Buying London Netflix: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, where to watch?

Hello world! This is my blog and will be a platform to share all the recent information about the Netflix TV show, Buying London Netflix which is about to launch. The producers of this new show have announced a British version of Selling Sunset, which will be following the lives of successful and go-getting property agents who are dealing with high-end properties in the London luxury property market. The video clip whatever name has been named, in fact, has already been uploaded on the official channel of Netflix on YouTube and we can finally get a taste of how life looks like when you have to deal with people who are willing to spend millions just to have a roof over their heads in London. The series clips reveal the agents racing through both their professional and private lives, fighting to be successful in their challenging business and on the market which is the reserve of the most expensive properties in the city.

Buying London Netflix Release Date?

Buying London Netflix

Buying London Netflix, the next show on the popular streaming platform Netflix, titled Buying London, started production on 22 May 2024. The TV show is a British version of Selling Sunset, depicting the lives of the elite property agents trying to pave their way through the Tweedledee of the fashion-conscious world of the high-end estate market. The premiere of Buying London has necessarily been locked in by Netflix, with the series to finally be on the streaming service the 22nd of May 2024. The series revolves around Daniel Daggers – a multi-millionaire property tycoon – and his company of DDRE. London luxury home market is their business, and they just happily take on and crush it.

Buying London Netflix Cast?

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Buying London Netflix cast is predicted to be Daniel Daggers, who is the mentor of the show too, and his team of the DDRE Global agents. The star-studded cast comprises of Alex Evagora; Reme Nicole, Benji Weinberger, Rasa Bagdonaviciute, Rosi Walden, Richard Lightwing, the versatile Aisha Bhatia, Lauren Christy, Oliver Hamilton, and Jess Bishop, among others on the negative side, the actual human cast has not been officially announced yet. The said program will bring in some ‘real estate’ drama into London and the main characters of it will be the real estate agents and their private lives as well as the property they are selling. It has been slated to be worldwide launched on Netflix in May 2024, though the exact date of release is not yet out. After explosive reality shows like “Selling Sunset,” Buying London Netflix shouldn’t be overlooked for those who are fans of reality shows. It promises to be a drama-filled story, fascinating posh-estate and the problems with the Real Estate market of London. This is what you can expect from the drama, so keep an eye for further updates regarding the show and trailer. The plot and watching contents will be announced later.

Buying London Netflix Trailer?

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A video trailer of Buying London Netflix is now available on the main page of the official Netflix website and gives sneak glimpse into the world of premium property market in London. In the trailer, the picture of the main character Daniel Daggers and the best and most expensive houses of London is also presented.

Buying London Netflix Plot?

Buying London Netflix
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When Buying London Netflix is a new reality show on Netflix which is setting up in the UK elite real estate market of London England. The show is meant to be aired in May 2024 which will feature dashing, London-based estate agent Daniel Daggers working for DDRE Global with his team while they wrestle with the hurdles of luxury property market in UK. The main storyline is of Daniel Daggers, the real estate agent who is an expert of his own domain and has been in the real estate for 25 years and has sold £5 billion worth of property. He is the creator of DDRE Global, a standalone agency based in Marylebone, with a skilled staff on board, and his entire team is quite enthusiastic about building his real estate brand. In the reality series, we will see how the team works to establish themselves among the top agencies in the glamorous sector of luxury real estate. The official Netflix synopsis for Buying London says: “Our crew found the humor and drama of this world irresistible. We’re focusing on the people: from the power men and women on the coveted streets of Mayfair to the stunning landscapes of Holland Park, and we’ll be showing you how the agents deal with their personal lives as well as work hard to make a name in the glamorous world of luxury real estate.” This phenomenon of Selling Sunset gaining popularity leaves no doubts as to why this format should be adopted for a British one to create another context aimed to duplicate the hit. The show promises allure, glamour, and drama in the world of real estate in London, where personal transformations are as important as the prime properties.

Buying London Netflix where to watch?

Buying London Netflix
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The challenging way of buying real estate is to be shown on a new show on Netflix that is named Buying London Netflix popular Selling Sunset series, and it is set in London, showing jetsam and flotsam of life of high-end property agents. They are fighting for success in the toughest world of luxury property market in London. If you are one who likes the reality series, Selling Sunset, then you can’t miss the Buying London show. The show promises to be easy on the eyes with a lot of drama, costly apartment in London, and the intricacies of the London housing market. You can watch the trailer from Netflix or on the YouTube channel that is main.


In conclusion, Netflix will premiere in May 2024 a new reality show titled Buying London centered on the search for housing in the English capital. The show, as a deluxe real estate-themed show set in London, England, is based on an American original Netflix series called Selling Sunset. The main concern of the show is Daniel Daggers, namely a company called DDRE Global Founder based in Marylebone, which is a private initiative, and got in business for 25 years and sold about £5 billion of property. The drama is going to delve into the multiplicity of challenges that agents face in the form of serious business affairs along with keeping their private lives intact, especially in a glamorous set of the real estate market. The TV program guarantees to put the real estate industry front and center, with representation of the personal lives of most of the agents as well as the properties featured. The feature cast being Daniel Daggers, the central character of the show, and the team that includes agents of DDRE Global. The show is going to be coming out soon and the trailer has already been released. As we all know people who love Selling Sunset or real estate shows will definitely look forward to this series.

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