Kagurabachi Chapter 37: Recap, Release Date, Time, Expected Plot, where to read?

Kagurabachi Chapter 37 and fans of the series can’t wait to get back into the filled with magic battles and mysterious characters world. Kagurabachi is one of the many promising manga, which combines action, adventures, and elements of fantasy; thus, it will be popular among many readers. This blog post will offer the series’ overview based on the previous installments and preview the expected events in Kagurabachi Chapter 37 as well as suggest where to read this enthralling chapter.

Kagurabachi Chapter 36 Recap?

Kagurabachi Chapter 37
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The first part of this chapter tells the narrative of Hakuri and the Girl with Icy Skin (GWIS), the latter of whom is a prisoner awaiting to be auctioned off to the Rakuzaichi. Hakuri who is responsible for the handling of the goods meets GWIS and does not want to have anything to do with her as she is a mistress of ice. Despite, GWIS’s desire to fight against her fate and the empathy she develops to Hakuri’s situation they fall in love. Hakuri tells Soya the history of abuse and the latter shows everyone how Hakuri was abused by Soya through which GWIS heals the wounds. She wants to enlighten him of the world out there, a move Hakuri declines, asserting his intention to ensure that he is able to offer his family what they want. In the present, Soya slams Hakuri into a wall, and continues to patronize him rudely. This leads to a flashback of Hakuri’s past, where she and GWIS were ready to kill each other in the most brutal way, the latter holds a knife on Hakuri’s neck. She conveys her decision to commit suicide, she feels lonely and fated to become a tool because of her abilities. Hakuri tries every means possible to persuade her to come back, but GWIS, unable to bear with herself any longer, kills herself and THAT is the end of that couple. The chapter creates an expectation of a Hakuri and Soya fight, with the former ready to awaken his Isou and face his brother. This confrontation will be a key event in the series, in which Hakuri is desperately trying to act and finally free himself.

Kagurabachi Chapter 37 Release Date and Time?

Kagurabachi Chapter 37
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Thus, Kagurabachi Chapter 37 release date and time are June 16, 2024, Sunday at 15:00 GMT, 08:00 PT, and 11:00 ET. This is the sixth weekly release in succession, and the Kagurabachi Chapter 37 should be readable for free along with Chapters 35 and 36 on the Viz Media website. Another is that the Kagurabachi Chapter 37 will be available for free on the Shueisha official websites MANGAPlus, Shonen Jump + App, Viz media Website and MANGA Plus App. International readers will be able to access it as early as June 16, 2024 depending with their location. The release times for international viewers vary based on their time zone:

Time ZonesRelease Date & Time
Pacific Daylight TimeSunday, June 16, 8 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSunday, June 16, 11 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, June 16, 3 PM
Central European TimeSunday, June 16, 4 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, June 16, 8:30 PM
Philippine Standard TimeSunday, June 16, 11 PM
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, June 17, 12 AM
Australian Central Standard TimeMonday, June 17, 12:30 AM
Kagurabachi Chapter 37 Release Date and Time

Kagurabachi Chapter 37 Expected Plot?

Kagurabachi Chapter 37
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The Kagurabachi Chapter 37 is presumably to start with Chihiro, Shiba and Hakuri going to Kyora’s Storehouse in an attempt to get some powerful weapons. This will be a very important mission as they will be trying to equip themselves for the future warfare. One major character that hints to return in the series is Hiyuki where she is believed to meet Chihiro and tell her some horrifying news. It is not certain what this news will entail but more information about it will definably shape the rest of the story. Ensuing the team of Chihiro, Shiba, and Hakuri try to retrieve the weapons they plan on using against Kyora Sazanami, the head of Sazanami Family is believed to arrive at the storehouse and challenge them at some point. It will turn to a heated fight with the enemies, this situation can become a good challenge to the heroes’ abilities and will to fight. In Tenri Sazanami’s party, a companion with the Datenseki and abilities comparable to an Enchanted Blade is said to utilize the remaining energy to halt the advance of Chihiro and his friends. These two will escalate the tension levels of the encounter even further and may result to elaboration of much more about the Datenseki and what it is capable of. The Kagurabachi Chapter 37 is also expected to elaborate on what seemed to be a long-lost Storehouse, Hakuri’s ability that has not been seen so far. Thus, as Hakuri grows and unfolds himself, along with main character’s growing as well as developing new powers.

Kagurabachi Chapter 37 where to read?

Kagurabachi Chapter 37
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This Kagurabachi Chapter 37 will be released for free together with the forty-third and the forty-fourth chapters of fray on the Viz Media website. To read the chapter and many others completely free of charge, please visit the digital platform of MANGAPlus which belongs to Shueisha company. It includes streaming and purchasing the chapter on the Shonen Jump+ App where Kagurabachi series can only be read with subscription fee. Chapter will also be available for free at MANGAPlus app.


Kagurabachi Chapter 37 will indeed be interesting since the battle of the two brothers escalates to the next level. The chapter is expected to be out on Sunday the 16 th of June of the year 2024 in the afternoon according to Greenwich Mean Time that would be around 3 PM GMT or 8 AM PT or Finally 11 AM for Eastern Time. The chapter can be read through Viz Media website, MANGAPlus website, Shonen Jump+App, and MANGAPlus app. The chapter will pick up immediately from where Chihiro was fighting Hakuri, and Tenri Sazanami at the end of Chapter 36. Speculations are Chihiro, Shiba, and Hakuri will collect weapons from Kyora’s storehouse, Hiyuki will also come across Chihiro and tell her something shocking and Kyora will meet the heroes to fight them at the storehouse. Further, Tenri’s ally should perform their remaining amount of power to stop the Hero Party; nevertheless, they did not survive long enough for that; more about Hakuri’s Storehouse ability remains concealed. All in all, Kagurabachi Chapter 37 will be a more plot-driven episode full of actions that will have considerable impact on the characters’ fates. Thus, the fans are to get more powerful opponents for the heroes and new secrets to follow, which makes it quite an interesting and thrilling book.

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