Terrifier 3: Release date, Cast & Everything We Know So Far?

Terrifier 3 is an Anticipated sequel to 2017’s Terrifier 2, which is presented as a standalone movie that boasted of success at the box office. This movie has the cast where the Vicky is played by Samantha Scaffidi, the Art the Clown is performed by David Howard Thornton, and the Little Pale Girl is Amelie McLain. The plotline finally goes in the linear chronology mode of the tale of Art the Clown, having an ever-growing appetite for killing. This time Art comes back to the people in the community of Miles County during Christmas and sends his evil out on Christmas Eve. These movies focus on setting up a chilling and evil- vibe, and thus they have made success sequels the complete Terrifier series. A concoction of terror and carnage, a trademark of the franchise, will be present as Art brings about the hypnotic state with his style entrenched within the audience. The highly anticipated movie, ‘Terrifier 3’, is going to mesmerize audiences through the cinematic storyline and fantastic graphics that are a must see for all horror movie fans in 2024. Cheers to the forthcoming announcement about where to grab your ticket and see this hair-raising story when it hits shows!

Terrifier 3 Release Date?

Terrifier 3
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Terrifier 3 is planned to be out October 25, 2024, Clown face, directed by Damien Leone, picks up the story arrived territory of Art the Clown who now becomes merciless towards the people of Miles County on Christmas. This time, however, will be considered a suspenseful Christmas horror slasher and is planned to get the next batch that got the success of the previous ones. October 25, 2024, the Release date of Art the clown’s revenge is on the spotlight for the millions of fans who can’t stop counting the days to the release of this movie with gruesome and horrifying acts. Keep posted for this highly anticipated chase that will likely provide handful of tons of horror and intensity, and not to mention, incredible suspense, suitable for the moviegoers of Terrifier fandom.

Terrifier 3 Cast?

The artists of the Terrifier 3 movie include the set of actors who are really good and make the scare live up on the screens. Here are the key cast members: Here are the key cast members:

Terrifier 3
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  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown: Dave Howard Thornton who is known for the role of the irrepressible Art the Clown, returns to play him once more, which cause chills in his fans as he was just too good.
  • Lauren LaVera as Sienna: On the other hand, the main character’s plot line is woven into the story by Lauren LaVera, once again, takes the role of Sienna who not only interacts but also develops as the plot of the story progresses.
  • Elliot Fullam as Jonathan: Elliot Fullam is going to get back to Jonathan, and it is a fact that they will add tension and horror to the story.
  • Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes: Alongside Samantha Scaffidi who also stars as Victoria Heyes, a mysterious character and a plotline that have never been encountered keeps us glued to the story.
  • Amelie McLain as The Little Pale Girl: It is highly possible that Amelie McLain will portray the role of The Little Pale Girl, a character that infuses and otherwise horror-filled story with a cold and disconcerting atmosphere.

These actors, besides other actors make important contributions in adding to the film’s terrifying world of frightening the audience and the expectations from the horror movie are poised to be spine-chilling and unforgettable.

Terrifier 3 Trailer?


The first terrifying teaser trailer for Terrifier 3 was disclosed on November 13, 2023, with a look into the dark and horrible reality of Art the Clown reliving. The teaser which is a two-minute clip takes the viewer to the Christmas eve late at night where a girl is creeping in the basement having no intention of going to bed looking over her shoulder as she unplugs the television set trying to stay quiet. Even though, at the beginning, she is feeling joy, it breaks down when she realizes that instead of Santa Claus is Art the Clown, the first child on the list of victims from Art the Clown’s movie named “Hush”. This preview trailer will be the appetizer of the tension and suspense that fans can expect in the third Terrifier episode, making us remember or expect movie segments that will let us roll up our eyes, be hopeless, be in fear, or feel chills in our body.

Terrifier 3 Plot?

The feature Terrifier 3 entails the mad narrative of Art the Clown who seeks to have his vicious Carnival of terror in the lavish premises of the nearby Miles County on the eve of Christmas. There is a rich expectation the storyline will cross the boundaries more and jump at even more wilder and creative scenes just that the budget envelope got bigger. Art the Clown, who is a sadistic and creepy clown who insanely captures the audience with his heinous acts, becomes even more dangerous and powerful, which leaves the audience in a state of awe. The main goal behind making the film is to investigate the dynamics between main characters, giving specific emphasis to the relationship between Victoria and The Pale Little Girl. This intricate close-up gives the horror story a bidimensional character. The film sticks to the chilling conclusion of Terrifier 2 where Sienna stamps Art’s head two times and then infant Isabelle carries his decapitated head away. Even though they give fate the final word, Art’s return is beyond question, which, again, means that there is some kind of element in the play’s course that cannot be influenced by fate.

Terrifier 3
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Director Damien Leone aims to create a new nightmare just as scary as the terrifying feeling from the first short movie Terrifier. Filmmakers are looking to give an atmosphere that actually thrills and frightens the audience in an effective way. As the narrative hangs around the holiday season, the followers can anticipate going back home, like the initial short movie that entertained the people in a weirdly attractive way. Terrifier 3 will get to be a spine-chilling contribution to the horror genre, maybe bringing things like horror, suspense, and blood to the people watching the movie. As with the previous episodes, in this story, too, there clearly are no compromises – it may be the scariest and surely entertaining one. This time Terrifier promises to be not only more terrifying but also more realistic.

Terrifier 3 Filming?

Terrifier 3
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From February 2024 it all started at the Terrifier 3’s stage as we were set for the production of the sequel which is awaited with bated breath across the horizon. The movie featuring the title character, Art the Clown portraying him as a Christmas spirit gone berserk has been directed by Damien Leone. Set during Christmastime, and the festive yet sinister backdrop added to the atmosphere of Art the Clown going on killing spree makes the movie all the more intriguing for viewers. Tomorrow, that is on February 23rd, 2024, the fantastic pictures from the shooting course have already been released, in order to grab the eagle eyes’ attention and give viewers a chance to peep at the making of the chilly segment. It is reported that the Terrifier 3 production crew roamed around Staten Island Mall and filmed there. It is expected that the footage is made for the movie. Damien Leone, the movie director, has shared his enthusiasm for the musical while confirming the decision process that would include the submission of the script to the copyright office, casting, location scouting, and special effects. The unholy trinity of savagery, mayhem, and bloodshed is going to be ground-breaking and full of heart-stopping thrills. The movie is already having lots of hype on account of its beheading-themed promotion and the opening sequence followed by the gruesome kill scene. Moreover, audience can expect an iconic and memorable horror experience due to the promise of bloody acts of violence and intense g Make sure to check back as we update this news in the process and reveal more clues about the filming and details regarding the making of Terrifier 3.

Terrifier 3 where to watch?

Terrifier 3
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Terrifier 3 will be unveiled at the cinema on Tuesday, October 25, 2024, and hopefully pave the way for the season of scary Movies. Next expected phase in this Horror Masterpiece’s immersive journey is its theatrical release, and ultimately it will be ready to be available exclusively for streaming on Cine verse’s own Scream box platform. Currently, Terrifier 3 streaming is expected to go live only after an immersive theatrical release.


“Terrifier 3”, next horror movie that sequel brings with all interests of the audience in terms of its release date, cast, trailer, plot, new filming location, and where to watch it. Overwhelmed with eager fans exactly puzzling breathing before the door opens, the movie is expected to deliver a nerve wracking and scary episode for horror fans to enjoy this season. The cast is marquee, coming with names that give the movie many reasons for the audience to anticipate it. The trailer becomes viral, and everybody can’t wait for the new sequel-“Terrifier 3.” Filming details are intimate, visualizing them we may see the many breathtaking shots, and naturally conclude, a masterpiece is coming. If only the location of the film’s release is concerned, the viewers can anticipate catching it in theaters or even in the many streaming platforms available which will make this highly anticipated sequel of the Terrifier movie widely accessible. Generally, fervent fans of the scary genre will relish in “Terrifier 3” as the ultimate spine chilling, soul- rattling cinematic take.

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