Chainsaw Man Chapter 162: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw scans, where to read?

After another amazing installment, the manga comic book Chainsaw Man Chapter 162 is another episode of a famous manga series written and drawn by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Numerous fans followed this series because of its extraordinary idea which had intriguing characters and outstanding actions that kept many of the fans stuck to their screens. The last chapter’s ending left the fans hanging up on their ends of the rope as Denji’s friends discovered his whereabouts, and Yoru indicated that he has been separated and put in several different boxes grouped by body parts. With Denji’s body in pieces that fans have seen, people have been excited to find out who the characters will display and how they can respond to the threat This time, started with Asa and co passing through the doors and they come to Denji’s room where he is being held. Devil Yoru then demanded someone who has heard Chainsaw Man‘s voice indicate his location yet informed, ironically, the devil also had been burnt into pieces and put into several different boxes organized by body part. Haruka and her colleagues were acquainted by Yoru to begin assembling his parts into one piece which would come back to life after that.

Chainsaw Man chapter 162 Release Date?

Chainsaw Man chapter 162
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In the Chainsaw Man chapter 162, it is known through the website of MANGA Plus that it was scheduled to be published on April 10, 2024, at 12 am JST. The episode will again pick up with the intense fight between Quanxi and the main characters in which the previous episode shows that Denji is put in several boxes and that the boxes are classified according to the body part. Because of the sequence of events that will take place in the chapter, we are sure that you will see both a few great action scenes and some character development as well as a few surprises. Readers who wish to have the anime issue can just open Viz Media’s official website on their device, or the MANGA Plus platform from Shueisha, or the Shonen Jump+ app by Shueisha as well. Unlike the first two ones, which are free services as they enable readers to read the first and the last three issues of a series, the last one is a paid, part of subscription service which allows readers to read the full series of the series.

Chainsaw Man chapter 162 Spoilers?

Chainsaw man Chapter 162 scheduled to be released on April 10th, 2024, at 12:01 am of Japan Standard Time, the official manga plus official website has confirmed. Chapter is expected to keep on the intensifying battle, featuring events that take place after the previous chapters where Denji body has been cut into different boxes and office. Seemingly, there are one for each body part. Chapter 162 underlying end spilt has Mr. Quanxi’s arrival marked and he, the Devil Hunter, to kill everyone. This shows that the scene is supposed to begin with Katana Man, Nail fiend and Fami all struggling to fend Quanxi off, while the rest are collectedly working on stitching Chainsaw-Man’s body back together. Then, the plan could be that the three of them defence the campus, so it’s possible for others to fix up Chainsaw Man, whom can fight Quanxi.

Chainsaw Man chapter 162
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As might be expected, fans had a fraction of an idea that a shorter time ago the duo was about to discover where Denji had been hiding for a while. As fans’ expectations stay ahead of the storyline, the excitement to see the future of this series is more extraordinary, and Chapter 162 has become highly anticipated. Likewise, we should take into account that chapter 162 sprints to a break and then chapter 163 starts with a pause of 50%. For the next Kaguya manga or as little as it can be. Shonen Jump can promise at the end of each chapter if there will be a break. In essence, Chainsaw Man Chapter 162 will come out on April 10, 2024, and the supporters should be prepared for more action way above their usual effectiveness. The chapter will have been the best scenes with full of actions and very good characters.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 162 Raw Scans?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 162

Fans of Chainsaw Man Chapter 162 scan Raw’s unofficially release to have the great privilege of reading where the story is heading without waiting for official publishing. The scans will be Processed to come out a few days before the official release date of April 10, 2024, these scans allow fans to be leaked spoilers which include the plotlines events of the episode besides spoiling the thinking experiences, development and intensity of the characters action scenes. Readers can get different versions of the Chainsaw Man chapter 162 through digital channels as some sites only offer manga content. Quite often such resources illicitly clap their hands up for scans that are way ahead of the official release giving fans a peek into the developing plot of the story. Though, it must be said that raw scan is neither a publication of a translation nor a confirmation of an official translation, the accuracy and authenticity can never be guaranteed. Thus, the Chainsaw Man chapter 162 scans of Chainsaw Man are expectedly much wanted by the fans, since they fulfill the wish to learn early the consequences of the fight between Quanxi and the characters. These scans are foreseen to be put online within just a few days more prior to the official release date, thus, the fans can already be treated to the thrilling previews of what is to come in the chapter.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 162 where to read?

Chainsaw Man Chapter 162
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To read the latest chapter of the manga Chainsaw Man, the readers can use different downloading resources through a variety of platforms. The chapter will be out on April 10, 2024, JST time zone 12 am, as the MANGAPlus website stated officially. Fans can have a free access to the chapter through Viz Media‘s official website, MANGA Plus service from MANGA Plus , and app equipped with Shonen Jump. These programmed are specifically designed for such readers who can easily go through the new chapters of the series online, where they can find a number of things such as the fierce battles, the character growth and the plot of CHAINSAW MAN. Besides, smartphone apps may contain a folk copy of the chapter in a few days, and fans will have the opportunity to view what will happen in the following chapters before release officially.


The conclusion includes that Chainsaw Man chapter 162 will be available on April10, 2024 at 12 am JST at the MANGAPlus website, as the official website had mentioned. The book chapter will clearly go on with the battle between the trio and the characters that the chapter before has ended with Denji’s body being put into several boxes labelled by the part of the body from which it was severed. Two or three days before the official release, we anticipate that we will have put up raw scans of the chapter in question for pre-rendering purposes, which allows for a sneak peek at what will happen in the chapter. The easiest manner for me to read Chainsaw Man chapter 162 online is through VIZ Media’s official website, MANGA Plus service on Shueisha, or Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app.

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