Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108: Recap, Release Date, Expected Plot, where to read?

Kaiju No 8 the exciting manga series that has gained popularity and is being read globally is expected to release its Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 on June 6, 2024. The manga which depicts the life change of Kafka Hibino from a normal human being to the world’s strongest Kaiju No 8 is growing and is now in its powerful moments of what is referred to as the “Last Wave Arc”. In the previous chapter, Kafka unleashed a devastating new technique, Troop Style Hand-to-Hand Combat: Third Form’s Alternative – Double Strike on No. 9 against the strong opponent Third Form. The blow caused No. 9 to look surprised and the readers were left anticipating how the fight would progress and what would happen in the next scenes.

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 107 Recap?

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108
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In the previous chapter, after becoming overwhelmed by the power of Kaiju No. 9, Kafka Hibino used the final form of the Squadron Style Hand-to-Hand Combat technique to deliver a strong attack to Kaiju No. 9. This attack severed No. 9’s head and caused the rest of the body to plunge down into Eart. However, it became clear that something is wrong as a radius of No. 9 had an internal shield, presumably because of the absorption of the No. 2 weapon. Even when overwhelmed into a comatose state, No. 9 was able to dodge Kafka’s final blow and tell him the truth about Kafka being an ex-human. This is followed, in No. 9 then thanking Kafka for demonstrating how much he has opened up, let alone signifying that Kafka’s latest metamorphosis may be the one that wholly morphs him into Kaiju. At the end of the chapter, No.9 exclaimed that it was his turn and as soon as No. 9 said so a part of Kaiju No. 2 appears from his body. This development indicates that No. 9 has isolated the No. 2 weapon into pure Kaiju form which is leading to pseudo rebirth of No. 2.

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 Release Date?

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108
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Kaiju No 8 Chapter 108 is scheduled to be published on June 6, 2024. This comes as an expected norm for the manga series, which has been improving its flow as it releases new chapters every two weeks. As for the timing of the release of the new Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108, it would be during the morning because the official North American publisher of Kaiju No 8 is VIZ Media, and it uploads the latest chapters in the early hours of the day. However, as hinted above, there could always be gaps in the respective timetable; this is, however, mostly due to the fact that the teams are likely to have some time off or due other factors that could cause the program to drag a little behind. Thus, if no unfavorable circumstances arise, the audience is ready to further continue the interaction with the story and wait for Kaiju No. 8 Chapter 108 in the comic on June 6, 2024.

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 Expected Plot?

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108
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In the previous chapter, Maria Hibino cut the head off Kaiju No. 9 using squadron style hand-to-hand combat modified basic technique. It struck off No.9’s head and began falling from the sky. Yet it was soon realized that exactly No.9 had an inner barrier or a shell around it center, and it was invisible most probably due to being produced by the Sho weapon No. 2. This time, thanks to the ambush that No. 9 has prepared, he was able to dodge and avoid the incoming killing blow from Kafka’s weapon. He came closer to Kafka and said that Kafka was once a human. Kaiju no 9 then thanked Kafka for demonstrating how far he’d come, which led the author to point out that Kafka’s most recent change may be the one that transforms him into a Kaiju for good. As if to offer up the ultimate live demonstration of how much he has grown, the head of Kaiju No. 2 started to emerge from No. 9’s body right before chapter ended. This indicates to No. 9 that No. 2 weapon has been fragmented into a pure form of Kaiju and as a result, No. 2 is pseudo-resurrected. Since chapter 107 has ended on a rather high note, ambiguously depicting Kafka and No. 9 in mid-fight, it is predicted that chapter 108 will follow it up with a bang and depict Kafka and No. 9 fighting on unrelentingly. New skills and episodes would be expected to be well developed to instill humor amidst danger and fight for friends and people Kafka loves. Finally, the fact that even secret and underestimated weapon of Kafka will not be sufficient to defeat No. 9 becomes the crucial and breathtaking failure for Kafka as well as for Kaiju Defense Force. It foreshadows an even more intense cliffhanger at the end of the next chapter as the gloves have well been taken off in chapter 108. Since the last chapter opened the possibility of Kaiju No. 2 multiplying, it must reveal the new form born from No. 9’s crucible, Kaiju No. 2’s head growing from No. 9’s body. As for the readers, one could realize how Kafka and the Defense Force respond to this new type of threat as well as how the conflict will be impacted henceforth. Since “Last Wave Arc” in the series is yet to be completed, it is obvious that the fight between Kaiju No. 8 and Charap is far from over, and therefore, Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 is truly a warfare Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 worth looking forward to. Audiences will get a chance to follow the narrative that continues in the most diverse ways as Kafka along with his friends fights against the powerful No. 9 and now awakened Kaiju No. 2.

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 where to read?

Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108
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Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 is licensed in North America and will have the newest chapter released on VIZ Media’s website. This is likely the most convenient and effective method to reach readers in the US and Canada to get updated information on the latest chapter. There is no doubt that the official source to read Kaiju No 8 is through Shueisha’s MANGA Plus website where they do offer Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 release and translations across the globe for free. Besides MANGA Plus, the official site for Kaiju No. 8’s new Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108 Shueisha also offers Kaiju No 8 through Shonen Jump+ app, an alternative means to read the new series.


Kaiju No 8 Chapter 108 is eagerly awaited by the fans, and it is expected to be published on June 6, 2024, Accordingly, the “Last Wave Arc has produced some nail-biting scenes. This new chapter is expected to also build even further on the tension, intensity of the fight between Kafka Hibino and No. 9 where the odds are set close to impossible. Fans must wait for more development to be presented and Kafka ‘s new powers utilized to the maximum fighting against enemies threatening him and his friends. Viewers can obtain the Chapter 108 in different approved media channels, interacting with VIZ media official site, MANGA Plus by Shueisha, as well as the Shonen Jump + application. One must read the chapter as soon as possible because old chapters may be locked in standard readers in the future if it’s available in a premium section. Furthermore, there is a version of Kaiju No 8 anime and also the first episode is available for a Crunchyroll’s subscribers, so the readers can try to watch it and attend to the anime adaptation of the story. Finally, the fate of Kafka the Defense Force and the world will be determined in Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108, which is all set to make fans thrilled as they get ready for the upcoming release. Your attention is here for the outcome of the thrilling fight and the twists and turns of the compelling storyline in Kaiju no 8 Chapter 108.

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