JJK Chapter 262: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

The JJK Chapter 262 chapter is finally here, and netizens are looking forward to a brand-new confrontation between Satoru Gojo in Yuta Okkotsu and the dangerous Ryomen Sukuna. Following the jaw-dropping twists and turns in the last chap, where Gojo rose from the dead, the showdown of the behemoths is imminent.

JJK Chapter 261 Recap?

JJK Chapter 262
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Jujutsu Kaisen chapter 261 was released recently and it has already caused a stir among the readers due to the twist at the end of this chapter which now leaves fans anticipating the fight between Satoru Gojo and Ryomen Sukuna. The chapter starts with the constant battle between Sukuna and Todo and Yuji and the unknown Gojo who appears to be the resurrected person after some time. However, what is in front of them is Yuta Okkotsu who has possessed Gojo’s body and returned back to the world again. In the chapter, it is also revealed that Yuta and the other sorcerers had made this move prior to what occurred between Gojo and Sukuna. Yuta incapacitated Kenjaku with Todo’s assistance and extracted his cursed ability with Rika. As a result of Kenjaku’s power, Copy ability activated and Yuta started to use it. Still, Yuta was incompetent when it came to fighting Sukuna within his own realm, which resulted in him losing and dying, just as Gojo had. At the final moments before the he recorded in his own body, he was transferred into Gojo’s body that had been stitched for the meanwhile. Yuta then employed the reverse cursed technique to eradicate the bacteria and strengthen the muscles for the coming combat. Yuta, who has returned to Gojo’s body, faces Sukuna, concluding that it is yet another clash between both of them. This also pleased the fans as more domains within the show expanded from both sides, also get to see the Malevolent Shrine facing off against the Unlimited Void.

JJK Chapter 262 Release Date?

JJK Chapter 262
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Anticipating the upcoming JJK Chapter 262, fans of the series are expecting a head-to-head match between the main antagonist, Yuta, possessing Gojo’s body, and Sukuna. As the fans eagerly wait for the chapter, it is expected to be out on Monday, June 10, 2024, 11:00 PM, of Japanese Standard Time. They include the official websites of the manga publishers, VIZ media and manga plus for reading the chapter. The incidents of the JJK Chapter 262 will be going to focus on how Yuta is going to employ Gojo’s tricks or stunts and what could possibly be the consequences for him as the remaining time of the 5-minute countdown period?

JJK Chapter 262 Expected Plot?

JJK Chapter 262
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As Yuta Okkotsu has the Gojo Satoru body, and Ryomen Sukuna as the enemy, JJK Chapter 262 is set up for the battle of the ages. This should be an exciting moment as the JJK Chapter 262 is expected to focus on the confrontation betwee these powerful sorcerers who audiences have been waiting to see in an unfair combat. Described to be an ultimate battle between the main characters Yuta and Sukuna, the upcoming chapter will also spotlight the two domain expansion abilities, namely the Unlimited Void and the Malevolent Shrine. There is leverage in having the ultimate domains of two fronts clash; we can expect to see massive developments in the fight. In the climactic final confrontation, jump into the fight as Yuta and harness Gojo’s strongest moves when the High Spec Chikai Jujutsu battle against Sukuna commences. With such strong positions of both characters on the chessboard, that are the positions as the anime’s opening shows it, fans should expect an interesting and thrilling battle of magic and swordsmanship between these two powerful enemies. Yuta, willing to die instead of letting more people suffer, takes Gojo’s power and sets the stage for a powerful battle in the final episode. The full capabilities of Gojo’s Six Eyes and Limitless Techniques will be seen as Yuta unleashes his strength and how much it changes the tide of the fight against Sukuna.

JJK Chapter 262 where to read?

JJK Chapter 262
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In addition to this, Viz media provides the online readership service in the framework of its subscription service. To read Maki Zenin and panda obraz –all the chapters of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, one needs to register a free account and make a monthly subscription fee of US$2. If one wishes to read subsequent chapters, including the latest ones, then one has to download the Manga Plus app where you have to make an account to access them. The chapters starting from chapter four are free to read, but there is a rule on Manga Plus: every chapter can only be read once. Based on JJK Chapter 262 release, Jujutsu Kaisen fans have a few ways that they can read it and it is encouraged that they use the official medium such as Viz Media or Manga Plus. For the fans, it enables them to support the series via official platforms, thereby contributing to the development of the franchise behind Jujutsu Kaisen.


It does not take a lot of effort to guess that the heroes of JJK Chapter 262 will again face danger in the person of Yuta Okkotsu controlling Gojo Satoru’s body and the dangerous Sukuna. As the JJK Chapter 262 is scheduled to be out on Monday June 10, 2024, fans have a shot to watch the two power packed sorcerers use depand expansion in a battle of giants. In the chapter, Yuta will probably use Gojo’s Jujutsu six eyes and Limitless techniques in order to weaken Sukuna for making Yuji to be able to finish off the enemy. Nonetheless, Yuta is in a field that involves potential for her death at the moment to be instantly taken, possibly being trapped in Gojo’s body for the rest of her life, or being only allowed the chance to use Gojo’s body for five minutes before the time countdown expires. This battle’s result might hold ties to the face’s future as The Combined progenitor and the existence of its individuals possibly addresses Geto’s question he raised to Gojo: if the face counts as the strongest because of powers or despite them. One should go through the Viz Media, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump Plus app to read the most current chapter of the fan-favorite series.

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