Delayed One Punch Man Chapter 201: Recap, Release Date, Time, Expected Plot, where to read?

The new episode of the famous animated super-hero mangaOne Punch Man” – the One Punch Man Chapter 201 has been unleashed. This chapter is signifying a very important shift in the ongoing chronological episodes, which tend to unlock even more new turns of events in the setting of Saitama and other heroes. This blog post will involve a brief description of the One Punch Man Chapter 201 will mention the possible date when this chapter will be out and the main twist most probably to anticipate. Also, we will assist in telling you where to read the One Punch Man Chapter 201, in case you prefer reading it online.

One Punch Man Chapter 200 Recap?

One Punch Man Chapter 201
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The chapter starts with Flashy Flash and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic against the Heavenly Ninja Party. Performance master Flashy Flash, who is unmatched in combat, easily eliminates all the elite ninjas and demonstrates his superiority over them and their skills. The Tennin ninjas gasp at the muscle of Flashy Flash, and Speed who is still clearly hurt tries to show the improvement of Sonic through experience even after injuries. Watching the Heavenly Ninja Party getting defeated right before their eyes, Flashy Flash is given an impromptu lesson on the value of combat experience over the formal training that they’ve received. This reflection could suggest the story is, in fact, going to show the meeting of the Great One from the Ninja village side and Blast and might dive into the past events of the two. The chapter prepares the readers for the spotlight to be on The Great One once again to meet Blast as the main character of the issue. This confrontation could give rare details about The Great One’s plans and his relationship with Blast and the overall plot where God is the main element. The chapter ends with the Heavenly Ninja Party down and out, the setting for the next chapter created. Lovers wait for the continuation of the events as partly they are waiting for the discoveries about the shifts in the relationships between the main characters of the series.

One Punch Man Chapter 201 Release Date and Time?

One Punch Man Chapter 201
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Many fans have been waiting for One Punch Man Chapter 201, but unfortunately, it is still not out, with the new release scheduled for June 20, 2024. As per the typical story arcs and episode packaging of this series, this chapter is a turning point, and the fans are ready to get into the new things and twist. This caused the artist, Yusuke Murata, to come out on June 12, 2024, and announce a delay without offering the reason behind it. Such a hiatus in the serialization of the manga has left the readers with many questions concerning the cause and result on the manga. Published on Thursday, 20th June 2024 shall be the redrawn One Punch Man Chapter 201 of the famed series. This date is slightly later than the expected release, although the company has not stated the exact date of the unknown release. It is requested from the fans to follow the official channels for any additional news or shift in the other episodes’ launch. Here is the detailed information regarding the release date and time for One Punch Man Chapter 201 for every time zones:

Time ZonesRelease Date & Time
Pacific Daylight TimeJune 19, 2024, 8 am
Eastern Daylight TimeJune 19, 2024, 11 am
British Summer TimeJune 19, 2024, 4 pm
Central European Summer TimeJune 19, 2024, 5 pm
Indian Standard TimeJune 19, 2024, 8:30 pm
Philippine Standard TimeJune 19, 2024, 11 pm
Japanese Standard TimeJune 20, 2024, 12 am
Australia Central Standard TimeJune 20, 2024, 12:30 am
One Punch Man Chapter 201 Release Date and Time

One Punch Man Chapter 201 Expected Plot?

One Punch Man Chapter 201
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Since the Heavenly Ninja Party was defeated in the Chapter 200, it is considered that the chapter will reveal an ultimate battle between Flashy Flash, Speed‑o’‑Sound Sonic and the opposition of the distinguished ninja village – The Great One. The Great One is revealed in the forest, and he challenges Flashy Flash and Sonic which can lead to an epic fight. This opponent is portrayed as being very powerful, thus the fans can look forward to seeing the two skilled ninjas duel it out. In Chapter 201, little hope to save Flashy Flash from The Great One and there is hint that Speed-o’-Sound Sonic may be able to save him. This might occur while The Great One is trying to transform Flashy Flash into a monster with the help of his cube. When this is the case, the One Punch Man Chapter 201 could begin with Sonic managing to escape from under The Great One’s influence to come to the aid of Flashy Flash. This would lay the basis for the duo of the ninjas to fight The Great One as seen commonly in different movies about ninjas. Flashy Flash, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and the terrible Empty Void the former founder of the Ninja Village may appear in One Punch Man Chapter 201 and there is confrontation expected. If Sonic rescues Flashy Flash, there’s a possibility that ninjas will have to challenge Empty Void who is much formidable than before. This could result into a last stand as Flashy Flash and Sonic stand their ground waiting for back up to arrive. Chapter 201, who might come to save Flashy Flash and Speed-o’-Sound Sonic from their position. If that occurs, the chapter could have an encounter between Blast and Empty Void which will let the fans feel the strength of such characters. This would be a major improvement as compared to the first depiction of the “Ninjas Arc. ” All in all, One Punch Man Chapter 201 is expected to be full of action, suspense and may be some mystery and dramatic turns involving major characters like Blast at large. People are waiting for this quite popular chapter with the bated breath.

One Punch Man Chapter 201 where to read?

One Punch Man Chapter 201
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Unfortunately, there is no other option to read one punch man in Japan, however fans can read on Viz Media. The chapter is available in English from Viz Media the interface is basic and uncluttered.


Yes, unfortunately Chapter 201 of One Punch Man is delayed, and the redrawn one will be out on June 20, 2024. The chapter is also anticipated to provide the conclusion of Flashy Flash’s confrontation with Empty Void and the relation of both to God. Audiences are waiting for it in order to see if Flashy Flash is going to survive and what new elements are going to happen. The chapter will be accessible in the official fan created One-Punch Man Wiki and online manga sites, Viz Media and many others. Readers can also check new updates on the release time on Yusuke Murata’s X account in case of any change on the schedule. More people are waiting for One Punch Man Chapter 201 to come out and continue the story. Given that the show’s release schedule has been unpredictable up to this point, and the beings that are introduced have been interesting additions to the story, this chapter should deliver a thrilling entry to the One Punch Man franchise.

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