Black Clover Chapter 370: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, where to read?

Here we come with a blog devoted to the best-ever Black Clover Chapter 370! While the global fan base of this enchanting manga is always at the edge of their seats waiting for the Black Clover Chapter 370 to come out, we have gathered all the latest updates such as the release date, possibility of leaks, raw scans and which platform offers the latest Chapters once it is released. Here is a chance to come on board and take a dive into Black Clover’s story that will let us get deep into Black Clover Chapter 370 mystery and fun that lays ahead.

Black Clover Chapter 369 Recap?

Black Clover Chapter 370
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The Black Clover Chapter 369 came and was named “United Front” where Astor and Yuno had joined forces in order to win the battle with Zogratis Lucius. However, they were forced into a 3-on-2 battle on the ground at a distinct disadvantage. It further unveiled the ways through which the Black Bulls got affected after knowing that Yami Sukehiro is not the only member of his family of his family in the guild. Furthermore, the audit showed that the Pinole Magic Knights was supportive of the technique Called Psuedo Anti-Magic, but they could still manage one or two big movements if required. Thus, Luck and Magna were the first to drop the Seleuceion elements which were the 12 Luciuses as a whole. Magna changed the rules and decided to stage a two-against-two fight among Lucius and the angel to demonstrate the unparalleled brutality of Soul Chain Deathmatch. After that, the luck and magne won the angel over and weakened their power by constantly attacking it. This was the final time they had overcome him with a unified incantation. The chapter also would only display a sliver of the battlefield as we would be given a glimpse of what Mar Leona is doing with Morris and how Noelle is working on her relationship with Hella. Oh, the hidden masterpiece in this chapter is breathtaking and you can feel that Tabata needed a break cause if you put effort on a piece of art, it shuns your personal feelings or touch and makes the piece look so perfect. The group of Black Bulls is carrying out an all-out onslaught of Lucius and all its clones in order to clear the way for everybody from the City of Clover Kingdom get a breathtaking fight and revenged at the end. The next chapter could see the other Black Bulls taking over the rest of Luciuses, of course the number of Luciuses they must defeat become only six. The bad news is that the spring issue of JumpGIGA will be published at the end of April 2024 or at the beginning of May 2024 while many fans are eagerly waiting for Black Clover Chapter 370 this is regrettable.

Black Clover Chapter 370 Release Date?

Black Clover Chapter 370
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Black Clover is set to release its highly anticipated Chapter 370 on April 29, 2024, at 8:07 am PST. The release date for the chapter is set on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump and Shueisha’s Manga Plus, the digital platforms. The outcome follows a three-month delay because of his creator who wasn’t healthy, which caused the publication in Jump GIGA rather than Weekly Shōnen Jump which already has the rest of the series. The Black Clover Chapter 370 will be concluded by the chapter 371 which is the last of the book that comprise of 46 pages containing 21 pages as a significant ratio of these pages are for the same chapter. A storm troopers group tries to fight with the clones of the head of the family. Thus, fans can wait for a thrilling end of the series showing a final act of the plot. While the actual artist’s health status is known to the fans, they can extend their appreciation to his hard work in every chapter therefore, no need for an abrupt abandonment and unending rush!

Black Clover Chapter 370 Spoilers?

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According to search results, the Black Clover Chapter 370 Spoiler of an ongoing manga Black Clover will be released this Spring 2024 in Jump GIGA magazine that is scheduled to be published in May 2024. During the section the fight of Yami Sukehiro, Yami Ichika and Nacht Faust against Morgen Faust is very probably to be depicted – it is one of the highest anticipated and most important scenes of the final arc. On the other hand, a little information should be included about Asta and Yuno and their short conversation holding before the appearance of the Lucius Zogratis clones. We’ll intersperse the shots with Yami staring in awe as well at Nacht and Ichika’s speed, that would lead to him coming back hard and giving it big hit. Morgen the obvious winner for the finality in sight where even culmination could see her spinning a fatal blow. Yet, the battle is likely about to change its momentum and Yami will deal some destructive blows to strike upon the head of Morgen. The issues need to be done by having a small dialogue between Morgen, Nacht, and Yami which is followed by a cut to a real Lucius, when he begins to get really frightened, he faces the biggest challenge of his life. Black Clover Chapter 370 and Black Clover Chapter 371 will be unveiled on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, involving the reduction of the pages from 21 and 25 pages in the first chapter and 23 to 25 in the second chapter.

Black Clover Chapter 370 Raw Scans?

Black Clover Chapter 370
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Black Clover Chapter 370 not on the scans right now, but quite likely to be taken and be leaked in a week or so. The chapter is expected to contain around 45 pages, with 90-95% of those pages referring to the White Whale cloning or angels fighting. The rest is supposed as the bad guy of the game that also can change nation or principal character, and so on. The rest may be the real Lucius. It is worth remembering that whilst spoiling of posts or leaking of any content is prohibited until the formal release date has been instituted, the rules of Manga Helpers insist.

Black Clover Chapter 370 where to read?

Black Clover Chapter 370
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Black Clover chapters 370 and 371 will air on followingly, April 30, 2024, and I expect the chapter length to be 21 pages for the first one, and that of the second one would be 25 pages. Readers can find the latest chapters of Black Clover on several websites provided for readers, including VIZ Media’s Website, the Shonen Jump application for mobiles, and Shueisha’s MANGA Plus service.


In the monthly schedule established for the anime, whereby half a year contains 18 chapters, the 36th chapter is expected to be released by 30th of April 2024, as part of the upcoming two chapters that include the 37th chapter of the series. The chapter is scheduled to come out in GIGA Spring’s issue in the Jump GIGA Spring of 2024. Finally, Black Clover Chapter 370 scanning RAW till date yet to be come, but they will be leak around 7-8 days later. Putting the spoilers or leaking’s is forbidden until the given official e-release date. per Manga Helpers rules. Black Clover Chapter 370 is supposed to be short and sweet 45 pages with 90% to 95% of it to show the Black Bulls fighting against clones and angels. Realistically, the rest 5% may concern other battles, Adramelech, Lycius Ter Flavus or Vesuvia’s story. The Black Clover chapters 370 and 371 will be released on the last Tuesday of the current month, which is April,30, 2024; chapter 370 is expected to have 21 pages while chapter 371 has 25 pages. Fans are able to read this manga series freely on different sites such as VIZ Media’s website, Shonen Jump mobile application, Shueisha’s MANGA Plus services, and so on.

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