Oshi No Ko Chapter 148: Release Date, Expected Plot, where to watch?

Oshi No Ko the enthralling manga series is going to unveil its Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 on May 8, 2024, at 12:00 JST (Japan Standard Time). The Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 in this series is undoubtedly going to be another thrill-ride for the viewers, just like the rest, causing the fans to wait impatiently for the next episode, revealing the next phase in the adventure of the protagonists through the idol industry. This chapter will undoubtedly come with the narrative reaching a climax and a conclusory moment in at least one storyline. The film production for Ruby is on a roof. And then the main point is that “End of the play.” Where everything can change or could again be shaped according to someone’s choice. Akane, the one who possesses the greatest talent and is the most powerful person in the Hoshino family, has made a brave choice that could bring all kinds of challenges. However, in the midst of the changing tide, the rising threat of Kamiki’s designs poses an impending cloud of anxiety upon Aqua’s hopes and thus, the process of dealing with this already hefty task gets further complicated.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 147 Recap?

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From the previous chapter, Oshi No Ko Chapter 147 titled “Wish,” we knew that the movie “15 Years of Lies” was being shot. Ruby, the protagonist, was elaborating her internal monologue that explored varied thoughts and contemplations. The movie is transcended into the past in the climactic of the film that characteristically depicts Ai’s life. The dialogues dissolve into the core of the characters as they face their most profound emotions and dreams with their fellow characters. In the midst of the chaos, Akane chipped in to rescue Ruby from her father causing much more anxiety now for it was clear that the situation has escalated. Amidst such a turbulence, Ruby apologized to Hikaru and admitted that there were times, where she would appreciate the help of others in the moments of uncertainty. As a response, Hikaru invited Ruby to share his umbrella with him, which meant that he helped and understood her in a difficult situation. Looking up at the shelter, Hikaru did not drop the ball. He started to ask Ruby about her prayers that she had held all along and went straight to the point of her desires. Ruby not only had to express her hatred for the imagined person, but she also put forth the question of does good or evil exist at all. The themes of degrees of blame are discussed, pointing to a possible reason that external pressures may develop with a person’s mind, molding his character while making him a cause of grievance and bewilderment. Being in conversing to forgiveness or carrying on the bitterness, Ruby was faced with a gray area of morality about her own feelings. She thirsted for a Divine assistance and relief as her thoughts were unclear, however, Hikaru pushed her to search inside for answers stating that what Ruby actually wants is what she should go to. This introspection led Ruby to express a heartfelt aspiration: to realize the wish her mother never got. Linguistic and cultural contributions made by immigrants to their new home country can greatly enrich the local community and bring significant benefits to society. The fact that she is pregnant with her mother’s identity while she wants to make herself serve as a good guild among the complexity of her emotions and goals has clearly indicated how strong her self-determination is.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 Release Date?

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Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 is set to be released on Thursday, May 8, 2024, at 12:00 am JST. This highly anticipated chapter will be available for readers worldwide on Wednesday, May 9, 2024, around 3:00 pm GMT, 8:00 am PT, and 11:00 am ET GMT, US 8 am PT and 11 am ET. The chapter will be presented through Shueisha MANGA Plus, their digital manga platform. The service lets the users read the first three and the last three chapters for free, whether they register for a free subscription or a premium membership that provide the whole series.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 Expected Plot?


There will be a gripping continuation of the plot in the Oshi No Ko Chapter 148, and the story is set to bring the suspense to a peak point. The Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 is going to touch upon few powerful points that can be a decisive turning point in the idol industry protagonists. Not much can be said about what lies ahead of viewers yet, however, what makes the movie very interesting is the fact that Ruby is almost done producing the movie of her own. Akido, the protagonist and indispensable element to the Hoshino siblings, resolves to make a dramatic choice that might be the beginning of a chain of developments. Rather than just having a conflict immediately, the upcoming menace of the villain’s plot, and the exciting intrigue it entails, contributes to a great extent to increase the stakes of Ambitions of Aqua. Wit will be busy scene setting, constantly bringing out themes of retribution, finality and the destiny of the protagonists. It will also have some important tips on the philosophical principles of choice which usually faces these characters. Through the story which is designed to overwhelm the characters her inner most emotions and conflicts, one can be ready for moments that would end up being different from the emotions with which he started. Moreover, the given storyline of the upcoming Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 will throw a light on the deep and intricate relationship networks and past of characters, their ambitions plus problems they are confronting in the idol industry world. The mounting tension and risks make each new chapter suspenseful yet full of surprises and many more layers that tie in with the prior episodes and bring great suspense to the audience that is eagerly waiting to learn what happens next.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 where to watch?

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MANGA Plus platform brings the premier and the latter chapters for free. But readers can access the full article by registering for a premium membership. The fans would be able to access the Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 at 3 pm GMT / 8 am PT / 11 am ET on May 9, 2024, through our MANGA Plus application. The Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 ko can be perused. It is looking like MANGA Plus is more authentic, reliable and ordered source to get one of the latest chapters published.


In summary, Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 is set to be released on Thursday, May 8, 2024, at 12:00 pm JST, Japan Standard Time. On May 9th Wednesday, all over the world people can read the chapter of Shueisha’s Manga Plus at 3 pm GMT or 8 am PT or 11 am ET every Wednesday. Finally, the Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 is going to be the advocate of sure terrifying thrill of the Oshi No Ko and the sequel will be the catalyst that will finally pull the conclusion. Through the pivotal developments involving the production of the movie that Ruby completed, and the pleading that might influence or twist the events in case Akane does it, fans will be able to anticipate the later episodes. There is a long-term concerned challenges related to wizard Kamiki’s schemes which makes the Aqua confront more complications. Reader can expect the exploration to be taken to the next level by discovering characters’ rather intricate emotions, aspirations and ultimately the moral ambiguities that make up their journeys. In every chapter, new developments and details are introduced, so Oshi No Ko Chapter 148 will definitely not let you get bored. Knowing that the end is lurking around the corner, you simply cannot stop wondering who will become the main character and how the story will conclude.

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