Sakamoto Days Chapter 164: Release Date, what to expect, where to read?

Hi, readers! This is our article on the manga series Sakamoto Days, and we are going to talk about Sakamoto Days Chapter 164. Being one of the most widely anticipated series of visual novel manga, fans are in the hot seat as they wait for the release of new chapter but worry not as we will be here to inform you about everything you should know. Concerning when Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 is released and what are the things readers should anticipate in future chapters and where you can watch it, we have got you covered. Together we go into the Sakamoto Days land and wait for the next episode that will leave us breathless.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 163 Recap?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164
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Sakamoto Days Chapter 163, entitled “An Adventure with Uzuki’s Multiple Personalities,” begins as Sakamoto, Narumo (who is now in Uzuki’s body), and Akao, are chased by the security guards as they maintain a narrow escape and participate in the exciting race. The previous chapter ends with the sound of an emergency exit door opening close to us just around a corner as if a major new development that may be a threat is about to happen in the next chapter. The section will be centered on resulting scenarios of Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Akao, as each of them endure the growing turmoil caused by Uzuki’s multiple personality disorder. Sakamoto’s plan for Akao might now be the only other option to stay alive, but things just keep getting confusing as the fans wait to witness what exactly the mysterious Uzuki’s purpose is. In Sakamoto Day Chapter 162 said story started by Sakamoto heading towards the Vault in the Underground Special Exhibition in the He art room. He thought about a shortcut and about Wold flaming heart intension. The discourse between Sakamoto and Wu Tang went through (X), who was the person Sakamoto met once in Thailand and was the second one to become infected. Wu fired a shot on two burkes, waking everybody up. One of them was X, and orders and threats followed. However, X’s behavior was consistent with a case of multiple personality disorder. Sakamoto Seventy-Third chapter is planned to drop on April 22nd (around 12 a.m. JST) across the internet such as Viz Media, Shueisha’s MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 Release Date?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164
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It is supposed that Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 comes into being on Monday, April 29, 2024, right after the predetermined Topwathe concept of the prior chapters. Such exact date is subject to small but substantial variations, depending on the platform and the time zone chosen. For all the fans, sitting at an international location the chapter will be published in our website on Sunday, April 28 around 3pm GMT / 7am PT / 10 am ET. However, remember that the show may be at a slightly different time according to your geographical location. If you want to read the 164th chapter of Sakamoto Dos, various digital platforms that provide such content include Viz Media, Shueisha’s MangaPlus, and Shonen Jump. Such sites are the great places where the fans can launch the latest chapters soon as they come out.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 what to expect?


Sakamoto is probably going to appear in chapter one hundred and the part that follows will be exciting monsters and scenes with Akao (Uzuki`s body is currently taken over by Akao), Nagumo and Sakamoto battling the challenges and perils posed by Uzuki`s personality disorders. The emergency exits the reader entered previously might be the first step on an adventure, yet it could also be a warning, keeping readers on their toes and the plot moving forward. The chapter is expected to highlight an escalation of chaos as the storyline originates from Uzuki’s mental disorder. This potentially could be the solution to the troubles that Sakamoto faces concerning Akao’s difficulties. Yet, this continues to be the biggest puzzle for the followers and likewise positions them in the end of their seats as they eagerly wait for more information about her real intentions. Now, viewers will accompany the three main characters – Sakamoto,Nagumo, and Akao – to experience the danger of the predicament which can escalate due to the opening of the emergency exit door. Perhaps, new developments or threats will be introduced. Moreover, the chapter may move towards Amane and Shishiba as Tauluus would probably take strong actions to defend Amane from the reactions of the case which he has not comprehended.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 where to read?

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Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 in English can be typed in online for free on different digital media of the sort. The purpose of this platform is to offer its fans a convenient way to read the latest chapter releases if they don’t catch the current chapter on this day. The Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 Link is part of it too. United States/Canada viewers get the privilege to the series from Viz Media while the new chapters are released on Shueisha’s MangaPlus. Furthermore, you will discover the section devoted to Shonen Jump in the article. On these portals, fans have access to the latest issues of their favorite manga staying away from illegal copies; for example, Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 will be legally and officially be available here.


Finally, it is the Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 which has been particularly forward-looking for fans who were anxiously waiting for its unfolding and to feel the tension of the new difficulties that the characters will meet. The chapter continues the action without stopping as Sakamoto, Nagumo, and Akao (now all inhabiting the same body), like all the heroes before them, seek a way to answers all the questions posed by Uzuki’s DID. The door that opened up on the previous page may lead to unexpected developments or danger, along with other elements of mystery and excitement that will make the story even more interesting. To download that Sakamoto Day chapter 164 readers can visit mangapark website, sortiemanga, viz media viz Shueisha’s MangaPlus and finally, Shonen Jump! On Monday, April 29th, 2024, this chapter will be available on the platform by midnight Japan Standard Time. Literature of the chapter is supposed to be the topic of different platforms, like Reddit, Sakamoto Days Wiki and YouTube after the story starts to unravel. Awaiting the tell-tale signature melodical tunes, the fans may anticipate that the gripping adventure will go on in Sakamoto Days Chapter 164 as the heroines still have to cope with new challenges.

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