Astro Royale Chapter 9: Recap, Release Date, Time, Expected Plot, where to read?

Astro Royale is made up of science fiction manga series that continues to attract readers due to the well-developed plot and splendid graphics. The fans are waiting for the Astro Royale Chapter 9 and to help you with the updates, here is the complete guide to the topic. Here I will: recap and discuss Chapter 8, make guesses regarding Astro Royale Chapter 9, give you information on when it comes out and where to read the manga.

Astro Royale Chapter 8 Recap?

Astro Royale Chapter 9

In the chapter, the audience is also met with Policeman Genki Kimoto, who arrives at the scene to report the calamity resulting from the meteor impact. Due to the meteor’s influence, there are cases of theft and robbery which makes the manga have part lawlessness. This enhances the plot a notch higher because, while the Yotsugiri siblings struggle for their lives after the meteorite impact, they have to also deal with sibling rivalry at the same time. These are the sort of scenes where as the Yotsugiri siblings explore the haunted house, they meet hardships and hurdles along their way. The chapter exhibits various challenges that the family undergoes in their efforts to gather and avoid a war. Meeting Policeman Genki Kimoto also positions the family within the real world, signifying the importance of work and cooperation in view of unification in time of hardships. The meteor strike lays the backdrop for the occurrences of chapter eight; it brings out the theme of confusion and anarchy. The introduction of Policeman Genki Kimoto gives the viewers information on what happened after the meteor strike and what the Yotsugiri siblings have to go through. The plots of the entire chapter are based on the Yotsugiri siblings’ search for the fact in the haunted house. The situation in Astro Royale Chapter 8 comes with new trials regarding the Yotsugiri siblings as a meteor strike brings important changes in the next part of the series. In the chapter, one identifies the challenges that the family has to deal with to ensure that they come together and to avoid war; new characters are also introduced, and new events are also described.

Astro Royale Chapter 9 Release Date and Time?

Astro Royale Chapter 9
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Astro Royale Chapter 9 is scheduled for release on Sunday, June 16, 2024, at 8:00 AM JST. This represents the continued weekly contribution in this series that has been a user of the show up to this point. Fans should be ready for the chapter with the expectation that it will be released on MANGA Plus by Shueisha, which hosts the app that allows readers three chapters at a time. Anyone who wants to know more about the story can read the episodes of Astro Royale on MANGA Plus or follow the previous chapters. Here are the following Release Date & time for Specific Time zones:

Time ZonesRelease Date & Time
Pacific Daylight TimeSunday, June 16, 8 AM
Eastern Daylight TimeSunday, June 16, 11 AM
Greenwich Mean TimeSunday, June 16, 3 PM
Central European TimeSunday, June 16, 4 PM
Indian Standard TimeSunday, June 16, 8:30 PM
Philippine Standard TimeSunday, June 16, 11 PM
Japanese Standard TimeMonday, June 17, 12 AM
Australian Central Standard TimeMonday, June 17, 12:30 AM
Astro Royale Chapter 9 Release Date and Time

Astro Royale Chapter 9 Expected Plot?

Astro Royale Chapter 9
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As for the general theme, it is possible that the chapter would be dedicated to the consequences of the meteorite impact: the subsequent destruction and mayhem. But the Yotsugiri family will be forced to adjust to the circumstances and look for a way of living at any price. The continuation of superpowers that have been introduced in the previous chapters will also not be left out in the story. The members of the Yotsugiri family will have to master some important controls and make proper usage of the newly arrived powers; this will result in new complications and struggles. For instance, the chapter could depict the siblings’ strife within the family, especially between Hibaru and his brothers and sisters. With such changes in the roles and authority of the employees, one can only expect that they will have to deal with the issues they come across collectively. There is a clear indication that the introduction of new characters like policemen Genki Kimoto will from part and parcel of the story hence the continued evolution of the same. The Yotsugiri family may have relations with other families or persons having similar aims and perception of reality which always leads to new battles for the control of the empire. Perhaps, the chapter will shed the light towards the Astro abilities and the background that makes the Yotsugiri family members endowed with such supernatural faculties. Another aspect may reveal new aspects and mysterious in the Yotsugiri family, which can become a new factor of conflict and struggle for power. Astro Royale Chapter 9 should therefore be very interesting with lots of action. The chapter will very probably go on analysing the aspects of family, power and chivalry, the new world in which the Yotsugiri family has been thrown into. Astro Royale will be a great and exciting story with interesting characters and twist, merging sci-fi themes and delinquent stories, so readers will surely not remain indifferent.

Astro Royale Chapter 9 where to read?

Astro Royale Chapter 9
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Astro Royale Chapter 9 can be read on the official channels of Shueisha including MANGA Plus by Shueisha TV. This platform provides the updated chapters of the series, and you can get another chapter Astro Royale Chapter 9 for free. Readers can easily find the chapter of Astro Royale by going on the MANGA Plus web page. Viz Media who is the official publisher for Astro Royale has made series available on their website. As for the current chapters, one can get all of them, including Astro Royale Chapter 9, through their service.


Astro Royale Chapter 9 will be quite a thrilling episode in the Astro Royale series, as the Yotsugiri family tries to survive the meteor impact and come to terms with new personalities appearing in the series. Based on the content discussed in the chapter, it should be noted that the main issues that would continue to be investigated within the given novel include the nature of the family connections, the distribution of the power between the members of a family, and the chivalrous spirit coming from the heart of the main hero. As you have seen, Astro Royale is a new fresh series that can easily be called a promised Cards, endearing characters, the progressive narration, and the combination of sci-fi and delinquent themes make Astro Royale a wonderful addition to manga series. For the interested readers, Astro Royale Chapter 9 is currently available at the official platforms including MANGA Plus by Shueisha TV and Viz; besides, it can be accessed at the r/AstroRoyale community of Reddit.

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