Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

The fantastic culinary experience of “Delicious in Dungeon” story succeeds in maintaining the interest of the audience interested in both action, adventure, and of course, cuisine. The last episodes were interesting where Laios and his friends spent much time roaming around the dungeon and feasting on different body parts hoping to find an elixir that would reverse the gods’ curse. The following are brief summaries of the episodes that were released prior to Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23, the release date for this episode, and a sneak peek into what is within the upcoming show. You should let me know if there are additional instructions or a number of guidelines how to proceed with the rest of the blog post.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 22 Recap?

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23
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Yaad also notes that Thistle, the lunatic magician with whom they had once been traveling, would often come and eat with them during the breakfasts. He affirms Thistle and Delgal (Yaad’s grandfather) were not only bosom friends but also had a close brothers like relationship with each other and that Delgal welcomed Thistle into the castle as a jester. Yaad has stated that Delgal persuaded Thistle to carry on with the studies in magic as well as to support him in case Delgal ascended to the throne. Yaad speaks to Laios and informs him that Thistle had wanted magic so badly that even Laios felt that it was necessary to place an immortality spell over the kingdom. Rarely does a proud daughter appear unmoved by the purity of the callow youth before her When Laios asks where he can find Thistle, Yaad refuses to tell him because he argues Thistle is difficult to communicate with. But it is here that Yaad reveals that Thistle has beings that are always vigil for golden kingdom country and almost certainly he is going back to this kingdom. In response, Yaad suggests to Laios to looking for the power of the winged lion before facing Thistle since it will bind the magic of Thistle. He explains that the lion is in the dungeon they are in, at the bottom of it. Yaad proceeds to take Laios, Chilchuk, and all the rest down a path that could bring them back to the dungeon. In the Golden Country several people give gifts for the party to Laios’s group before the heroes go on their way. Yaad says nothing and merely looks carefully at the ground as Thistle suddenly appears after a few moments demanding to know why Yaad was speaking with those adventurers. At the same time with it a Laios and his friends come to a dwarves’ reservoir.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 Release Date?

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23
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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 is set to air on June 6, 2024, at 2:30 PM JST on the AT-X channel in Japan. This can be considered as the next part of the cooking genre simulation show that continues the culinary journey where one can fight monsters, discover new locations, and cook tasty meals on the tricky path. A new Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 will be aired in Japanese before the end of the month and the show will be subbed in English soon after its airing. It is recalled that fans are still waiting for the continuation of Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 in tapping on the story of the characters and their ongoing relationships.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 Expected Plot?

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23
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Fujiwara’s fans eagerly await the next issue of the magazine that contains Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 of the popular manga series “Delicious in Dungeon” to follow the story of Laios and his comrades who have to try to survive together in the dungeon and fight various orcs while hunting and experimenting with new dishes at the same time. That is as far as the preview of the episode is concerned and it seems that more about Senshi shall be revealed, his background whose experiences tied him closely with the elven ship that was seen approaching the city in the previous episode. The opening of the episode might unveil Senshi’s background beginning with him and his mining team being the ones who discovered the castle which now serves as the dungeon. It would be intriguing to know more about Senshi and his plight, and how this accounts for his conduct and interaction with the rest of the cast of the series. As the group progresses, they will probably be meeting new obstacles and feeding their improvised crew with even more outrageous dishes to assist in their quest. This episode could also reveal the relation of Senshi to the elven ship, which will probably serve as an important twist of the series. It is planned that the episode contains impending action, investigations, and food adventures, which have already featured in the show up to date. Given that Studio Trigger is handling the animation of Darling in the Francks, fans of the anime should have high expectations over the visual spectacle of the scenes that will be featured in the story.

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 where to watch?

Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23
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Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 is set to air on June 6, 2024, at 2:30 PM JST, it was broadcast on the AT-X channel in Japan. For the fans’ convenience, the episode is translated into English and can be viewed just a few hours after the airing in Japan. Hopefully, the English words version of Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 will also be released on other platforms, such as Netflix, where the show is for the moment placed. The English subtitled for episode 23 and the subsequent episodes is likely to be released shortly after the Japanese episode. The viewers can enjoy the episode with English subtitles as the series is available on online streaming sites like Netflix.


This breakdown of the Yokohama Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 promises to reveal more of the plight of the protagonist who is on a mission to save his city while the subplot pulls on the audience’s heartstrings through delicious edible artwork. It should be exciting and revealing because the next episode of the anime will explore Senshi’s past and how he is related to the elven ship teased at the end of the previous episode. Netflix has already episodes with English subtitles soon after being aired in Japan and the said Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 can be seen online or on television. The English dubbed version will follow, but to date there is no set release date as to when it will be premiered. It has become a show which attracts a lot of viewers due to its amusing mix of adventures, moves, and food passion. Given that Studio Trigger is handling the animation, those who plan on tuning in can expect loud and flashy scenes to remember. Delicious in Dungeon Episode 23 is set to air on June 6, 2024, On the AT-X channel in Japan at 2:30 PM JST and will continue until 12 PM JST the next day. The schedule when the episode air will be followed on various services such as Anime Countdown which informs on the time when Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day episode will be available in different parts of the world.

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