Blue Lock Chapter 254: Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, Where to Read?

This is a greeting to you about the latest Blue Lock Chapter 254. Look forward to a new chapter which is a must for all sports comic book fans. The English spoiler release date is announced as 3rd of March, and not taking any chances with the spoilers, we recommend you wait for the official release. Spoilers usually arise in February on the 28th day before the premiere of Chapter, so safeguard yourself against this by February 26th. The chapter 254 Blue Lock will fall on March 5th (Tuesday) internationally so put it down on your calendars and prepare for yet another super-exciting episode in this extraordinary saga. So, make sure you follow our updates and catch every one of the fun moments!

Blue Lock Chapter 253 Recap?

The major events in Blue Lock Chapter 253 are the fans, particularly the ones accumulated at Paris X Gen’s first goal, tallying Charles and Shidou’s assistance.

Blue Lock Chapter 253
CC: SportsKeeda
  • There is a moment when they face off each other and Hiori and Isagi trying to decide to make the next move within the crowd on the stadium.
  • Noho Noa, the representative of Red God, considers Shidō (the god of blue) to be the main problem. He needs to be eliminated and sends his messenger, Kunigami, to deal with it.
  • Kunigami undergoes a transformation, and he thirsts for desire after previously being very ineffective in the context of Shido’s exhibit.
  • A strange alliance of Kunigami, Isagi, and Hiori show that an active opposition is imminent.
  • The rate of change of momentum suggests that Paris X Gen could have hoped for a comeback, notwithstanding that they seemed to be depleted essentially by Outplayed Gaming.
  • These points provide for tough confrontations between Team Z and Team X; accordingly, the participants of both teams mobilize their own wiles and skills to achieve the victory.

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Release Date?

In only a couple of days, on March 6, 2024, the next chapter of Blue Lock, that is, the Chapter 254, will be released in Japan. The chapter will be available from that date starting on March 5, 2024, worldwide. Each zone may release commuter trains simultaneously, depending on the accurate release time.

Blue Lock Chapter 254
CC: Anime Trending

Pacific Standard Time (PST): March 4th, 2024, 8:00 PM on a Monday. Eastern Standard Time (EST): Tuesday, the 4th of March 2024, 11:00 PM. Greenwich Mean time (GMT) is Tuesday, March 5, 2024, at 4:30 AM. Central European time (CET): Tuesday, 5th September 2024 at 5:00 AM. Indian Standard Time (IST): Tuesday, 5th of March 2024 by 9:30 A.M. Australia Eastern Time (AEST): March 5, 2024, between 3:00 PM-4:00 PM. The manga is accessible now on Kodansha’s K Manga platform for U.S readers and the most recent chapter is available there.

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Spoilers?

To start, the fans’ anticipation of the release of chapter 254 of the blue lock is high, with some guess work making rounds in their fandoms. Below are the widely discussed and wild fan theories that are on the run around now.

Blue Lock Chapter 254
CC: Prime Video
  • The fans are convinced Kunigami Rensuke will way down his playing faults and show his improvement during Chapter 254, which can then eventually become one of the highlights of the game.
  • Unexpected Team Alliance: For instance, it could include the possibility of such an unexpected twist when people not belonging to any of the teams could unite and upset, for the first time, the rules of the struggle, confusing the readers with the news of such an alliance, rendering them speechless.
  • Fans may suspect that specific characters in Chapter 254 have already alerted the readers of the hidden forces possessed by certain players, and this could end up being a game-changer without any advance preparation.
  • Shidou’s Master Plan: The sources of air pollution include burning of fuels for transportation, electricity generation, industries as well as power plants and small household appliances.
  • Cliffhanger finish: Plenty of fans talk about a definite cliffhanger in this manner which means that there will be a wave of tensed readers who will await the next part in order to see the confrontation between Blue Lock and PSG.
  • Fan theories pose a further layer of the unexpected, stirring the desire to know before the latter releases of Blue Lock Chapter 254, featuring twist and turns, apprehension and furious moments that surely captivate the readers all the way to the end.

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Raw Scans?

Blue Lock Chapter 254
CC: Devdiscourse

The Blue Lock chapter 254 raw drafts will in all probability start leaking around March 3, and these will give fans a spoiler for what will happen in future once the chapter has officially been released. However, the analysis of raw scans that are usually achieved by the Copyrighted Works Database Project (CDB) provide primary access to the content as well as the fact that the work may contain mistakes due to inadequate editing and translating.

Key features of Blue Lock Chapter 254 raw scans include:

  • Anticipated availability: Late February or early March on its path toward Earth.
  • Quality Disclaimer: The raw scans are often of low-quality, unmany, and error full.
  • Early Access: Greatly replenishes the fans’ high anticipation of a new chapter, making it available a day ahead of its official release date.

Can you please polish my sentences, paying special attention to the second one? Fans are awaiting Blue Lock Chapter 254, but they are impatiently expecting fresh revelations, sharp turns, and new discoveries as they go through the unprocessed scans.

Blue Lock Chapter 254 Where to Read?

Blue Lock Chapter 254 online may be read on the official K Manga site of the publisher Kodansha. The authorized Manga reading service will be subscription-based and available to the readers living in the USA. Detailed information about the place you may read Blue Lock Chapter 254 is given below.

Blue Lock Chapter 254
CC: Anime Corner
  • Availability: Such as K Manga, American readers can enjoy the latest Blue Lock chapters with one click from anywhere. It can be accessed via the webpage or mobile app.
  • Access: Readers of this manga existing outside the USA may desire the recently launched chapter in other ways, like downloading the digital version or purchasing the weekly issues of Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine.

The fact that Blue Lock Chapter 254 is now available on the K Manga platform, which is one of the many services that Kodansha is offering in the US, is a treat for all American fans of this popular sports manga series.


Lastly, the chapter called Blue Lock Chapter 254 will be available in Japan on the 6th of March in the next year and will be accessible elsewhere on the 5th of March. A scan of mines will come to an end around March 3, 2024, but a readjustment is essential because initial plotting could be misleading. Fans are now invited to view the chapter that was placed on a Manga K of the website Koman on Kodansha K Manga, a platform that is available in America. Continue to follow us for the latest news and dive into the incredible realm of the novel!

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