Spy x Family Chapter 98: Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Get ready for the world of Spy x Family Chapter 98 is knocking at our door, which gives us more fodder for unravelling more mysteries, lightening up the mood and catching more heartwarming clips. With each episode, the writers continue to involve viewers into the dual world filled with the peculiar blend of espionage and family dynamics. This up-and-coming part of the series definitely is the turning point of the current Mole Hunt Case. The mystery mole sends the Westalian agents to Ostania to unravel the classified details before the deadline: the secret operation named Strix. With fans’ emails as the methodology for the survey, we conducted the survey focusing on what fans thought about the release of Spy x Family Chapter 98, which was to come out on Monday, May 13th. The degree of anticipation was high, and we were all waiting to see how everything turned out this time around. Talking about this volume and joining this world of “Spy x Family,” folks can use various websites such as Viz Media, Manga Plus and Shonen Jump to read the latest version. Means: Suit up and brace yourselves for intrigue, uncover mysteries, and learn all the good spy moves in “Spy x Family“, an essential graphic novel series. Spy x Family Chapter 98 is coming! Buckle up guys, you are all set to enjoy another intriguing escapade with the Forgers.

Spy x Family Chapter 97 Recap?

Spy x Family Chapter 98
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The Spy x Family Chapter 97, in accordance with the usual electrifying lifestyle of the Forger family, will otherwise cover the consequences of the ball. The last chapter showcases Anya triumph over Ewen and Iylvinder, winning the chance to dance with Damian Desmond at the Gala. First, the night turned into the one where Anya unveiled her deepest secret to Damian. What evader would believe her at first, the event now has mixed feelings in Damian about the reality of Anya’s mind-reading abilities. The gala dance was the most touching plot in the series, as Anya’s moving stillness generated momentum. Secretly, Loid encourages Anya and she excel very much in the competition, but this wasn’t without a sacrifice from Loid. Worry however being expressed by Ewen and Emile and had no other way than seek a favorable clarification of his friend. The obstacle course challenge, though, was Anya’s fateful chance to show her talent by making it without damage to the target by the use of her mind-reading ability which enabled her to win the final quiz about Damian. It was Damian that at first was hesitant, but then agreed to dance with Anya. Once they hit the dance floor, things got even more intense, and their talk turned into a nasty argument about Anya’s mind-reading. Spy x Family Chapter 97 will focus on the outcomes of the gala ball dance. Besides this, one can tell that Stavros will try to make out whether what Anya told him was true or in reverse. When Anya told Damian the truth, however, he tried at first to think that she was just making fun of him or not telling the truth, but he realized it was true. Nonetheless, after some time passes, the memory of Damian and the words said by Anya will form a doubt in his head, “Maybe there is some truth in this?”

Spy x Family Chapter 98 Release Date?

Spy x Family Chapter 98
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In Spy x Family Chapter 98, readers can expect to enter the plot on Monday, May 13, 2024, at about 12:00 am (JST). What marks this chapter as unusual is that it would be accessible for the vast majority of the western population on the Sunday of May 12 at 3pm (GMT), 8am (PT), or 11am (ET). Fans could be faced with the choice of selecting where to read their latest chapter, through places like VIZ Media for US and Canada readers, Manga Plus, or the Shonen Jump. The print volumes reach only up to 12 in terms of the Japanese settings right now, which means online is the one way you can read the chapter.

Spy x Family Chapter 98 Expected Plot?

Spy x Family Chapter 98
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Spy x Family Chapter 98 sets to continue the exhilarating journeys of the Forger family, with the main focus on the hunt of the mole, who contributed to leaking of confidential papers, comprising information about operation Strix. Last chapter of Spy x Family, which is ‘the Westalian agents chasing the mole in Ostania, who has stolen confidential documents, including information about operation Strix.’ Chapter index mission partly explore kidnapping spy in detail so that Loid and Yuri may work on the squad for this very purpose. The spy operation of all the two nations is trying to catch the one who is leaking the information to the rival intelligence agencies. ThisSpy x Family Chapter 98 should show the tight race between a mole and the agents. The risk at hand would be too high already and the mounting tension would be obvious. Performed as the Mole Hunt Arc by the newcomers, we will arrive in the subsequent chapters that will be presented with more action and suspense. The Spy x Family goes on, well kept its usual everyday slice of life humor and moved into high pace action, which makes it a great reading material for fans of thriller genre.

Spy x Family Chapter 98 where to read?

Spy x Family Chapter 98
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There are some major publishers in English who have the rights of printing Spy x Family Chapter 98, such as Viz Media and Shonen Jump. Some other websites such as Shonen Jump+ and Manga Plus can also do the chapter, but the desires are more on the more reliable sources mentioned.


To sum up, Spy x Family Chapter 98 is scheduled to be published on May 13, 2024, at about 12 o’clock Japanese Standard Time. Your western readers are most likely going to able to get a hold of the chapter on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 3pm GMT, 8am PT, or 11am EST. The chapter will follow as the Mole Hunt Arc freely rolls on, where Westalian agents in Ostania are doing their best to nab a mole who has purged Operation Strix and retrieved classified documents among other information. This manhunt will be the source of the chapter’s main action. Perhaps, the most dramatic pictures will be created when Loid and Yuri join their forces to track down the spy. As of Spy x Family Chapter 98, readers will have the option to view the content from official channels, for example Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump. Since only Japanese print volumes of the series are available and they go up to 12 at the time of writing this, you actually need online translations to keep up with the installment. At this point, the series is displaying no potential to go off the air anytime soon, so fans ought to be excited to hear about more funny escapades of the Forger’s family in the upcoming seasons. Fans of Spy x Family will undoubtedly find reading Chapter 98 a big day since it would finally give them answers to questions, they raised earlier.

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