Pure Love Operation Chapter 98: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

The series that focuses on the world of Pure Love Operation goes on building tension and revealing more and more intriguing events and characters. In this article, therefore, it would be appropriate to recall the preceding episodes of this enthralling saga and preview what the audience is likely to expect in Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 of the story. Here in this blog post we will discuss about the recap of the last chapter of the anime, the current status of the release date of the anime and the speculation regarding the new episode. Also, Pure Love Operation is a currently running manga so we shall help you where you can read the sequent chapters. So, if you wish to return to the sphere of Pure Love Operation, please, welcome to read more about this interesting show here.

Pure Love Operation Chapter 97 Recap?

Pure Love Operation Chapter 98
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Moreover, the chapter starts with a look into the past, where the main character – Takashi – and his friends will talk about the previous adventures. This brief moment is an eye opener or rather a reminder of the long-lasting friendships that have been made. The main theme of the chapter again relates to the conflict on how a boy named Takashi can share a time with friends and on the other hand start to have affection for a particular girl named Rina. The main internal conflict revolves on the struggle of choosing between one’s friends and the person he likes that also affects Takashi as the members of his group. Rina, too, is not exempted from emotional distress at this point in the drama series. All the confusion, which she has towards Takashi, is tied on her past and, therefore, she is afraid of being hurt. An example of this is her internal battle, which is well represented by her thoughts, therefore making the read have an insight of her feelings. Takashi and Rina struggling with feelings go deeper when they are presented with a new dilemma. An opposing team appears with one of them known as Shinji who poses a threat to the cohesiveness of Takashi’s group. It is in this new development that the twist of threatening the characters’ lives is introduced, thus making the plot more suspenseful and riskier. In all the parts of the chapter, the author incorporates different events into a narrative, and it makes it very tense and suspenseful. It has been established that when a writer leaves a book opening with so much suspense, it is highly likely that readers will be left eager to see what happens next in the book.

Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 Release Date?

Pure Love Operation Chapter 98
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According to current plans, the next weekly chapter of Pure Love Operation will initially be published online on June 6, 2024, and fans have high expectations for the plot progression. The next chapter, Chapter 98 can be read online at either HARIMANGA, Kingofshojo, or Manhwa Clan. These platforms provide professional English translations of the newest releases, which are often full color, meaning fans can enjoy the newest content without having to go through translation processes.

Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 Expected Plot?

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The chapter may explain the feeling of Soo Ae and Eunhyuok for each other and they may get deeper in the feeling part. Expectations are that in the further development of their relationship there is a new conflict between them, which will enrich the plot. Cheol Su’s advice to Soo Ae not to bring the novel at that point may complicate the situation more in the future. It is still unsure why he chose to give such a warning, but audience will get to see more of his participation in the events. It is very probable that feelings of Dohwa to Soo Ae will be a focus of Pure Love Operation Chapter 98. This may open more conflict and dramatic scenes in the story for having a broken heart and unrequited love for her. Mentioning classes, the chapter may further bring drama to the classroom that will reveal Eunhyeok’s feelings for Soo Ae to other students. This could lead to various social issues and gossip among the students in school. New patterns and/or changes in situations may occur in chapter 98 to capture fans’ attention and create desire to know what further happens in the story.

Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 where to read?

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Fans of Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 shall be pleased to know that the latest chapter is to be launched on June 6, 2024; however, the audience interested in reading the new chapter shall be interested in knowing the source of the chapter as well as where to find it. The source through which the series is broadcast officially as a webtoon. It is the most important source for finding the most up to date chapters of Pure Love Operation. Currently, HARIMANGA only provides updated full-color English translation of the chapter of Pure Love Operation at high quality. Eagle-eyed fans can find Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 on this website. In Manhwa Clan, you can find a summary of Chapter 97 and the links to the latest chapters of Pure Love Operation, Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 included.


I have reviewed the brief of Pure Love Operation Chapter 97, where hopes and despair the feelings of the characters have been outlined together with the major moments of the story. We have also determined the time of the Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 release, June 6, 2024. Further, we have guessed the possibilities of the actions to be taken in the Pure Love Operation Chapter 98. For readers interested in the manga and seeking for the new episodes of Pure Love Operation, there are links posted to read the chapters. More downloading sites like HARIMANGA and Kingofshojo provide the English translation of the manga and present full-color story and Manhwa Clan that makes it easier to follow the current episodes and stories. With Chapter 97 out of the way, fans can focus on how these characters’ are related to each other as they wait for Pure Love Operation Chapter 98 to come out. The conflict between Soo Ae, Eunhyeok and Cheol Su makes the story very interesting and the competition would create much tension in the series.

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