. As the Parabellum Mercenary company first mentioned in the last episode, the group will most probably play a role in the conflict. The character developments are anticipated to be a major feature of Re Monster Episode 10. Some aspects of the show that may be expanded in the future include the relationships between Gobrou and the other characters, especially the women who were kidnapped.

Re Monster Episode 10 where to watch?

Re Monster Episode 10
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The Re Monster series will have its Re Monster Episode 10 released on June 3rd, 2024 at 3 pm GMT or 11 am ET or 8 am PT. This Re Monster Episode 10 will likely be in the standard range of 22-24 minutes for the show. For the Japanese audience, Re Monster Episode 10 can be watched on Tokyo MX, BS11, and TVh television networks. But for those who live outside Japan, they will be able to watch this episode only on Crunchyroll.


The upcoming Re:Monster Episode 10 titled “Re:Medy” is scheduled for release on 03 June 2024 at 3 PM GMT, 11 AM ET and 8 AM PT. The entire episode will be of 23 minutes which is in sync with the rest of the series. In Episode 10, Goburou, who has now adopted the name Ogurou, and his Parabellum Mercenary Company are set to have a major part in helping the elves against the human army in the current conflict. This season fans will be able to witness some thrilling fight scenes and the mercs in action and their might on the battlefield. Re:Monster Season 1 can be expected to have an approximate of 13 episodes in total. Since 9 episodes have already been aired, there are only 4 episodes left after the tenth one and the final episode of the season is expected to come out on June 24th. Viewers in Japan can watch Re:The tenth episode of Monster aired on Tokyo MX, BS11, and TVh in Japan, while fans from other countries can watch the episode on Crunchyroll. It is the story of Tomokui Kanata who dies and then is reborn as a goblin named Goburou. In spite of the fact that Goburou is a part of the weakest race, he remembers all his experiences of the previous life as well as gains the ability to evolve and become stronger through eating other monsters.

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