One Piece Episode 1108: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

One Piece Episode 1108, eagerly awaited, is set to come out on June 9, 2024, and fans will get to immerse themselves in the new Egghead Arc content, with action-packed scenes due to unravel on the Egghead Island with its super-genius inhabitant, Dr. Vegapunk. As the World Government sends a team to Titan to eliminate Vegapunk, there is treachery and conspiracy planned by one and all thus the setting for an exciting climax is provided.

One Piece Episode 1107 Recap?

One Piece Episode 1108

The episode started with Jewelry Bonney tickling with her father Kuma’s Paw-Paw Fruit bubble and the latter taking her into the memory of a young Kuma who was repeatedly assaulted and weeping. It was this sorrowful scene that provided information about Kuma’s tragic backstory and how he came to be. At the same time, the Staff of Big News Morgans getting to know the intentions of the World Government to kill Dr. Vegapunk. As much as Vivi Nefertari was against Morgans’s decision, the latter went on to fabricate that Luffy kidnapped Vegapunk and that he had no time to be concerned with facts bearing in mind that news is all about entertainment. The episode also provided the background by briefly summarizing One Piece Episode 1106 in which a number of Mark III Pacifista clashed with CP0 on Egghead Island. These Super Pacifistas which are commanded by Sentomaru possessed new Bubble Shield built by Dr. Vegapunk. During the continued search for the missing scientist by the Straw Hats and Vegapunk’s Satellites, the show also intimated on the hint of new evil within the laboratory referred to as “The evil hand”. Its abrupt conclusion to see the Straw Hats ready set course for Vegapunk and to get out of Egghead Island was well-received by fans; At the same time, the focus on Bonney’s journey to discover more about Kuma also attracted much curiosity.

One Piece Episode 1108 Release Date?

One Piece Episode 1108

One Piece Episode 1108 is set to release on Sunday June 9, 2024, the release date is confirmed by the Sportskeeda website, it holds its latest event at 12:00 AM JST (Japan Standard Time). By the way, all the One Piece episodes are available on Disney+ and it is the most appropriate streaming service to watch all the episodes in the selected order. DUBBED: Crunchyroll has dubbed episodes up to the Wano arc and subtitled episodes to the current episodes aired at the time you are reading this article for free without advertising use Crunchyroll premium with an adblocker.

One Piece Episode 1108 Expected Plot?

One Piece Episode 1108
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It is expected that the One Piece Episode 1108 can begin with Roronoa Zoro Vs Rob Lucci fight and while everyone is aware that Caribou was defeated by the Blackbeard Pirates the viewers are yet to learn how. Jinbe may come and brief Zoro about the situation regarding the evacuation of the remaining personnel and tell Zoro to take Lucci right there on the spot. But still, it is still expected that Zoro should fight alone in this fight as he also considers Jinbe’s proposal about joining forces before the battle begins indicating his resolve and power. As much as it was an intense fight, it is most probable that Zoro defeats Lucci and, leaving him behind, Zoro and Jinbe go back to Labo-Phase to evacuate because the focus will now be shifted from this one group of Straw Hats to others on the island. This One Piece Episode 1108 is to tell the audience about the recent events connected with Franky group, Nami group, and Giant Warrior Pirates, their locations and actions. Franky’s gota may bring up the topic of leaving Dr Vegapunk behind, which would entail people think about the implications of the action. Franky should focus on trusting Luffy and the fact that Sanji is with him, which will probably be emphasized before turning back to the main three characters. It seems that Luffy, Sanji and Admiral Kizaru are to fight where Sanji is seen demonstrating a lot of power that newly astounds Franky as well as Kizaru when the latter is blocked by Sanji. It may end with the final confrontation where Luffy, Sanji, and Kizaru fight Atlantis’s Saint Jaygarcia Saturn, introducing a dynamic twist, action, and tension.

One Piece Episode 1108 where to watch?

One Piece Episode 1108
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For order episodes of One Piece can be found at Disney+ which is the platform with the broadcasted show. Crunchyroll provides the episodes with English dubs and subtitles up to the Wano arc and, while free, has ads and you can set an adblocker. This One Piece Episode 1108 will likely extend the Egghead storyline and have a global response to Dr. Vegapunk’s message and the reactions of individuals. The episode premiered on official streaming channels such as Disney plus, Crunchyroll, and other legal channels.


Expect mortal combat and a number of twists in One Piece Episode 1108, which will bring the Egghead Arc to a close. As the Giant Pirates cause chaos on Egghead Island, and Luffy prepares to battle an unforgiving older scorned man who wants to kill him, things get even more intense. It is projected that the episode will air on June 9, 2024, at 7 AM PT, and to nobody’s surprise, viewers can watch it on streaming platforms like Disney+, Crunchyroll. The One Piece Episode 1108 will most probably pick up from the previous chapter in the manga by bringing out Luffy’s power in Gear 5 to show the fight between Zoro and Lucci. They may also expand abut the real motives of the Blackbeard Pirates and the lineage of Blackbeard. It put in a big tease that as the arc draws closer, fans can expect to see a series of chapters filled with more action closing in on the climax. For those who are more keen on the show and want to see the One Piece Episode 1108, they can watch it on licensed platforms like Disney+, Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and others. The fans can also use other community driven sites like Anix & HiAnime for choosing between the subbed and dubbed versions. Luffy and his crew are all set to continue their great adventure with the under production, and the plot expected to be revealed soon, fans will have to wait for the next part of the One Piece franchise. Simply continue with your blog post as it is a great idea and should be continued.

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